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Inflammatory Disease- The medical term Viral Hepatitis suggests inflammatory disease of the liver caused by viral infection.
Self-Limiting Disease- An acute infection as a result of the Hepatitis virus may result in pathological conditions, which may range from self-limited symptomatic disease to liver failure. Hepatitis Virus A, B and C- Liver inflammation is identified as Hepatitis A, B and C, caused by hepatitis virus A, B and C respectively. Clinical Presentation- Individuals with acute forms of Hepatitis A or B are generally symptomatic but individuals with Hepatitis C can be both symptomatic as well as asymptomatic. Diagnostic Findings- Some of the general symptoms of Viral Hepatitis are fatigue, anorexia, nausea with vomiting, extremely elevated aminotransferase values along with hyper-bilirubinemia (increased blood bilirubin).
Liver Failure- Extremely severe cases of Viral Hepatitis may advance to complete liver failure. Contamination of water or food when comes in contact with fecal discharge causes transmission of the diseases and endemic spread. Infection caused by Hepatitis A virus is mainly prevalent in the countries of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and South America.
Improvement in the standards of sanitation has helped to reduce the infection in epidemic countries. Parenteral Transmission: Individuals with hemophilia and those undergoing dialysis or those individuals who have had an organ transplant are more prone to develop hepatitis B infection.
Hepatitis B virus can stay inactive in liver for life of a patient and may cause immune complex disease.
Some people may be completely asymptomatic on presentation whereas some people may present with acute liver failure. Positive Lab Test- Positive laboratory findings in these individuals are indicative of hepatitis. Enlarged Liver- The liver is enlarged (larger in size) and often palpable during abdominal examinations. Hepatitis A Antibody: IgM increases after 2 to 3 weeks of infection and remains high up to 6 months. Hepatitis B Antibody IgM- The antibody level is detected after 2 weeks and remains for several yeas or life of a patient resulting in Chronic Hepatitis B disease. Hepatitis B Surface Ag- The surface protein detected over surface of virus during acute and chronic phase.
Hepatitis C Antibody- The test is specific to detect antibodies following hepatitis C infection.
Gigi E1, Sinakos E, Sykja A, Androulakis G, Tanis C, Stayridou V, Tsirogianni E, Zouridakis K, Bellou AL, Orfanou E, Raptopoulou-Gigi M. However, if the virus moves into the chronic stage, your liver will become inflamed permanently, which will lead to cirrhosis. Chronic hepatitis C, clinically speaking, has a habit of only being found by accident as it can go years without any symptoms at all. Chronic Hepatitis B, it's called the silent killer and it affects millions of people around the world.
Symptoms of hepatitis B can be pretty mild as around 30% of people infected have no early symptoms. Knowing you have an STD is probably going to be a private part of your life you wouldn't want everyone to know about, so we've put together a small tutorial on how to erase you browsing history in a number of popular browsers so whoever sits down at the computer next won't suddenly start asking unwanted questions about your medical condition. Current therapies can be individualized to cure chronic hepatitis C in 40 to 80 percent of cases. Reducing the risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer, which can result from long-term HCV infection. For these medicines to work best, you need to take them as instructed by your health care provider.
Ask your health care provider whether you need the hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines.
Do not get tattoos or body piercings or receive acupuncture from someone who does not have a permit or license. Hepatitis C virus cannot be spread by casual contact, such as holding hands, kissing, coughing or sneezing, breastfeeding, sharing eating utensils or drinking glasses.

The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.
This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics.
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First, we work with you on devising an action plan for things you can do to improve your credit score. Next, we raise your credit score by working with the major credit bureaus and your creditors to remove negative items from your credit report. The liver may get inflamed due to various causes like excessive use of alcohol, infectious causes, and viral infection of the liver. This mode of transmission of the Hepatitis B virus accounts for at least 50% of infections related to Hepatitis B in the United States. Intravenous drug use is also one major risk factor for development of infection related to Hepatitis B in the United States. The virus is also known to cause infection by use of contaminated needle as seen in IV drug abuse2 and hospital practice in under developed world. Acute hepatitis A virus infection: a review of prognostic factors from 25 years experience in a tertiary referral center. Epidemiology, clinical data, and treatment of viral hepatitis in a large cohort of intravenous drug users. It can be both acute, lasting less than six months and healing on its own, or chronic, lasting longer and can be fatal.
Over 85% of adults who get the virus will build up the appropriate anti-bodies and fight it off. Although there is chance of the virus being fatal, a low percentage of cases turn out this way. Like all forms of hepatitis, your liver becomes inflamed, impairing its ability to work effectively. If results come back positive, your doctor will identify which type it is and offer you the best course of treatment. People in industries such as food preparation, daycare centers, and health care are the prominent people that can spread hepatitis A. Hepatitis B is a virus that attacks your liver which causes inflammation and is the most common serious liver disease in the world.
Around three and four million people have this deadly disease in the US and don't even know it.
Ask your health care provider about liver disease resources and support groups in your area.
Persons with genotype 2 or 3 are more likely to respond to treatment than those with genotype 1. A good response to treatment occurs when the virus is no longer detected in the blood after treatment. Longstreth, MD, Department of Gastroenterology, Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, San Diego, California.
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In this article, we will discuss about Viral Hepatitis, which constitutes for more than half of hepatitis cases.
There are many strands of the virus throughout the world today, however we will be focusing on the most common: hepatitis A, B, and C.
Unfortunately, the virus can eventually lead to any number of conditions if left untreated, including liver cancer, cirrhosis, and fatal scarring of the liver.

Washing hands properly is the most effective way to limit the spread of the disease as well as basic hygiene.
It is spread through sharing needles, toothbrushes, but is most commonly transmitted through unprotected sex. It's important to get tested because if left untreated it can cause serious damage to your liver. People that need to be tested for hepatitis C include people that have had treatment for clotting problems prior to 1987, used and shared needles (around 80% of people that share needles will become infected with hepatitis C within the first year), and Blood transfusion or organ transplant before 1992.
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We will also discuss about the various causes, symptoms, and treatments for Viral Hepatitis. It is estimated that just over 3% of the worlds population carries a strain of the virus, most not even being aware of it.
If required, you doctor will give you a local anesthetic, and insert a small needle into your liver to retrieve a tissue sample, which they can then study under a microscope. It can easily be spread through the contact of fluids such as sharing a drink, touching foods, or even deep kissing.
Links to other sites are provided for information only -- they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites. It can lie dormant for decades, slowly eating away at your liver without any physical symptoms. In fact, 60% of the people who have contracted acute hepatitis C never even knew they had it, as it often goes misdiagnosed. For acute versions of the A and B strain, plenty or rest and fluids is all that is needed to clear out the virus.If you are infected with chronic hepatitis, your doctor may advise weekly injections of pegylated interferon alfa, along with twice-daily oral doses of ribavirin.
There is a vaccination for the virus and it can be treated, but if you do contract it you can get very sick including nausea, jaundice, fever, and a swollen liver. Persons who have long-term (chronic) infection often have no symptoms until their liver becomes scarred (cirrhosis). In this article, we will examine the three strains in-depth, and provide pictures to better illustrate.Hepatitis A, the least severe of the three, is transmitted by a fecal to mouth route. With luck, the combined efforts of the medicine will clear the virus from the bloodstream completely, or at a minimum greatly slow the virus down.
People that already have issues such as liver or kidney problems are in a worse situation as it can become quite problematic.
Any duplication or distribution of the information contained herein is strictly prohibited. The most common ways to become infected is consuming contaminated food or water, or sexually. If your liver is fatally damaged, you will be put on a liver transplant list and await surgery.
If a donor is found in time, and the virus can be or has been cleared from your system, you can expect a full recovery.
Efficacy data and FDA labeling for this population is based solely on mathematical modeling. Hepatitis B can be transmitted via blood transfusions, tattoos, sharing drug needles, and even from breastfeeding a child. Although it's generally associated as an STD, or sexually transmitted disease, as that is the most common way to get it. However, this is the only way it can be transmitted.Hepatitis Symptoms Do I Have HepatitisHepatitis A takes between 15-45 days to between the time of infection, and the start of the illness. This strain of the virus does not have a chronic stage, and there exists a vaccination that will permanently prevent the illness.

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