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Scar & Stretch Mark FadingA non-surgical procedure for permanently reducing and resurfacing scar tissue.
Hair Transplant * 12 years of experience * Nearly 3000 procedures* Affordable * Unique: Hair transplant combined with tattoo hair simulation for unparalleled hair density appearance.
It first became known when a Swiss French dermatologist, Dr Philippe Simonin, published his results in Barn's Cosmetic Dermatology in 1994. A dramatic increase in new collagen and elastin fibers (stained violet) is clearly visible. The procedure is performed for 30 minutes and results in increased collagen and elastin production for up to a year afterwards. All skin is different so we cant give a definite time frame re results, but as you roll your skin will feel lighter, tighter and brighter almost immediately. If you are treating scars or wrinkles you will see results each week as they skin changes and collagen re-grows, then after 1-3 months deeper results. American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics, AIIC, is the largest educational institution for permanent makeup in US.

To achieve AIIC Master Technician certification, a candidate must pass written and oral exam and demonstrate practical expertise by performing all of the permanent cosmetics procedures before a board of recognized leading permanent cosmetics experts. Unlike other, more common certifications, such as SPCP or IAM, which are awarded on the basis of a written exam only, AIIC Master Technician Certification is unique in its requirement of demonstrated practical expertise in permanent cosmetics. At the present time, to the best of our knowledge, we are the ONLY permanent cosmetics facility licensed by the State of Illinois Department of Public Health in this area. You gave me a very natural permanent eyeliner and took the time to listen to my specifications. It improves a wide variety of skin conditions, such as: skin texture, large pores, sun damage, wrinkles, and scarring (acne, chick pox, surgical). Treatment effects are cumulative and will usually be seen within 6-8 weeks of each treatment.
Typically, the skin is red and swollen for one to two days with a light abrasion over the treated area appearing on day two. In comparison to prolonged recovery time from laser resurfacing and chemical peels, a few days healing time makes Skin Needling a more desirable alternative.

You did a great job subtly modifying the shape of my upper lip to make it more symmetrical.
It enhances skin penetration of vitamins (A & C) and effectively increases new collagen production without damaging the skin.
Now I can actually leave the house without spending the time to apply eyeliner and lipstick! The permanent lip color is just bright enough to go shopping with just a little lip gloss, but subtle enough that I can embellish it for a more formal evening look.

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