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When shingles happens om the face, contacting your haelaht care professional immediately for early treatment can help prevent vision difficulties, or even permanent blindness. Conditions such as cancer or chemotherapy, or anything that affects the immune system can cause the virus to come out of its dormant state, resulting in a painful shingles attack. Shingles begins with a tingling or burning sensation on the skin, evolving into a red rash that become blisters that erupt leaking a clear fluid. The virus is being shed during the open blister stage and is how eye shingles can occurThe zoster virus, like chickenpox, is spread through person to person contact.

Scarring of the eyelids will keep the eye lids from closing properly, resulting in Trachomatous Trichiasis (TT), a condition where the eyelids and eyelashes turn inward, scratching the cornea. Symptoms such as eye inflammation accompanied by a rash, can mimic other eye conditions, which makes diagnosis difficult.
Treatment includes antiviral drugs that can decrease the risk of complications among those with eye shingles.
Ultimately, treatment for this condition must begin as soon as the onset of a zoster infection involving the face is evident.

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