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I don't remember so much about VHDL, but product should be updated asynchronously right? If you multiply 2 5-bit numbers (A and B are both std_logic_vector(4 downto 0)) don't you need 10 bits (not 9) to store it in (so P should be std_logic_vector(9 downto 0)?
If you are really synthesizing, then you may want to consider a simple pipelined vendor-specific core instead. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged vhdl xilinx or ask your own question.
Bu yaz?mda 32 bit adder(Toplay?c?) VHDL dilini kullanarak nas?l tasarlanacag?n? yaz?mda bahsedecegim.32 Bit Adder tasarlarken  Ripple-Carry Adder kulland?m. New Source Wizard’da Tam Toplay?c?m?z?n Giris ve c?k?slar?n?n neler olacag?n? belirledik.
32 bit toplayac?m?z(adder) icin new source wizard’da VHDL module secelim ve dosyam?z?n ad?n? kaydedelim. VHDL How to convert std_logic_vector (one variable of Nbits) to std_logic variables (N variables of 1bit) and vice-versa?
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And now I'd like also to add a few things, that I learned during this period, on the same subject, to help beginners like me.
Or using internal memory of FPGA (from what I understand, this is possible only in models that have this internal memory). It was also cool, that in this way I learned also other forms of how to write a program in VHDL. In the example below I managed to fit buses (address and data) and add a pin control, as I needed. Once again, I like to thank, the help of those who participated in the post, with excellent examples. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged vhdl or ask your own question. Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it?
Die gerne noch verwendeten Quasi-Industrie-Standards der Synopsys-Lib sind schon geraume Zeit obsolete. To ze w liscie czulosci masz 'clock', ktorego potem nie uzywasz to nie wielki problem - syntezer sobie zwykle radzi z niekompletna lista. I'm not sure what your intentions are with splitting up the ports buses into individual bits, but I feel a better solution might be to leave the RAM entity as is and directly assign each bit of the STD_LOGIC_VECTOR inputs when instantiating it in your design.

I would like to learn this simulation language and how to use it in automatic way, to no need to use the step by step method.
Denn dann existieren ein paar Typdefinitionen und Umwandlungen doppelt, und der Synthesizer hat die Qual der Wahl, die er aber in Form einer Fehlermeldung gern an den Bediener zuruckgibt.Hier eine kurze Ubersicht, wie die Datentypen signed und unsigned zwischen integer und std_logic_vector sitzen. Chcialem jeszcze zrealizowac wykonanie zadanej liczby krokow, ale idzie mi to jakos opornie. Sygnal 'nacisniety' pamieta czy guzik nacisniety Zauwaz , ze 'stepInc' pojawia sie tylko na jeden tak zegara. Problemem bylo to, ze minimalna ilosc krokow jaka moglem zrealizowac to 3 Nie mialem za bardzo sily i ochoty, aby z tym walczyc.
Raz udalo mi sie zrealizowac tylko zwiekszanie liczby krokow, ale nie dzialalo to do konca poprawnie.

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