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November 3, 2014 By Howtotreatherpes Leave a Comment STDs or sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted by sexual activity with a person already carrying it. STDs are well known for the past 100 years and they are a major problem to our current health care. While cure of an STD depends on a certain disease and may or may not be easy to do, prevention of these diseases is easy.
In third-world countries, governments and NGOs are trying hard to advertise the use of condoms. October 30, 2014 By Howtotreatherpes Leave a Comment Common STDs or sexually transmitted diseases might not be as common as colds but various STDs and the number of individuals who have them are already significant in number to be able to determine the top 3 common STDs. October 27, 2014 By Howtotreatherpes Leave a Comment After many years of stagnancy in the herpes therapeutics field, a real tight race is happening among 3 biotechs in the immunotherapy field: Agenus and Genocea, both situated in Massachusetts, Vical in San Diego. The goal of these companies is to make develop a vaccine targeting individuals who have herpes but the ultimate goal of each company platform is to delve into a wide preventative vaccine of STI on the population. On top of this, an Australian biotech Admedus announced positive early clinical results of their own genital herpes vaccine.
Recently, standard vaccine usually guards the B cells of the immune system, siccing on invaders and successfully producing antibody response. Genocea may be a few steps ahead of the race, but the triumvirate’s all in the Phase II vicinity and making positive results. October 22, 2014 By Howtotreatherpes 1 Comment Professor Ian Frazer brought the cervical cancer vaccine and now, he is developing a vaccine for herpes and has had success in trials to treat the virus.
An Australian healthcare group named Admedus announced on Thursday to the stock exchange the results of the Phase 1 trial of Professor Frazer’s vaccine to treat herpes simplex virus. Around one out of six Australians carry the virus that triggers skin lesions and one out of four Australians aged from 40 to 49 have the virus. The trials will be extended if the vaccine can also work to prevent the spread of the virus.
The study revealed variable proof that the vaccine produces antibody response to the virus. July 22, 2014 By Howtotreatherpes Leave a Comment When most people hear about the word herpes will conjure an image of genital herpes, which is an incurable disease that is transmitted by sexual intercourse and causes blisters. An estimate of one out of six people may have some form of herpes in their body either active or inactive.
There are two similar conditions known as dermatitis herpetiformis and herpes gestationis that both produce herpes-like blisters on the skin but are not brought about the herpes virus.
There are around 30 million Americans who are infected with HSV1 and despite numerous researches and studies over many years there has been small success in developing a cure or an effective vaccine.
Many viruses of the herpes family do not recur after the initial outbreak like chicken pox for example. It is still unclear why and how latent herpes virus suddenly triggers into active infection. Women with herpes may increase the risk of having cervical cancer and it is crucial that they have cervical smear test every year. Whether you have been tested for herpes, practicing common sense on how to not to spread it to other people is a good move.
If you are sexually active, then practice safe sex and avoid having sex with any partner who is showing symptoms of an outbreak until such time that the symptoms are gone.
If you had herpes before, avoid getting over exhausted or allowing yourself to get stressed.
Filed Under: Herpes Articles Tagged With: genital herpes, cold sores, herpes facts, facts about herpes, hsv1, hsv2, stress, shingles, genital herpes facts, herpes virus, herpes outbreaks, cervical cancer, herpes family, gestationis, herpetiformis, dermatitis herpetiformis, herpes gestationis, mononucleosis, mild hepatitis, chicken poxHow Can You Tell if Someone Has Genital Herpes?
According to a recent paper published by Carnegie Mellon University in January 2006, most sexually active teenage girls know almost nothing about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), except AIDS, until it is too late. One last consideration, herpes Simplex 1 or HSV-1 usually causes oral herpes and cold sores and herpes simplex-2, genital herpes. You may be provided with herpes medications until your pregnancy ends to reduce the risk of symptoms and passing the virus to the baby.
People who have herpes are worried about its impact to their lives – sex life, relationships, and health. Filed Under: Herpes Articles Tagged With: genital herpes, herpes, blisters, herpes symptoms, hsv1, hsv2, std, sexual intercourse, herpes virus, hiv, abstinence, herpes outbreaksIs it Possible to Contract Genital Herpes to the Mouth? The transmission of the Herpes simplex virus can happen by any direct skin contact with affected areas. The common misunderstanding is that HSV-1 causes herpes above the waist and HSV-2 causes it below the waist. When an afflicted persons’ genital region is experiencing an outbreak and viral shedding occurs, the herpes is contagious and can infect another person in any area of direct contact.
When a strain of herpes from the genitals infects an oral region, it is essentially the same result as if it were infected by HSV-1.
Like under any other circumstance when an individual with herpes has sexual contact, it is important to take cautionary measures to ensure that the virus is not spread to his or her partner. Filed Under: Herpes Articles Tagged With: genital herpes, hsv1, hsv2, herpes simplex virus, oral herpesYou Probably Have Herpes And You Do Not Know About It! June 26, 2014 By Howtotreatherpes Leave a Comment Around 70% of American ranging from 14 to 49 years old has herpes, which is either type 1 or type 2. If you catch gonorrhea or chlamydia, you can treat it with antibiotics and it will go away forever. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines states that CDC does not recommend screening for type 1 and type 2 herpes in the general population. For most people with herpes, the infection gives them no physical issues and there is nothing they can do to cure themselves if they found out that they are infected. However, some public health professionals contend with these recommendations and suggestions.
June 16, 2014 By Howtotreatherpes Leave a Comment Just like any article you would read on the internet, herpes is a viral infection that infects the mouth, lips, nose, eyes, chin, genital, and rectal regions. Herpes simplex virus, which spread through kiss, touch and exposure, are the trigger of herpes. Recognizing the dangerous characteristic of this disease, you need to see the importance of herpes treatments. A warm bath, which is the simple method on how to treat herpes, brings the comfort and relief for body. We all know the benefits of tea for our health and beauty but not many people tea bags can be used as the way on how to treat herpes.
Similar to the teaa€™s function, the black coffee is also used as home remedy for herpes, especially for red painful sore near the mouth. VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content.
Because of their infectious property, people having STDs are growing exponentially every day. These kinds of diseases are the result of different types of germ infections like fungal, viral, bacterial etc. In the developed countries such as USA, many posters and advertisements are used to stop STD spreading. This is passed through direct contact with the infected mucous membranes such as the mouth, anus, or genitals of a person. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency.
Knowledge about these common STDs is one of the best measures that one could ever take as precaution. Herpes is a chronic viral infection that affects 50 million Americans in the US and one out of six Americans age 14 to 49 have this virus.
Big pharmacies dabbled in developing herpes vaccine, but GlaxoSmithKline was noteworthy for its epic flop. Herpes stays dormant within the nerve cells, evading the immune response effectively, and then activating itself at full blast during a recurrent viral shedding period.

Nineteen out of twenty individuals in the trial had produced T-cells in response to HSV2 that causes genital herpes.
David Rhodes, an Admedus science officer, said that the main goal of the vaccine is not to prevent the spread of the virus but to cure it. Rhodes said that the vaccine is an Australian treatment being produced by an Australian company.
On the other hand, herpes is a family of viruses that is very widespread and can cause many conditions affecting the skin.
Herpes virus forms include genital herpes, cold sores, chicken pox, mild hepatitis, mononucleosis, and shingles. Many diseases that are brought by herpes may differ from one another but they all have common traits: very contagious, can survive for long period of time, not curable. On the other hand, all herpes viruses, when not active, stay dormant in the nerve tissues and escaping detection by immune system. On the other hand, it is known that some stresses to the immune system trigger an outbreak.
While most male genital herpes outbreaks are easily noticed, female genital herpes are hard to notice.
When you are fatigued, the immune system will not function properly and you may be more vulnerable to herpes outbreak recurrences. The more sexual partners a person has had in their lives, the more likely they’re to be infected by herpes. About 25% of the US population is infected with genital herpes, with women being more affected than men. Most infected people are not aware that they have it and it is very crucial to know that even without signs, they can still pass it to others. You can also get herpes from someone who does not have apparent sore or do not know he or she is having it as the virus can be release from your skin and transmit to sex partners.
Notify your doctor about your herpes and its symptoms so that you will be diagnosed as there are cases of miscarriage and premature delivery due to herpes.
You may not notice symptoms or confuse it for other skin condition like ingrown hair or pimple. Symptoms are bleeding between periods in women, burning sensation during urination, unusual sore, and smelly discharge from the organs. One medication can be taken every day and makes it less like you will spread the virus to other people. Touching the sores can spread the virus to other people as well as other parts of the body. Using condom will not guarantee safety as having symptoms can increase the chance of the virus being spread. With genital to oral herpes, this implies that an individual with infected genitals can spread the virus to another persons’ oral area. If a couple were engaging in oral sex, genital to oral herpes can certainly be passed on this way. The appearance will be indistinguishable between the two types, since the virus is something that lies latent in the body until activated.
Genital to oral herpes risks can be reduced by taking a few steps that provide protection, though it does not eliminate them altogether. It is it is important to know that people with herpes but no symptoms can still spread the disease to other people and their risk of catching HIV is doubled as high as those who do not have herpes. Here are additional natural remedies to lessen the itching and pain and speed up the healing process. You should stay away from foods that are rich in arginine and increase intake of Lysine instead. Avoid physical contact or touching the infected skin area the time you start seeing symptoms like burning, itching, and tingling until the herpes have healed completely. If you make physical contact with an infected area, immediately wash your hands with warm water and disinfectant soap. He spends most of his time writing about different topics such as health, technology, home improvement, and cooking. This rapid growth of infected individuals has made the government from different countries take necessary measures like implementing social consciousness. This means that one should always use condom if he is not unsure of the history of the sexual partner. This is passed on by bacterial known as spirochetes that can get inside the body during sex. The next thing to do is to get tested to make sure that you are not carrying one of these diseases. Tomegavax, located in Oregon, is using Gates-funded research to make its own path in developing its own vaccine too. This treatment would be beneficial to women who are already old to receive the cervical cancer vaccine and those who already have the HPV virus.
The Phase 1 trial tested the vaccine for efficacy and safety in uninfected individuals and it will now be tested to larger group of individuals who have HSV2. Rhodes stated that the Phase 1 trial had provided a manifestation of what strengths of the vaccine works effectively and should be tested further. Professor Frazer is also working with Admedus to come up with a treatment vaccine for HPV viruses that cause cervical cancer. These stresses may include menstruation, over exposure to sunlight, poor diet, emotional stress, injury, illness, and so on.
In fact, most women with genital herpes do not know that they have it until they transmit the virus to other partner. Studies have shown that the vast majority (80%-90%) of people who have genital herpes have not been diagnosed with the condition. Herbert Kaufman, Boyd Professor of Ophthalmology at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, found herpes virus-1 in 98 percent of healthy participants. Studies have shown that shedding may occur in almost 40% of HSV-2 (usually associated with genital herpes) infected people. It is mostly transmitted during oral sex from a person who’s having an oral herpes infection with or without symptoms. Some are currently undergoing testing for FDA approval and will hopefully be marketed soon. Herpes can be transmitted to the baby and lead to deadly infection known as neonatal herpes. This is called an outbreak and when you experience an outbreak, you will have flu-like symptoms such as fever, body aches, and swollen glands.
If you accidentally touched your sores, then immediately wash your hands with disinfectant soap to prevent further infection.
The mouth is a particularly vulnerable spot for being exposed to viruses, since it is completely lined with delicate mucus membranes and the slightest cut, scratch or abrasion of the soft tissues could surely allow bacteria and viruses in. When any form of herpes shedding occurs, the lip and mouth areas may develop giveaway signs. This is because there are areas that do not get covered by the prophylactics, such as the anal region and thighs. Genital herpes is one of the most disgraced sexually transmitted infections, and it is far common that what you think. The reasoning of CDC is it is not clear whether knowledge of a herpes diagnosis improves the overall health of people taking the test and lessens the spreading of herpes in the population. HSV1 is the virus that causes fever blisters or cold sores while HSV2 usually causes genital herpes.
Foods that are rich in lysine are brewer yeast, meat, milk, pears, papaya, apples, potatoes, lima beans, eggs, and cheese. The symptoms are the red, swelled and liquid a€“filled blisters which appear near your mouth, eyes, lips and even the genitals. The treatment is simple because all you need is heating a cup of olive oil and adding enough lavender oil and bee wax to make a mixture.

Dip the cotton ball into the baking soda and apply directly on the areas which need treating. The reason may be that the warm water can alleviate the pain which is associated with the blisters.
Firstly, dip the tea bags in the hot water and then let it cool by storing in the refrigerator for a few minutes. You can make it at home as all the ingredients and methods are available in every house and every kitchen. Although there are diseases like common cold or influenza can be transmitted through sex, they are not considered as STD as sex is not the main factor of these diseases. A person may not feel sick at all or may never show any symptoms towards an STD and may still be infected.
In schools, introducing sex education in the syllabus is another way to fight against these diseases. That program is running one step behind the vaccine and it is not quite at Phase 1 trials stage yet. A strong immune system lessens outbreak occurrences, though outbreaks may trigger throughout your life. Did you know that the majority of people who have genital or oral herpes are not aware of it? None of them displayed any symptoms; however they shed the herpes virus in their saliva and tears at least once during the course of the 30-day study. Asymptomatic viral shedding may last 1 to 5 days, meaning that a person can be contagious without presenting any symptoms at the time. However, if a test was performed late or delivered to the lab late, it may return a false negative result. So if getting genital herpes is a concern to you, you should consider oral herpes as well as genital herpes when asking a partner. Since diagnosing herpes can affect your feeling about current and future relationship, it is crucial to know how to talk to your partner about STD. When sores contact the genital organs, they increase the risk of having HIV if your partner has HIV.
The normally believed notion that HSV-1 (oral herpes) and HSV-2 (genital herpes) could only be contracted in their respective zones is incorrect. The person who has contracted genital to oral herpes might possibly develop red and inflamed blisters. To further lessen the risks, care must be taken in covering up all other areas that are exposed, by using underwear or protective clothing. To relieve your stress, you can have a massage therapy, meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga. Foods that are rich in arginine are gelatin, lobster, pine nuts buckwheat, beef, macadamia nuts, peacans, corn, onions, brown rice, pumpkin seeds, wheat flour, grain cereals, beer, cola, chocolate, and pumpkin. He built this website to exercise his field of expertise and to educate people on how they can cure herpes. The men can have these small red sores on their penis, buttocks, scrotum, and inside urethra while herpes blisters appear in the cervix, anus and external genitals of women. However, abundant natural remedies on how to treat herpes at home you can apply are available and work well without any harmful effects. However, it is important to keep in mind that re-dipping the cotton ball into the baking soda can make contamination. You should choose taking a shower instead of sitting in the tub because soaking in the tub may increase the possibility of spreading the sore. Although lysine is the important amino acid that body need, it can not be naturally produced. Using it as a home remedies, you can apply the cooled black tea bags directly on the affected areas. However, those who have experienced the symptoms may include burning sensation during urination and pus discharges for men due to infection of urethra, while vaginal discharge among women. Studies have proven that shingles and chicken pox have recurrence of zero while HSV1 has recurrence of 14% and HSV2 has 60%. Even though this study didn’t target genital herpes directly, it demonstrates that most people can be totally unaware of carrying the virus and being infected by herpes.
The average duration of each period of viral shedding has been assessed through laboratory studies but is just an estimate. Western blot test, a blood test, is the most accurate test available but may return a false negative if the person tested was first infected within the past 3 months. It is not clear why, but HSV-1 typically shows milder symptoms and less frequent outbreaks than HSV-2. These itchy, tingling sores can break open and leak fluid, followed by a period of crusting over once they have dried, before finally healing and ending the active cycle.
The genital areas that do come in contact with another person should be covered in barrier protection like with a condom, dental dam or even plastic food wrap.
The herpes are easily contagious when you touch, kiss or share the items with infected patients.
After taking a shower, it is needed to clean the bathroom and shower if you do not want somebody who do not have the virus to use it.
The small amount of lysine is taken through the meat and legumes but you can increase that amount by taking that supplement. In order to achieve the best result, you should repeat the black coffee treatment at least twice a day. Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis are STDs caused by bacteria while Herpes, HIV, Hepatitis A, E, and C are viral. This is very unfortunate as not only those persons are difficult to detect, they make it easier for other people to get infected. The symptoms of this STD are sores, which usually manifests germs that already entered the body. Complications can also be acquired from this disease and they are skin rashes, kidney damage, heart damage, meningitis, blindness, arthritis, sterility, pelvic inflammatory disease, and so on. Simple, many oral or genital herpes infected people just don’t have any herpes symptoms, others have some symptoms which are mild enough to confuse them with a rash or a mosquito bite or anything that may cause, redness, swelling, itching, burning and blisters, and some may not even know what herpes symptoms are.
Along with these localized symptoms and depending on the general state of immunity, the person could also experience the other standard signs of herpes infection including flu-like feelings, sore throat, swelling of the lymph nodes and fever. If there are any signs of herpes shedding at that time, it is best to abstain from sex altogether. There are a lot of causes of herpes, including kissing, unprotected sex, touching liquid-filled blisters, surgery on genital area and stress. Moreover, the studies have found that when patients with herpes take enough lysine, they can reduce the chance of herpes reoccurrence.
Thus, in most genital to oral herpes cases, the virus causing the infection is likely to be HSV-2. This is the only fail-safe method in preventing the spread of the herpes simplex virus between partners.
For the patients who have the blisters on their face, the ailment seems simple like any skin problems; however, if not untreated, it can result in more severe disease such as cancer, chickenpox and brain infection. You should consult the doctor or physician because the lysine can interact with some certain medication and higher overdose can damage your kidney. They may be passed on by sexual activity, contaminated tools like razor blades, nippers, needles, and syringes, blood transfusion, direct contact with an open wound with contaminated blood, body fluids, vaginal discharge, and semen. Symptoms of this STD include skin cancer, tuberculosis, persistent diarrhea, malaise, unknown fever, weight loss, loss of appetite.
In early stage, an individual with disease may experience loss of libido, loss of concentration, psychomotor retardation, apathy, and withdrawal.

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