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This condition is a highly infectious one that can be transmitted through kissing, or by oral and genital contact. Some medical drugs are given to patients specifically to treat HPV such as the viral drugs.
Banana peels – rubbing of the banana peel on the tongue can be effective in clearing the area. I’ve been washin my mouth with apple cider vinegar and the warts on my tongue have decreased considerably over the last few days. The main culprit behind the diagnosis of oral hairy leukoplakia is the infection with the Epstein-Barr virus. Oral hairy leukoplakia appears in HIV negative patients as well, especially those that have a compromised immune system due to other types of infection or various medical conditions (for example, in patients who have undergone organ transplants or who have received chemotherapy for different types of cancer). Infection with the Epstein-Barr virus – the virus enters a person’s body and will remain there for the entire life, waiting for the weakening of the immune system in order to be reactivated. The lesions in oral hairy leukoplakia are benign, so they do not require any particular treatment. Antiviral drugs – the administration of this medication in high doses leads to the rapid disappearance of the lesion but the white patch will re-appear just as fast the moment the treatment is discontinued or the immune system becomes more and more compromised. Antiretroviral drugs – these guarantee the most promising results when it comes to the regression of oral hairy leukoplakia lesions. Cryotherapy – even though it has shown promising results for the treatment of oral hairy leukoplakia, this is not a common course of treatment. Topical applications with gentian violet have also shown to improve the lesions in this medical condition. The treatment for the HIV infection should be re-considered and a new treatment plan should be devised, as the presence of oral hairy leukoplakia is often a sign that the actual treatment is not working. A cure for metastatic, human papillomavirus (HPV)-positive oropharyngeal cancer has come within reach for at least some patients, data from a prospective cohort suggest.
A fourth of patients with limited distant spread (oligometastasis) remained alive and disease free at 3 years versus 15% of similar patients with HPV-negative disease.
Acquisition of this virus can result to many types of warts such as genital, flat and deep palmoplantar warts. Cidofovir is an antiviral agent that is used to treat patients who are immunocompromised such as the HIV patients. This has been noted as a capable for destroying bacteria and is said to be an antiseptic tool. Get insight on possible causes of red spots on tongue that could be small (little, tiny) or big, painful or painless and on tip of your tongue, under tongue, side or back of the tongue as well as some symptoms that accompany them. It is strongly associated with the HIV infection; this is why it is also known as HIV-associated hairy leukoplakia.
Once infected, this virus stays inside the body for the entire lifetime and it becomes activated when the immune system is weakened. Even though its name is similar to the one of hairy tongue, these two should not be confused. However, this is not often the primary choice of treatment and it may be done only on large patches. Historically, metastatic oropharyngeal cancer has been considered incurable, Sophie Huang, MD, of the University of Toronto, reported at the International Conference on Innovative Approaches in Head and Neck Oncology in Nice, France. As previously reported, the data also showed that HPV-positive disease was associated with favorable characteristics that facilitated aggressive treatment.
This is said to be common to people who are immunocompromised and those who are under the profession of meat handling.

This is called the human papillomavirus, a lifelong viral agent that may lay dormant in our body once acquired. Specific virus strains cause warts and these are HPV types 2 and 4, followed by types 1, 3, 27, 29 and 57. This condition is primarily characterized by the appearance of a white patch on the sides of the tongue; this patch has a hairy-like appearance, hence the name. Oral hairy leukoplakia and hairy tongue are two separate medical conditions, with different symptoms and treatments. How does HPV cause genital warts and cancer?CDC - Human Papillomavirus (HPV)Human papillomavirus (pap-ah-LO-mah-VYE-rus)(HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted virus in the United States. The patient shall experience difficulty in speaking, eating and drinking because of the warts. Still, the assistance of some antiviral medications is needed but does not present proposed treatment.
Be aware of the present condition and seek medical attention immediately to avoid the spread. In many cases, the appearance of the white patch on the tongue is a clear sign that the treatment administered against the HIV virus does not provide the desired results. It is to be expected that the treatment result shall be scarring or discoloration of the area affected. If the person has difficulty in eating, chewing and swallowing food, it is advised that he or she is provided with soft foods.
However, some causes such as Kawasaki disease or hand foot and mouth is known to affect children, especially those below 5 years.
It may also be the first sign that suggests an infection with the HIV virus or the first sign of an infection with another virus (however, it generally suggests that the immune system has been weakened). This can also occur to all age groups but peaks at the age of 12 to 16 and to the young adults. The mere contact of the virus-carrying lesion or wound shall increase one person of the chance of acquiring the disease. Dark red spotted tongueThe appearance of the red dots on tongue might vary in size, shape and color (e.g.
This site is intended only for residents of the United States, its territories, and Puerto Rico. Most people have reported small red spots on their tongue while a few report big red spots or dots. Furthermore, the dots or spots may be many (clustered or evenly distributed on the tongue), a few or even just one small or two dot on the tongue.Finally, the red tongue spots might be bumpy (raised above tongue surface) or flat and they can be located on any part of the tongue including the tip of the tongue, side of the tongue, back of the tongue, under the tongue or even on the entire tongue surface. They could be painful or painless or have a burning sensation (feeling like you got burnt). We will give you specific symptoms often accompanied with red spots on tongue while looking at each of the possible causes. This will make diagnosis much easier. Red spots on tongue picturesBefore we look at the causes of red spots on tongue, we have included a few red spots tongue pictures below and more in this posts to help you visually get an idea of how this condition may look like.
Red spots on tongue pictures Geographic tongue and red spots on tipRemember, how your red spots on your tongue will look like will depend on what causes it.
Do not be worried if your red spots look slightly different from what is shown in the pics (photos or images). This is just for illustration.Why do I have red dots on my tongue or red spots on tongue causesA red spotted tongue is nothing anyone wants to have especially due to the many rumors associating such spots with STDs like HIV or cancer.
Before you worry yourself to death for no reason, here are some of the most possible causes of the red dots on your tongue.Inflamed papillaeA more common cause of red dots on tongue that hurt (painful red spots on tongue) is inflamed papillae.

Scarlet fever is a bacterial throat infection caused by the various strains of streptococcus. Treatment is by “intravenous (IV) doses of gamma globulin (purified antibodies)” []Oral cancerOral cancer tends to affect various parts on your mouth, lips and two thirds of your front tongue including the under your tongue. Oral cancer treatment is by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and targeted drug therapy. Common symptoms of acid reflux include a heartburn, regurgitation, bloating, bloody stool, hiccups, dysphagia, etc.Allergic reactionsAllergic reaction to various allergens such as pet dander, food, medication, etc. Allergic reactions will have other symptoms such as itching mouth, swollen lip, face or throat, wheezing, trouble in breathing, nasal congestion, dizziness, hives, etc.Vitamin deficiency and pernicious anemiaLack of vitamins, especially vitamin B-12 is known to cause red spots on tongue. Ensure you have foods rich in vitamin B-12 that include shell fish, liver, mackerel fish, crustaceans, fortified soy products, fortified cereals, red meat, skimmed milk, cheese and eggs.There is an association between red spot on tongue and anemia, especially pernicious anemia. The most common symptom of pernicious anemia is a smooth red beefy tongue, heartburn, nausea, depression, confusion, weight loss etc.
It is caused by deficiency in vitamin B12 and iron deficiency.Canker soresYour painful blister like red spots on tongue could be due to canker sores especially if they have yellow or white center and a red ring surrounding it. Canker sores will have other symptoms such as malaise, fever, swollen lymph nodes.Strep throatIf you notice you have prickly tiny red dots (petechiae) on your tongue, especially at the back of your tongue, you could be having strep throat (a bacterial throat infection). They are commonly caused by stress, local trauma, splitting taste buds, acidic or sour foods, smoking, menstruation, etc.Red spots on tongue STD or DotsSometimes, your red spot on tongue could be caused by STDs.
For instance, during initial stages, one is likely to have small (little or tiny) painless sore on the tongue, vulva, vagina, lips, cervix, or the point where the bacteria causing the disease enters the body. It is advisable to see a dentist for diagnosis and treatment in case your red spots do not disappear quickly.Small red spots on tongue or little or tiny red dots on tongueThe common causes of small (tiny or little) red spots on tongue include scarlet fever, initial stages of oral cancer, lie bumps, STDS, strep throat, geographic tongue and or any other cause we have already discussed above.
In most instances, the little red spots on tongue are not caused by oral cancer unless accompanied by other symptoms discussed above.In case of having small red spots on tongue and metallic taste, it might be due to allergic reactions (especially as a result of use of some medications) or excessive exposure to alkaline or acids. Any of the other causes of red spotted tongue discussed above could also be behind the problem.Effective treatment requires correct diagnosis of the underlying cause.
Furthermore, proper oral hygiene is paramount.Red dots on tip of tongue or spotsIf you have dots on the tip of your tongue which could be small (tiny or little) or big, they can be due to a number of causes. Some of the likely causes of such spots include inflamed taste buds, trauma or injuries,  cold sores, scarlet fever, geographic tongue, oral herpes, earlier stages of syphilis (uncommon), allergic reactions, cancer, etc.
Carefully look at other accompanying symptoms to be able to tell the cause.Red spots on back of tongue or dots on back of tongueWhy do I have red dots on the back of my tongue?
For instance, if you have red spots on back of tongue and a white coating, it is likely you have oral thrush while big red ones can be canker sores or Kawasaki disease.Red spots on tongue toddlerRed spots on baby tongue or children could be due to canker sores, inflamed papillae, Kawasaki disease, strep throat, and hand foot and mouth disease, among other conditions.
See a pediatrician for diagnosis if the red dots on a child do not go away after a few days.Red spots on tongue and sore throatHaving red spots on tongue and sore throat could indicate a throat infection such as strep throat which is known for small red spots back of the tongue and sore throat.
It is accompanied with other symptoms such as fever, headache, swollen neck lymph nodes, throat pain, cough, etc. Try various home remedies such as chewing ice to sooth your red spots on tongue that hurt as well as taking anti-inflammatory medications.Painless red spot on tonguePainless red spots on the tongue can be due to a number of cases. In fact most of the causes we have discussed except cancer, canker sores, inflamed papillae or injuries, foot-hand and mouth, do not cause any pain.

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