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Willows website uses cookies - by continuing to browse the website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Willows is currently the only centre in the UK to have both medical and surgical Oncology Specialists as full-time staff members. Some patients with cancer or cancer-associated diseases need prompt investigation and treatment, and we will see urgent and emergency cases on the same day that we are contacted. Once a patient arrives at Willows, we will start with a detailed consultation, examination of the patient and a thorough discussion with the owner.
Surgical OncologyOur Specialist surgeons are experienced in the management of all forms of solid tumours and reconstructive surgery.
Tumours in the chest or the abdomen may sometimes be treatable by keyhole surgery where a camera and thin surgical instruments can be passed through small holes in the skin.
Medical Oncology Our Specialist medicine clinicians can provide a range of chemotherapy (anti-cancer drug treatment) protocols for the management of various forms of cancer. Cutting edge therapy Our clinicians are involved in the use of some of the most up to date types of treatment for cancers of various types.
Therapeutic melanoma vaccine – this vaccine is not used for prevention but for treatment of certain types of melanoma.
Diagnostic imaging Willows cutting edge diagnostic imaging equipment and the Specialist expertise of the clinicians and radiographer running the imaging department are often critical in making an accurate diagnosis and performing a thorough assessment of cancer patients. Specialist-led Anaesthesia team We are fortunate at Willows to have a dedicated team of anaesthetists.
Our anaesthetists are also involved in pain management and with their expert help our aim is to make all our patients as comfortable and free of discomfort as possible, whether at the time of surgery or when managing any pain that might result from the underlying cancerous condition. Finally our anaesthesia team is involved, along with the other Specialists in providing critical care to seriously ill patients in our Intensive Care Unit. Nutritional support Willows is fortunate in having a full-time Small Animal Clinical Nutritionist (a medicine Specialist veterinary surgeon with additional advanced level training in nutrition) who can provide advice on nutritional support of the cancer patient.

Other Specialist care The Specialists in the Ophthalmology, Orthopaedic and Neurology teams will also see patients with cancers in, for example, the eye, the eye socket, bones, joints, spine and brain.
This, combined with a multi-disciplinary team approach to the management of cats and dogs with cancer, enables us to provide the best possible levels of care for pets with this problem.
These services are fully supported by Specialist Diagnostic Imaging and Anaesthesia teams, a Clinical Nutritionist and by our dedicated teams of interns, nurses and other clinical support staff who provide patient care 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
We are also happy to provide telephone advice to veterinary surgeons on the management of patients with cancer. Patients with cancer or suspected of having cancer will often require additional investigations and tests, including blood tests, biopsies and diagnostic imaging. From the time of the first consultation we remain in close contact with the referring veterinary surgeon by phone and in writing, both while the patient is hospitalised and afterwards, once the pet has been discharged from the hospital and gone home. Particular areas of interest include the management of mast cell tumours, soft tissue sarcomas, tumours inside the mouth (oral tumours), chest (thoracic) tumours such as those in the lung and the chest wall, and tumours in the tummy (abdomen) such as those in the liver, spleen, kidney or intestine. A full range of the high-tech surgical equipment for performing keyhole procedures is available at Willows. In all cases the treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual patient, and whilst chemotherapy protocols in people often cause significant side-effects, the drug combinations used in pets are generally very well tolerated and aimed at giving a good quality of life whilst still managing the underlying cancer.
The information provided is invaluable in determining the likely outlook for each patient and the optimal means of managing the condition. They are involved in the assessment of patients before they undergo surgery and therefore to tailor anaesthetic protocols to the individual patient. This may involve changes to diet (sometimes given by tube into the stomach for patients that cannot eat), whilst in some poorly patients it may involve giving nutritional support intravenously.
Wherever required, they will seek the assistance of members of the Oncology teams to assist in the diagnosis and management of these patients. We provide a comprehensive service, caring for patients that either already have a diagnosis of cancer or that are suspected of having cancer.

Patients with cancer often need intensive veterinary and nursing care and our Intensive Care Unit is equipped to the highest levels to provide the best possible monitoring and treatment of patients on this ward.
Once the results of these investigations are known, an appropriate plan for treatment of the disease can be made. We may provide follow-up care at Willows or we may arrange for the referring practice to do this, following discussion with the referring veterinary surgeon. Our medicine Specialists have expertise in managing a wide range of cancers including lymphoma, mast cell disease (stage II or III) and bladder tumours, and in giving supplementary medical treatment for patients with osteosarcoma and haemangiosarcoma.
All the scans and other imaging investigations we perform are tailored to every individual patient. This is very important in minimising the risk of the procedure, especially in patients that are already ill and who may be undergoing lengthy and sometimes quite major surgery. These levels of care and expertise, along with the superb equipment and facilities for patient care at Willows, enable us to optimise the management and outcome for each case. Whatever the nature of the case, we aim to provide a sympathetic and caring approach and to provide a plan for investigation and treatment that is tailored to the patient and its disease, and which takes full account of the owner’s wishes. In this instance moving X-rays are used to visualise the body and pass instruments, dyes, drugs etc. Improving the patient’s quality of life is our most important overriding concern at every stage.

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