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Refrigerator is a staple in every household as it keeps water cool and lengthens the food’s shelf life. Truth should be told that a naturally rich soil is tough to find, especially that most locations, even rural areas, are now teemed with houses and structures. Electicity plays an important role in our daily lives as the smallest light bulbs to the biggest enetertinament system only work with the presence of electricity. Switch to CFL light bulbs –  Replace your incandescent bulb  into Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs ). Be Wise – When it comes to buying appliances for your home, choose the ones that are energy efficient. Iron at one time – Doing all the ironing at one time, would not only save electricity, it would also save your time.
Go Au Natural – Instead of using your air conditioner to keep your house cool, why not try using natural ventilation.   Let the air flow in by opening your windows.
When it comes to choosing items that are used for household needs, which factors do you consider the greatest – price, durability, look, or brand? We cannot deny that China is one of the most criticized countries for the malpractices that manufacturing companies are doing.
If you think that only food leftovers, plastics and other containers, and other similar stuffs are the only ones littering the environment, think again. America has a fair share of great and not-so-efficient rulers that once lived in the White House. I consider my Toyota Corolla 1969 model as the one true love and we have been together since the moment I bought it in high school.
At Canadian Niagara Power we recognize that lowering energy consumption is a good way for homeowners and businesses to help the environment and manage electricity costs. Save ON Energy is brought to you by Canadian Niagara Power in cooperation with the Ontario Power Authority.
The Save ON Energy website is a helpful resource for homeowners to learn about residential incentive programs, services and actions which can help achieve greater energy efficiency in your home. At Canadian Niagara Power we recognize that lowering energy usage is a good way for businesses to help the environment and improve their bottom line. To view a copy of our 2011-2014 CDM Strategy filed with the Ontario Energy Board, please click here. They may cost more than regular light bulbs, but one compact fluorescent light bulb can save you three times its cost in electricity.
If you install a programmable thermostat with a built-in timer, you can set it to automatically lower the heat by a few degrees at night or when you are away.
It may be convenient having an extra refrigerator for refreshments, but old, inefficient refrigerators can cost you well over $10 a month in electricity. ENERGY STAR® is an international symbol that identifies many energy efficient products in Canada, the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries.
To avoid leaving your outside lights on for long periods of time, install a motion sensor that turns the lights on automatically when somebody walks by and then turns the lights off after a pre-set period of time. You can save energy and money by increasing the amount of insulation in your home to keep it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Caulk and weather-strip around windows to help prevent heat loss and use plastic window covers. Meet the Conserver family and learn how everyone in your household has a part to play in energy conservation!

As an educated consumer you have the power to manage your energy usage and make wise choices. The company recommends cooking in bulk and microwaving the meals for two nights a week as a€?the microwave is a far moreA  efficient way to heat food than the oven and cooking in bulk could save you A?20 a yeara€™.First Utility says customers should read or play board games rather than watch television,A  claiming the reduction in electricity could save A?12 a year. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Conserving energy doesn’t only mean saving money but also reducing the demand of fossil fuels thereby means lowering of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
Recent Commentsadmin on Learn Foreign Language in an affordable fee..admin on Learn FREE courses at AMC!admin on LAST CALL! The sound of their chirps singing as they roam around to check all your flowers and greens is a good indicator of how well you are taking care of your garden. Without it, you might have to say goodbye to your favorite refrigerated desserts and icecream. Without electricity,  there wouldn’t be light in our homes when it gets dark already or water in our showers for bath time.
Seek out for those appliances that has the Energy Star label since these products has strict standards when it comes to energy efficiency.  Each year, an average household spends $2,000 on energy bills.
You can have your ironing schedule twice in one week, instead of ironing clothes every day. To lessen your water bill, make use of the rain water by placing buckets under your gutters.  Use the rain water run-off in watering your plants. It is our way of preparing our foods and turn them into delicious meals so that we can all enjoy them at the dinner table.
China is one of the most popular exporters of toxic toys made of plastics and fake or knock-off designer bags and apparels. Environmentalists have noted that almost 50% of waste all over the globe is composed of e-waste since the advent of technology. While not all of them are worth commending, a number of them are fairly worth remembering for their efforts in pushing a greener and cleaner USA. That is why we offer several incentive programs designed to help our residential consumers and local businesses reduce their energy consumption.
The Ontario Power Authority’s mission is to contribute to the development of a reliable and sustainable electricity system. You'll also learn about the benefits of energy conservation for you, the province and the environment. To view a copy of our Acknowledged 2011-2014 CDM Strategy by the Ontario Energy Board, please click here. If you have air conditioning, you can use the thermostat to turn it off or adjust the temperature when you are not at home. That means there are significant savings available if you caulk and weather-strip windows, doors, dryer vents, and buy insulated plates for electrical outlets. Install timers on selected lights to avoid leaving lights on around the clock and to make your home look occupied when you are away. LED lights use up to 95% less energy, last at least 7 times longer than regular lights, there are no filaments or glass bulbs to break, and they produce very little heat.
The attic is a good place to start because that area represents as much as 15% of your home's overall heat loss. Open your curtains and blinds during the day to let the sun warm the room and then close them at night to reduce heat loss.

If you currently both wash and rinse in warm water, and you switch entirely to cold, you could save over $14 a month (based on electric water heating). Implementing more efficient equipment and modifying everyday behaviours are simple ways to benefit your household and the environment.
It suggested that customers should follow the a€?5:2 energy dieta€™ a€“ to mirror the weight-loss regime that many try at this time of year. It can save you A?34 a year a€“ just ask permission from the other person first!a€™ The firm also proposes thatA  customers a€?opt for an early nighta€™.
When conserving energy you must also be ready to do some sacrifices particularly when considering some of energy saving investments.
However, this appliance also happens to be one of the biggest consumers of energy when not used well. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to watch news or  your favorite movies without electricity. In fact, half-ton of CO2 is being kept out of the atmosphere over the bulb’s life when an incandescent bulb is replaced with a CFL. Now when you talk about cooking, the using of non-stick cookware easily comes into the picture. Did you know that a man can survive for three days without food so as long as he has continuously drunk water? They do this by promoting conservation and the efficient use of electricity in cooperation with local electric utilities, as well as by ensuring adequate electricity supply from a variety of sources. To view a copy of our 2011 Annual CDM Results filed with the Ontario Energy Board, please click here. If you purchase a new one, be sure to check the EnerGuide label and look for the ENERGY STAR® label so you are sure of energy savings when making your buying decision. In the summer time, close blinds and curtains during the day to reduce the costs of keeping your home cool. It says: a€?It is up to you what you do, but putting out the lights and turning off the box can save you A?18 a year a€“ and it could be lots of fun!a€™ Customers should also consider giving up hot drinks to save the energy used to boil a kettle. It just doesna€™t make sense.a€™ Ed Kamm, First Utilitya€™s chief customer officer, last night denied it was trivialising the issue of high energy bills. On the other hand, the cost of electricity is constantly rising, making our electriity bills not so pretty to look at. His exotic and fun experiences will be talked in his new book which is going to be published soon. If you can afford it, upgrade the windows in your home with ENERGY STAR® qualified high-efficiency windows. He said: a€?First Utility is committed to offering a low-price alternative to an energy market dominated by the Big Six. Appliances, gadgets and other electronic devices draw power whenever they’re plugged into an outlet even when not in use.
But we also want to help our customers use less energy where they can by shedding some light on whatA  different activities cost.a€?These tips are meant to provide some advice as to how we might reduce our energy usage and absolutely not intended to trivialise the issue of fuel poverty, something we take very seriously.

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