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Lejart palyazatLejart palyazat • Elofizetoink az elsok kozott ertesulnek a palyazatokrol! Az Okogyulekezet palyazati felhivasa napelemmel, vizhajtassal, szelenergiaval mukodo berendezesekrol keszult rajzok bekuldese celjabol. Ha van elkepzelesed, vagy lattal mar olyan eszkozt, ami napelemmel, vizhajtassal, szelenergiaval mukodik, rajzold le nekunk. Nem kell mast tenned, minthogy szabadjara engeded a kepzeleted es a szuper otleted papirra veted. Ne maradjatok inkognitoban: a kepek hatoldalara irjatok fel a palyazo nevet es elerhetosegeit, hogy a kiallitason es dijazas soran feltuntethessuk es a nyeremenyt el tudjuk juttatni a palyazoknak. One of Europe’s largest utilities, RWE, announced it is shedding its old business model and transforming itself into a renewable energy service provider. California passed an energy storage mandate (AB 2514), a first-of-its-kind legislation that will give a significant push to the non-EV storage market in the U.S. Worldwide EV car sales were up 300 percent from 2012, while in Norway electric cars were the top-selling cars two months in a row. Chicago, Boston, and Minneapolis joined six other cities and two states in enacting laws and policies requiring benchmarking and disclosure for energy use for large buildings. Following another year of show-stopping peak pollution events, China has redoubled its efforts to focus on environmental issues stemming from breakneck growth and development. The Better Buildings, Better Plants Program, a national initiative that challenges industry to meet ambitious energy-savings targets, now has 123 partner companies representing 1,750 plants. Companies in the pay-TV industry, partnering with energy efficiency advocacy groups, announced they will slash electricity use of set-top boxes by 10 to 45 percent. The truly "New Black" is Soil Carbon!Advancing Eoc-services from all directions; Nutrition, Energy, Cooling Climate & De-acidifying Oceans, Animal Health & Soil Fertility etc. Looking beyond the technical, we are in a race between global forces of ecological destruction and the forces of ecological renewal. RMI Outlet, Rocky Mountain Institute's blog, explores topics critical to RMI's mission to drive the efficient and restorative use of resources. What impresses me most about the whole concept of social marketing is how it applies the tried-and-tested techniques of commercial marketing to ‘sell’ social values in ways that have the potential to change our behaviour and improve society as a whole. When you think about it, social marketing is not so different from other efforts to influence public behaviour.
People have different needs, of course, and form different groups in the community to resolve common issues that affect their lives.
Adopting a social marketing approach, we recently succeeded in ‘selling’ the benefits of saving energy to 1,600 young people from seven different municipalities (Gevgelija, Valandovo, Bogdanci, Kocani, Probistip, Kicevo and Oslomej ) who ‘bought’ into the idea of energy efficiency.

To ensure an effective social marketing campaign, we enlisted the help of the very people we were marketing to: young people. Young people decided to promote energy efficiency by organizing basketball, volleyball and football matches with teams in green and yellow T-shirts bearing the slogan of the campaign, symbolizing environmental care and renewable energy. Six workshops were held with lively and thought-provoking discussions on energy efficiency and ways to mitigate the effects of climate change. More than 300 young people discovered their personal carbon footprint by filling in a questionnaire. Personally, I really enjoyed the ballet and theatre performed as part of the social campaign prepared by young people and children in the municipality of Kocani and Kicevo. I was impressed not only by the overall idea but the inventiveness of the costumes made ??by the young students.
More than 1,200 young people exchanged their old light-bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs during Energy Efficiency Days. Promotional and educational material was distributed to more than 1,600 young people in the course of the campaign. All events, photos, drawings, essays and poems, together with comprehensive advice on protecting the environment and saving energy were published on the Facebook pages administered by young people involved in the social marketing campaign. A csak a palyazat legfontosabb adatait publikalja. A teljes kiirashoz latogassa meg a kiiro honlapjat a kiiras vegen talalhato linkre kattintva! And we’re not just talking the arrival of Prince George or the fact that the new Pope rides an electric bicycle.
Maryland also joined the storage craze by installing its first commercial, islandable solar-PV-and-battery microgrid. Tesla stocks surged as the Tesla Model S received a rare near-perfect score from Consumer Reports, and Motor Trend named it Car of the Year—a first for an electric car. From real-time bus tracking to apps like Ridescout that display all your options to get from point A to point B, these apps are helping us reduce the amount of miles we drive. In 2013 China unveiled a new plan to combat air pollution, including prohibiting the approval of new coal-fired power plants in three key industrial areas, implementing coal reduction and substitution projects, and increasing the use of renewable sources of energy. From Walt Disney Company to Delta Air Lines to ConAgra Foods, companies are preparing for the possibility that someday they may face carbon taxes or regulations.
These companies have agreed to reduce the energy intensity of their industrial operations by 25 percent or more within 10 years. This will save consumers a predicted $1 billion dollars, save three power plants worth of electricity, and keep 5 million metric tons of carbon pollution out of the air each year. Paul Hawken reports that there is a vast wave of constructive change going on – as this report exemplifies.

Whether you need your customers to find you through search, social media or content, we're here to help you succeed. In short, they initiate different forms of association and make efforts to influence our behaviour: the same aim as that of social marketing campaigns. Because people are often more receptive to messages coming from people they perceive as their peers. They were clearly sending the message to numerous audiences for environmental protection and energy saving. Within our next social marketing initiatives we would like to involve innovative approaches. There were many remarkable clean energy developments that are helping to bring us closer to a clean, prosperous, and secure energy future. For example, Georgia Power joined Alabama power in buying wind energy from Oklahoma, and Xcel of Colorado filed a petition to the public utility commission stating that utility-scale solar is its cheapest peaking option. And EVs became more affordable as automakers slashed prices for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles such as the plug-in Prius, Chevy Volt, and Ford Focus.
Further decreasing our time spent in cars was the huge increase in bike-share programs around the world.
The cities and states requiring benchmarking represent almost 5 billion square feet of floor space in major real estate markets. Nissan also announced it will open a LEAF factory in China through the Nissan-Dongfeng joint venture, reducing the EV’s price in China drastically.
A recent report by CDP lists 27 companies and two foreign businesses that have put a price on carbon.
Therefore, beside the proposed book, it would be nice if you could share with us other online articles related to this topic. STEM, Green Charge Networks, and Solar Grid Storage all came into the spotlight with solutions that offer distributed battery energy storage to commercial customers, while SolarCity (with Tesla) and NRG’s offerings incorporate batteries for residential systems. The use and copying of any information or materials, without written permission of a€?TANGRA a€“ AVa€? ltd, is forbidden and will be prosecuted with the full force of the law.
Mainstream society as a whole operates in ways that make them worse, and we have only a narrow window of opportunity to turn things around.Arguably unless mainstream society commits to accelerating the Great Transition it is all over for the prospect of a humane global civilisation.

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