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Poodles were selected for their virtually non-shedding coats, and Cockers were selected for their outgoing natures. The popularity of these dogs was no fluke because they have never lost favor in the last fifty years or so of their known existence. Head - The head should not resemble either parent breed to closely, but rather be a good blend of the two. Bite - A scissor bite is preferred; this means the upper incisors should close just in front of the lower incisors. Body - The body is sturdy and compact, and the dog should have a square and very balanced outline when viewed from the side. Tail - Preferably, the tail should not be docked (unlike the common practice of docking Poodles and Cockers), and it should naturally be carried either straight or curled. According to the Cockapoo Club of America breed standard, these dogs come in four approximate size ranges, depending on whether toy, miniature or standard size Poodles are used in the breeding. The coats on these dogs are full and fairly long, and they should be left looking as natural as possible. If ever there was a canine success story for achieving the best of both worlds, Cockapoos are it. These dogs, especially the mini and maxi-sized dogs, can make terrific companions for children. House training is fairly straightforward, although males tend to take a little longer to get with the program. Teacups and toys - These dogs need only a small amount of daily exercise to stay in good physical shape. Ideally, any trimming of the coat should be kept to a minimum and only carried out for utilitarian purposes. Clean her ears once a week, and gently pull out excess hair in the ear canal to promote better air flow.
The Cockapoo Club of America stresses breeding for health and good temperament rather than confirmation. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) - Both parent breeds are susceptible to PRA, although the rate of incidence is currently lower in Cockapoos than it is for either Poodles or Cockers.
Canine hip and elbow dysplasia - This is a painful, degenerative condition that affects the hip and elbow joints and leads to a loss of mobility. Ear infections - Poodles tend to grow dense hair in their ears, and this prevents air flow and leads to warm, moist conditions that promote bacterial and fungal growth. It's also important to note that Cockapoos can still inherit the same illnesses to which Cockers and Poodles are prone. Congenital deafness - This is primarily found in English Cocker Spaniels, but some American Cocker Spaniels are also affected. Autoimmune hemolytic anemia - This is an immune-mediated condition in which a dog's body attacks its own red blood cells. Hypothyroidism - Low levels of thyroid hormones typically lead to lethargy, weight gain and skin problems among other symptoms. Primary seborrhea - This skin condition causes scaling and greasiness of the skin and coat. Sebasceous adenitis (SA) - This is an inflammatory skin disease that causes a variety of unpleasant symptoms, including scaling, itching, hair loss and a distinct odor. Bloat - This is a life-threatening condition in which the stomach twists closed, and this causes painful bloating that can lead to death without veterinary intervention. Von Willebrand's disease - This is a blood disorder characterized by abnormal platelet function, and that results in prolonged bleeding. Keep in mind that just because these illnesses could possibly show up in your pet, there's no guarantee that they will. Rescue - You can search for Cockapoos by state, and you can also list a dog in need of a home. Cockapoos are one of only a small handful of dogs that are easily recommended as companions for nearly anyone. All your information is kept 100% confidential-->Join my newsletter below and receive a FREE copy of the 8 common problems with sheds.
If the idea of an image as a symbolic tattoo appeals to you, there are many Chinese symbols to choose from. There are numerous animals through Chinese legends that are thought to posses specific traits.
In addition to animals, there are numerous other images taken from nature which translate to specific ideals. A Chinese character tattoo is a great choice if you want to have a specific word tattooed on your body, but want the meaning wrapped in a little mystery.

There are many places where you can go and get kanji, zodiac symbols, animals and even full sleeves of both Chinese and Japanese artwork. Have a plan and several sketches or pictures from the Internet or from books as well as notes for your artist so that you get exactly what you want.
Talk to people within the "tattoo scene" wherever you are -- you want your artist to be extremely well-versed in the arts of the Orient, not just in tattoo work.
Go to an artist that "specializes" in Oriental artwork while also claiming to "specialize" in a great number of other genres -- those who do Japanese or Chinese tattooing will have gained a reputation for their work that precedes them and they will do little or no other work. Go and get your Chinese symbol tattoo on a whim; these symbols, especially kanji, are easily confused and are often inked improperly.
If you choose to use a character, rather than an image for your symbolic tattoo, make sure to double check the translation before you get inked. If you don't have a Chinese friend, try a Chinese-English dictionary or search the web for help.
Remember to double check the origin of the symbol you are using as well; while some Japanese characters are Chinese in origin, others can give your tat a completely different meaning.
Like any tattoo, make sure that a symbol, whether it is a character or an image, is one that means something to you. A boil is a larger, individual lump under the skin, sort of like a large, thick blister filled with pus. Jock itch is an itchy, reddish rash extending from the groin area down over the upper thighs.
Most skin infections can be treated on an outpatient basis, or even with over-the-counter remedies. A combination of two of the world's most popular breeds, Cocker Spaniels and Poodles, this humble mix was welcomed into homes far and wide. When combined, the result was a happy-go-lucky, good will ambassador for the canine world that began to remove some of the stigma attached to cross-breeds. The eyes should carry an endearing, soulful look, and the ears can range from medium to long. However, it's important to teach a child the proper way to treat a dog, so he or she doesn't accidentally hurt the pet and spark an aggressive response. This trait is strongly ingrained from their Cocker heritage, but they also make good use of the quick intelligence gained from their Poodle ancestry. A daily walk around the block will provide enough exercise as well as some mental stimulation.
They should walk for two to three blocks daily, and they can also benefit from a daily game of fetch in the backyard.
However, pet owners may not find this possible and may feel the need to keep their pets clipped short to keep them more manageable. All specimens intended for breeding should be x-rayed and certified healthy through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). Many Cockapoos inherit this same tendency, and that's why it's so important to keep their ears clean and dry.
This leads to anemia which makes the dog tired all the time, and fainting may occur due to low oxygen levels in the bloodstream. The best you can do is have a veterinarian evaluate any Cockapoo you're thinking about bringing home, and keep up with regular veterinary care throughout your pet's life. Be sure you thoroughly check out any breeder you consider doing business with, and only deal with a breeder who is willing to offer a written health guarantee.
It doesn't seem to matter if you're young or old, employed or stay-at-home, athletic, physically challenged or somewhere in between.
Symbolic art has a layered affect; the tattoo that you see and the personal meaning behind it.
The Chinese Zodiac, for example, gives individual traits to animals that correspond with the year a person was born. Not only do you need to consider what you want the image to be, you need to also consider the meaning behind it, whether or not the image will translate literally into the meaning, and how private to leave the tattoo. Images consist of animals, plants or creatures from legends, which have meanings behind them. Characters can also lend a romantic or exotic flavor to a tattoo, particularly when grouped into multiple lines or verses. There are, however, some precautions that should be taken when delving into this sort of cultural tattoo. It is simply not worth the chance to go in and get a tattoo that you could end up having to laser or alter later on. Use what you can find in these places, reference it with info from tattoo artists and information you find in tattoo magazines, the Internet and other resources to ensure that what you are getting is exactly what you want.

You can research Chinese symbols at the library or online to find accurate images for the language. While many tattoo shops offer flash of Chinese characters with translation, they may be incorrect. If you use a dictionary, either a book or on-line, remember the literal translations won't always have the connotation you want.
If you are using several words together, make sure their style and language match up before you get inked. Skin is constantly getting cuts and scrapes, touching dirty surfaces, and generally being exposed to germs of all kinds. Some will get better on their own, while others require antibiotics or even hospitalization.
They are usually rough-surfaced bumps, often the same color as surrounding skin but sometimes darker brown, grayish, or yellowish. However, you should call the doctor for any infection that is getting worse, failing to improve, extremely painful, or accompanied by generalized symptoms such as a fever. Cockapoos are prized for their wonderful temperaments, but you can never predict how a dog might react when it's in pain. Even though they are not currently eligible for AKC competitions, Cockapoos are sure to be a smashing success if they are ever given full-breed recognition.
Just keep in mind that a teacup Cockapoo may need to be carried part of the way if she appears to become tired. These dogs also love to play, so take time out of your day for fetch, Frisbee and any other sporting activities your dog enjoys. Still, there are a couple of health issues that are prevalent, and you should be aware of them if you're thinking about bringing a Cockapoo into your life. If this style of tattoo appeals to you, consider using a Chinese symbol; the history is rich with images to choose from. A graphic tattooed image of one of these animals makes an excellent choice if you feel you embody your Zodiac's traits.
Symbolic tattoos have long been popular, beginning with old maritime tattoos, and Chinese style tattoos have added to the popularity with their rich imagery and symbolism. Most tattooists will place a temporary version of the real piece on your body if you request it. If possible, have someone who speaks and writes the language double check the meaning for you.
It's worth paying a translation service to make sure the symbol means what you think it does.
No matter what the reason behind it, your new tattoo should be a reflection of you and your inner self. These tiny dogs have to work a lot harder than their toy-sized cousins to cover the same amount of territory.
A well-exercised maxi is going to make a better house companion than a frustrated dog that feels pent up and bored. Feel free to wear this temporary tattoo in lieu of the real deal for a few days to ensure you'll be happy with the final result. Unfortunately, translation web sites come and go, and you can't always be sure the operators are the experts they claim to be. Occasionally, skin infections can affect the deeper tissues, requiring IV antibiotics and even surgery to save the surrounding skin. You'll find them happily cohabiting with their human companions in high-rise apartments, private homes and sprawling farms. Occasionally, though, viruses or bacteria get through the defenses and cause infections in the skin. Antifungal creams and powders may help, but sometimes antifungal medicine must be taken by mouth to cure the rash. Doctors can cure molluscum by freezing, by acid application, or by removing the central cores. It makes no difference to these dogs where they live as long as they live with people who love them. Be certain your chosen spot will maintain its appeal for a perennial and beloved piece of art. A doctor can also freeze them off, treat them with a special acid, or use other methods to remove them.

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