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A woman’s age and menopausal status, her stage of disease, her tumor type, and her personal preferences all have important influence on the appropriate treatment for her breast cancer.
The most important factor in the whole treatment process is communication– with your physicians, your family, and your friends.
If breast cancer has not become metastatic, then it is classified into a stage between Stage 0 and Stage IV.
Back to DCIS.  Since these lesions are considered to be direct precursors to an invasive cancer, DCIS requires intervention.
For many women, a lumpectomy is an acceptable and preferred option, as long as the DCIS is of a small enough size to achieve an acceptable cosmetic outcome after the surgery.
Some women may have circumstances where mastectomy may be more appropriate, especially if the lesion is large.  However, the trend over the past few decades for patients with DCIS have been moving away from mastectomy, since it may be an overly aggressive approach for many DCIs patients, and because the long-term outcomes for DCIS patients who get mastectomy or lumpectomy and radiation are comparable. Following radiation therapy, there is yet another way to decrease the risk of having DCIS or an invasive cancer to come back.  This is through the use of hormonal therapy. For women with invasive breast cancer, the approach to treatment depends largely on how advanced the disease is;  this is reflected in the stage of the cancer. In general, women with breast cancer that typically undergo surgery first are Stage I, IIA, some IIB, and some IIIA patients. For these women, the following illustration below demonstrates a treatment path that many women with these stages of breast cancer follow.  Not each of these components will necessarily apply, and this will depend on the specific situation.

Some women with small Stage I breast cancers may meet with their chemotherapy doctor, and the recommendation may be such that chemotherapy is not needed.  This is because their risk of having the cancer come back somewhere else in the body (metastatic disease) is so low, that the side effects from receiving chemo outweighs the possible benefit. Stage IV breast cancer encompasses such a diverse population of people, that it would be inapprorpriate to generalize treatment recommendations for these patients.  Some Stage IV patients live with breast cancer for many years, and therefore, the treatment goals may be very different than a woman who has an aggressive cancer and is not expected to perform as well. By reading the breast cancer facts below, probably it will open your heart about the need to take care your breast accurately than before. The second point of breast cancer facts is related to the factor which determines someone to be affected by the disease. Some people think that breast cancer might be developing because of the external factors like habit and life style. There are prominent symptoms that you should realize when someone is affected by breast cancer.
Even though the genetic as well as age is the cause of breast cancer, you should know that the external factors like smoking and diet also play important role.
The lazy women who do not perform balanced diet and exercise can have obesity and overweight.
Breast cancer is one of the dangerous diseases for woman.  However, some men can develop breast cancer too with little risk. In United States, the African American woman has the highest mortality related to the breast cancer.

The recent study states that the family history, age, sex, life style and genetic factor contribute much to the breast cancer. The treatment applied by the professional doctor is varied depending on the location and size of tumor. Those may include redness on the nipple and skin, significant change in the shape and size of nipple and breast and a mass on the breast look like a pea. Thus, you can prevent the breast cancer by quitting smoking, exercising regularity and performing a balanced diet. The woman who has been diagnosed with this stage is lucky enough that those diagnosed with Stage 4. It is stated that an obese women are likely to develop a breast cancer after the menopause period. In other word, we may also conclude that 90 percent woman can have this disease even when you do not have any family history about it. The local one involves the surgery, while the chemotherapy and hormone therapy is for synthetic treatment.

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