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PrimaDURINGStick to one type of drinkStarted off with a Cosmopolitan and then switched to Cabernet?
We all love to celebrate with a glass of Prosecco, but the carbonation can cause the surface area of the stomach to expand, which means increased alcohol absorption (and faster intoxication!). Many people's ultimate hangover cure is milk thistle - a herb that helps detoxify the liver. We definitely don't feel like competing in sports events when we're hung over, but many of us will consume sports drinks in our alcohol-induced states of dehydration.
A filling dinner that includes fibre and healthy fats is best, as both will delay the body's absorption of alcohol.
In other words, those bubbles really can go to your head.Alternate with waterAlcohol dehydrates the body, so sipping a glass of water in between cocktails will help you stay hydrated (and ease the pounding on your temples,). Desperate for electrolytes (though you may not be consciously aware of it at the time) you might turn to the neon-colored Gatorade, whether you like the flavors or not.
Different alcohols contain different additives which when combined, can make it difficult for the body to process everything at once. The extra H20 will also help you control the amount of alcohol you drink and the speed with which you drink it.AFTERRehydrateDehydration is the main cause of those unpleasant hangover symptoms, so the first thing to do in the morning is have a (non-alcoholic) drink. A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory like paracetamol will also ease headaches without upsetting the stomach. But another supposedly-super beverage may prove more effective for some: behold, coconut water. Scrumptious and sensible.Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowStock up on vitaminsAlcohol depletes your body of vitamins and nutrients, and actually destroys essential B vitamins. Try a nutrient-packed fruit juice - the sugar in fruit, fructose, can help burn alcohol plus it will raise your blood sugar levels without causing a sugar crash, like pastries and sugary cereal will. But try not to take it with tea or coffee - the combination could potentially damage your liver.Have a healthy breakfastRavenous the day after? To help your liver on the road to recovery the next day, try popping a vitamin supplement beforehand that contains B complex, B6 or B12 vitamins. Skip the fry-up (which puts extra strain on an already stressed digestive system) and opt for eggs and wholegrain toast instead. It can be caused by a number of diseases, disorders and conditions varying in seriousness from swollen veins to kidney problems and cardiac disorders. You can also increase your intake of B vitamins naturally by eating liver, meat and dairy products.Have a glass of milkSpeaking of dairy, a glass of milk before drinking can help line your stomach, plus slow down the amount of alcohol absorbed into your bloodstream.
Eggs contain the amino acid cysteine, which has been shown to reverse liver damage after a night of too much drinking. This wide range of risk factors makes it difficult to diagnose and difficult to stop worrying about.When One of My Legs Swell ---What Does It Mean?According to The Mayo Clinic, the following generalizations should be considered when diagnosing leg swelling.
It might seem a little strange, but try having a small glass of milk before switching to alcohol.
Meanwhile the complex carbs in the bread will steady blood sugar levels and are easier for your body to break down than regular carbs found in white bread.Hide the damageDark circles under the eyes and dull skin? Swelling in one leg only is more likely to indicate a condition related solely to that leg, such as an injury, than to a condition concerning distant organs like the heart.
Not only does alcohol dehydrate the skin but it also interferes with your precious beauty sleep.

There is one exception to this rule and that is swelling related to deep vein thrombosis, a blockage in an interior vein in one leg.
Fake a good night's shuteye by splashing some cool water onto your face and then applying an eye cream with caffeine to de-puff those peepers.
Revive dull skin with some gentle exfoliation - by getting rid of the dull top layer, your skin becomes more transparent and glowing. Doctors from Venenklink Bellevue clinic in Kreuzlkingen, Switzerland reported two such cases in 2011. In both cases where only one leg was swollen, the ultimate cause was found to be a ganglion cyst compressing the femoral (thigh) vein. The doctors noted that "Venous compression due to external cystic lesions, although rare, is recognized. Other symptoms, such as chest pain in the case of heart disease, will accompany your leg swelling.Top 10 Causes and Remedies of Leg Swelling1. You may not notice any symptoms at first but, as it goes forward, kidney failure affects the way the body flushes out its waste and how it regulates its water levels. Swelling can occur in the legs because the kidneys cannot remove fluids and waste materials efficiently. Other signs of kidney failure, which may occur many months after the kidneys have started to experience problems, include lethargy, weakness, shortness of breath and abnormal heart rhythms. Heart FailureCongestive heart failure strikes when the heart fails to function properly as a pump and cannot push enough oxygen-rich blood around the body. When the heart cannot pump enough blood to the kidneys they in turn can’t push out salt and water.
The kidneys retain water in response.As the body becomes overloaded with fluid, the legs swell. If you have swollen legs and the following symptoms, consult a medical professional: fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain and a decrease in your ability to exercise. Cirrhosis of the liver is a complication of liver disease which causes the loss of liver cells and scarring of this vital organ.As the disease becomes severe, signals are sent to the kidneys to cause them to retain salt and water in the body. Cirrhosis can also cause fatigue, loss of appetite, easy bruising and yellowing of the skin. Get medical help if you have a history of liver disease and your legs have started to swell.4.
If the cancer reaches the bladder it can obstruct the tubes that connect the kidneys to the bladder and you can develop kidney failure over many months. Leg swelling is one of the signs of kidney failure, as well as nausea, itching and fatigue.
Other symptoms of prostate cancer include an urgency to pass urine, difficulty or pain in passing urine or blood in the urine.5. LifestyleThere are other options to consider when looking for the cause of your leg swelling, and they aren’t signs of a serious disease or condition.
Because gravity works its magic, swelling is more noticeable in the lower parts of the body but it is usually painless. You are more likely to suffer if you are overweight so losing the extra pounds is one of the remedies you can put into action at home.Lift your legs above your heart, on cushions or blankets, when lying down.
When you are pregnant your blood clots more easily, putting you at risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis, which causes leg swelling.

Excessive swelling can also be a sign of pre-eclampsia so get your symptoms checked out if you are worried. VeinsIf your legs start to swell suddenly, for no known reason, you may be suffering from a blood clot. Blood clots occur more frequently when you haven’t moved for a long period of time and come with symptoms of pain, usually an ache deep within the calf or upper thigh. The clot or blockage reduces the flow of blood which increases pressure on the vein resulting in swelling.
A deep vein thrombosis may make the leg painful, tender and red and may make it difficult to walk. Deep vein thrombosis can cause serious complications and requires immediate treatment with blood thinners.
Another vein condition that can cause surface swelling is phlebitis.When Blood Pools In My Legs--- What Does It Mean?A condition called venous insufficiency occurs when blood begins to pool in the leg veins, stretching the vein wall. Some of the valves cannot hold the weight of excessive blood, which puts extra pressure on the next valve, causing fluid to seep into the tissue. Remedies for venous insufficiency include elevating the legs, massage, exercise and in some cases surgery.Horse Chestnut is a popular herbal treatment for venous insufficiency. Demonstration of the effectiveness of the horse-chestnut-seed extract in the varicose syndrome complex) followed 212 people over 40 days on a treatment of either horse chestnut or placebo which then crossed over to the other treatment after 20 days.Horse chestnut significantly reduced leg swelling and pain when compared to placebo. Anti-edemic therapy in chronic venous insufficiency with tendency to formation of edema) of 74 people reached a similar conclusion.One precaution you should observe if you decide to use horse chestnut is that the active ingredient in horse chestnut is a blood thinner. Thus, you should not use horse chestnut if you are taking blood thinning medications such as statins.8.
Pycnogenol in chronic venous insufficiency.)Pine bark extract, in particular, can reduce leg swelling. The study did just that, confirming that taking grape seed extract for 14 days can help to significantly reduce leg swelling and water retention in general.9. Herbal Remedies Can Help Leg SwellingThe herb Gotu Kola was shown, in a double-blind study of 94 people with venous insufficiency, to improve symptoms of leg swelling (Pointel JP, Boccalon H, Cloarec M, et al.
Titrated extract of Centella asiatica (TECA) in the treatment of venous insufficiency of the lower limbs.)Red Vine Leaf proved significantly more effective than placebo in reducing leg swelling due to chronic venous insufficiency, according to a 2000 study (Kiesewetter H, Koscielny J, Kalus U, et al.
Efficacy and safety of a Butcher's broom preparation compared to placebo in patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency) found the herb Butcher’s Broom significantly decreased leg swelling when compared to placebo. Medications That Cause Your Legs to SwellCertain medications can cause leg swelling as a side effect. The hormones in the birth control pill and hormone replacement therapy can have an effect on your legs.
Blood pressure medications such as nifedipine, amlodipine, diltiazem, felodipine and verapamil can cause swelling, as can steroids and some antidepressants.

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