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Condylox Gel is an antimitotic, meaning that it prevents Mitotis which is the process by which the body grows and replaces cells.
Condylox is used in cycles as per your Doctors recommendation, normally 3 days use followed by four days of rest. It is very important that the gel is only applied to the warts and not the surrounding skin. Using Condylox Gel alone, with certain other medicines, or with alcohol may lessen your ability to drive or perform other potentially dangerous tasks. You have to be extremely careful when applying the gel to make sure that you do not get it on the surrounding healthy tissue. If your symptoms do not improve within 4 weeks or if they get worse, check with your doctor. Do not exceed the recommended dose or use Condylox Gel for longer than prescribed without checking with your doctor. If you are not having any success with other treatments for genital warts, such as Wartrol or Aldara, then you may want to consider Condylox. It is normal to see your warts turn white before disappearing but some people report that there is an unpleasant odour from the treated skin. Remember, If you are considering using Condylox Gel then you should always consult with a medical professional first. Step 2: Obtain Mayapple rootsThe most fulfilling aspect of this project was harvesting the Mayapple plants myself, rather than buying them from some nursery.
Step 3: Separate the main rootAgain wearing my latex gloves, I pulled off any spindly side root hairs and kept just the main root.
Step 4: Finely grate the main rootI kept grinding until the gratings were on the order of a millimeter long and perhaps half a millimeter wide.
Step 5: Leave the gratings out to dry overnightI kept my paper towel full of Mayapple gratings out of the reach of children and pets overnight while they dried.
Step 6: Re-grind the gratingsA second grinding of the gratings, once dry, makes an unbelievable difference in obtaining a fine powder that can be made into a paste.
Step 7: Mix in carrier pasteI needed some kind of paste as a carrier for the Mayapple powder. Step 8: Apply ointment to square Band-AidIn order to apply the ointment to the wart only, a small square Band-Aid is helpful.
Step 9: SleepI recommend leaving the Band-Aid on overnight and checking how it feels in the morning. Step 10: Reapply during the following weekAlthough pharma-industrial dosing recommends 4 nights in a row of treatment, initial cautious experimentation is advised.
Step 11: Save remaining suppliesNot everyone knows that HPV warts continue to recur until your body decides to overcome the virus.
HPV is responsible not only for genital, anal and vaginal warts, but also for common warts or plantar warts found on the face, hand or feet. Step 10: Reapply during the following weekShow All ItemsAlthough pharma-industrial dosing recommends 4 nights in a row of treatment, initial cautious experimentation is advised. Just exactly how Condylox gel achieves this is unknown, but it seems to work well for a lot of  people.

One way to do this is to use a Q-tip and put some petroleum jelly (vaseline) or cold cream around the wart first, before applying condylox. It clears up most wart cases within a few cycles but if you are not careful enough in the application process then you are likely to find yourself in severe pain. Commonly used techniques for treating genital warts are removal of the warts through chemical treatments, laser, surgery, and FDA approved interferon therapy. Using a knife THAT I DO NOT USE FOR PREPARING FOOD, I chopped the root into pieces small enough to fit into the spice grinder, blender, or pestle that I was about to use to grind the root into fine gratings. When further grinding was getting me nowhere, I dumped the gratings out onto a paper towel.
I used bacitracin because it was handy and clearly benign, but I imagine shea butter or even vaseline might do just as good a job. I recommend applying a tiny bit of ointment to the pad of the Band-Aid, then sticking the Band-Aid over the wart. You may find that 1 night's treatment is sufficient to cause the wart's elimination within 5 days that go from itchy to scabby to wart-free. It is one of the more expensive treatments for genital warts so it is normally a last resort for most people. You’ll normally notice the difference during the first rest period, but it may take a few treatments before it works Some people also reported an unpleasant odour from the dying wart similar to a burning flesh smell.
As the HPV remains in your system, there is a high likelyhood of flare ups in the future, especially when you are stressed or run down. After removing the band-aid, all that's necessary to do is shower and wash the area with soap and water. But to help assure prevention of recurrence, you can do a repeat application every night, or every other night, for four applications. Although starting to wild-forage for food was pretty amazing, wild-foraging for medicine has transformed my entire relationship with nature and my identity as a mediator between nature and de-natured human society. Anyone with HPV can give the virus to a sex partner at anytime, even if the warts are not visible. People can’t afford to take time from work and that is why the majority of procedures are done in the office in only 1 session and on the same day.
These may damage the sensitive anal or genital skin and could worsen your condition.That also goes for using an over-the-counter genital warts remedy or medication, Internet remedies, oils, creams, and non-FDA (Food Drug Administration) approved prescriptions for the treatment of genital warts. In fact, Mayapple plants are unusual in that they senesce and go dormant by August, even in areas where the growing season lasts much longer. Since it seemed a little too pasty, I added a little more carrier and mixed until homogeneous. Make sure to let the area dry normally rather than slip directly from the shower into sweaty tight pants. I hope that this instructable inspires some lucky few to get out there and explore what is possible in the natural world, especially if what becomes possible is awe, and healing. Also, with escalating health care costs and high deductibles, we are able to give patients safe and high quality medical care without the high fees associated with a hospital setting. There are no products available without a doctor’s prescription for the treatment of genital warts.

So if you want to harvest them yourself, it's imperative to get out there between ~April and ~August, depending on your local climate.
This mixing can be done by hand (WITH GLOVES ON) or perhaps in the same spice grinder or mortar. Chemical irritants and freezing products are only FDA-approved for common-warts, and are absolutely not approved for genital warts. Mayapple grows in forests throughout eastern North America (for Canada map see here), often in dense patches that contain only Mayapple plants. This extra step dilutes the drug strength back down to a level closer to that found in pharma-industrial products. Until then, reapplying the ointment will do its job on any recurring warty manifestation of the virus.
Non-FDA approved products may damage the anogenital skin and worsen the warts and cause an increase in HPV transmission.
When they first appear in April their umbrella-like leaves are folded up, but by May the unfurling of their single leaf (or sometimes two leaves) is complete, and a single white flower blooms under the leafy canopy. If fertilized, this flower produces a green ball-shaped fruit known as, you guessed it, the May Apple.
Would you be surprised to hear that a very expensive topical medicine for an everyday disease is made from a very common, very recognizable, and very easily processed plant native to forests throughout the eastern USA?
Mayapples are common enough that you're likely to encounter them on any hike through the woods in your area, as long as you're in the geographic range marked on this map.
When you find a patch of Mayapple plants, take just one or maybe two plants -- this will be plenty, and will leave plenty for sustaining the local population (as well as for other readers of this instructable). The Mayapple plant was already one of my favorite native plants when I found out its medicinal use.
It turns out that one of the only known drugs for treatment of genital warts is podophyllotoxin, an alkaloid that the pharma-industrial complex harvests from the only place it can be found in any quantity: the roots of the local native Mayapple plant.
I decided to try skipping the pharma-industrial complex and prepare a topical ointment of my own. If I were not going to prepare the ointment immediately, I would consider placing the roots in a plastic bag in the refrigerator (WITH A NOTE THAT SAYS 'DO NOT EAT') and spraying them with a little water until I was ready to work with them. This instructable is to be used as a narrative of my experience ONLY, not as how-to cure instructions.
DO NOT EVER INGEST Mayapple plants, and probably don't even handle the roots with your bare hands. Probably don't use the same equipment for PREPARING FOOD that you use for handling Mayapple material. DO NOT BREATHE any dust that you create from Mayapple material, and DO NOT GET ANY IN YOUR EYES.
Surprisingly, even successful wart treatment can't guarantee you won't pass genital warts to others.

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