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One of the best ways to initiate a change in energy use and plan for the future is to immediately, as an Island REDUCE energy, at home, at work, in hotels, at local Government level and throughout the retail sector. Low energy bulbs can be bought for many fittings and include the more common pear shaped and candle shaped bulbs.
Internal lights can use movement sensitive switches (such as PIR sensors) in hotel areas where lights are used occasionally such as toilets hallways, and external areas. Dimmer switches can be used to save energy in areas that require a variable amount of lighting. Using a key card system that turns off all power in room, has a dramatic payback of just over two months for hotels. Investigations into bankrupt SOLYNDRA have thrown renewables into a new debate, questioning if Government financial support of new energies is money well spent. PLUS, and heres the kicker, the oil & gas industry has received USD447bn in cumulative subsidies, plus nuclear USD185bn according to DBL investors in September. Many people do not know that electronic devices that are plugged into the wall drain energy even when switched off. In order to get rid of, or at least decrease this waste, unplug any devices that are not currently in use.

Home appliances and electronic devices are getting more and more energy efficient with each new model released. Many of the largest energy users in your home are large appliances such as refrigerators, washer and dryer machines and even hot water heaters.
Low wattage lights for pathways, solar lights and movement detectors can be fitted to reduce energy use of external lighting. With market volatility and decreasing wages affecting everyday Americans, pinching pennies can be a lot of help when looking to secure your future. These bulbs produce an excessive amount of heat for the light they produce, which ends up consuming an inefficient amount of electricity. This goes for devices that show screens when in sleep or standby mode, such as DVD players or even lamps or blenders. An easy way to do this is by plugging all devices into a central power strip and plugging that strip into the wall. Combine this with the fact that older electronic systems degrade over time and over-consume energy, and it becomes clear why it is best to replace older appliances in order to realize a net energy usage reduction. When these devices are using energy inefficiently, you will see it reflected in your power bill.

1W or 2W LED GU10 spotlights can be used to replace 50W halogens in areas that already have ambient lighting. There are certain bills that come due every month, and your electric bill certainly falls into that category. While they are cheaper to buy in the short term, over time they end up costing a lot more money, especially during the peak summer months.
The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory estimates that the average home contains 40 products that are consistently draining power, and that even when in sleep mode, these devices can account for up to 10 percent of overall household energy use. While taking the plunge for new devices can be scary, there are many state, federal, and manufacturer programs that will incentivize the purchase of newer more efficient devices, up to as much as 30 percent of the cost, which will allow you to negate some of the cost of buying a whole new dishwasher or washer and dryer.
There are also special outlets you can install that allow you to easily control their usage.

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