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I appreciate all that The School of Natural Health Sciences stands for, thank you for widening my knowledge and the concept of pursuing limitless possibilities in my professional and spiritual life.
I encourage anyone who doesn’t think that they have the time or money to continue learning. I would definitely highly recommend your School and studies to anyone thinking of starting a career in Natural Health Therapies. Pre-Enrolment QuestionsWe recommend that you first refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page as it provides the answers to our most common pre-enrolment queries. However, if you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us with your ‘study related questions’.
When you call to make your appointments or come in to the Center for your herbs, Gift Certificates, or appointments, you will love the customer service of the SNHC Family.  We are here for you! Specializing in Sports Massage and working with chronic pain or injuries, Beth uses deep tissue and trigger point release techniques, stretches, and gentle moves and holds depending on the needs of the client. Currently a member of the Hands On Trade Association and the World Federation of Healing, Beth is also a Reconnection Healer and Practitioner. Receiving regular massage will enhance your muscle and joint mobility, improve circulation and your general body tone.
Call now to set up your appointments with Beth for incredible energy work or healing massage. A graduate from the accredited Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Chelsea Reber, LMT is gifted in intuitive touch which she incorporates with her thorough training in Therapeutic and Clinical Massage Therapy.
Compassionate communication with your body, mind, and spirit through the art of touch, Chelsea gives focused presence, unconditional respect, non-judgmental acceptance, and more importantly, healing, effective bodywork. Chelsea has moved back from Florida.  We are so excited to have her back and here for you! Vera is trained in Quantum Biofeedback healing which is a tool used to scan energy, validating medical intuition between the client and the practitioner. Vera offers innovative therapeutic services including Chinese herbal counseling and Nutritional evaluations, 5 types of massage therapy, reflexology, Reiki, Healing the Light Body (shamanic healing), hot stone therapy with crystals, pure essential oil therapy, lymphatic  drainage, body scrubs, organic facials and private Yoga sessions. Vera's goal is to help raise awareness of natural health and healing through education and services. New patients are booked for 90 minute appointments, appointments are generally 60 - 75 minutes. Sheryl Floyd graduated from the spa program at Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Groton, Connecticut.
Sheryl has lived in Stonington since 1997 with her husband Craig and is co-owner of Footsteps Farm where they raise pastured poultry and pork. Balance, rejuvenate, and truly heal with Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Nutritional and Herbal Counseling, and Therapeutic Massage, all in one treatment. To schedule a complimentary consultation with any of our practitioners CLICK HERE or call: 704-708-4404.
Sheila Kilbane, MD is a board certified pediatrician, who also trained with Andrew Weil, MD at the University of Arizona in integrative medicine.

Melissa is an experienced parent and life coach and has helped many people on their journey to full physical, emotional and spiritual health. Melissa has a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from the University of Florida and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Queens University. I could not recommend her enough to anyone looking for either deep relaxation or specific tailored body work. Conflicts of interest are nothing new for dietetics associations, to the shame of many sincere and dedicated dieticians. The Internet is brimming with info on natural health—including stuff that’s incorrect or incomplete.
The basic idea is to preserve the conventional medicine monopoly by all means possible, including the use of state medical boards and physician credentialing groups. First they malign the cancer pioneer, then they refuse him the ability to rebut the allegations.
The evidence seems clear that the Washington State Medical Board is trying to do just that! The main objective of this weekend is to provide health practitioners with advanced tools and skills that they can use practically in clinical practice. Various aspects of detoxification will be covered, including the all-body, alkaline detoxification diet, liver and gallbladder cleansing, kidney and lymphatic system cleansing, skin brushing, ionizing footbaths, colon health, heavy metal chelation.
A general overview of common parasites and pathogens and their effects on health, including ways of identifying parasites using bioresonance and Autonomic Response Testing with demonstrations and hands-on clinical practice. Many health practitioners get involved in the treatment of systemic Candidiasis, but few achieve lasting cures. The workshops will begin at 9.00 am sharp, and end about 6 pm to allow enough time for everyone to practice what is being taught.
Full details of venue, address and instructions will be provided automatically as soon as you enrol. My patients call me a Magician, by using a refractor-meter I can tell them their health problems.
I have been travelling abroad and doing the course via my iPhone, so it shows you really can study these courses anywhere! The School of Natural Health Sciences provides both – cost effective and flexibility with completing work. She is trained in many modalities including Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial and Deep tissue Release, Acupressure, Energetic Healing, and Rehabilitation Massage. It also has the capacity to heal with biofrequency sound waves, as well as recommend different healings with energetic modalities, such as herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, nutrition, meditation, and body work.
She uses her intuition and education to provide her clients with the most effective massage she can. She helped open one of the first integrative pediatric offices in the Charlotte area, Touchstone Health Associates in Cornelius. An important report from Michele Simon shows massive problems with the Dietitians Association of Australia.

Permission granted to forward, copy, or reprint with date and attribution (including link to original content) to ANH-USA. The intention is to pick up useful diagnostic and therapy tools that can be implemented as soon as you return to your health centres. Herbal and naturopathic therapies will be reviewed for the eradication of these pathogens, along with new novel ways using bioresonance technology. The reasons for this will be discussed, and new successful methods will be revealed that are guaranteed success when the specific protocols are followed. Many different techniques and their applications will be demonstrated, including testing all the organ systems and then prioritizing the primary stressed organ, testing for teeth foci, scar foci, psychological and toxic stressors, food intolerances, for electromagnetic stress, mobile phone stress, geopathic stress and more.
Time will be dedicated to learning the correspondence points of the hands and the feet, and how these points can be stimulated for healing using simple probes, metal stars, seeds, magnets and more. Alternative medicine is the way forward to wellness without chemicals and a great way to compliment medicine. Megan Marco loves treating the entire family -- men, women, elders, teenagers, children and babies. Each individual has innate healing potential, and as your therapist, Chelsea catalyzes this potential. As an undergraduate at CCSU he studied pre-med, enhancing his medical knowledge and skills by training as an EMT, and gained many years of hands-on experience. Her contribution is various forms of bodywork including Swedish massage, deep tissue, hot stone and trigger point therapy. Smith continues to actively work towards licensing of Naturopathic Doctors in the State of North Carolina. Upon graduation, he was selected for a family practice residency position at the Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center in Scottsdale, AZ. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
A step-by-step pragmatic approach will be given so that practitioners can achieve the success that their patients deserve.
There are also some beautiful 16th and 17th century pubs in the area where people can gather for a good meal and drink in the evenings.
He then crossed over into natural medicine by becoming a massage therapist from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and from there fully immersed himself in natural medicine, graduating summa cum laude from the University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine with his doctorate degree. She will be seeing patients out of Carolinas Natural Health Center in Matthews and is currently scheduling new patients. He accomplishes this by running comprehensive functional blood work and urine panels which provide detailed information about one's health, where you are now and where your health is possibly heading in the future.

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