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Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is a unique type of breast cancer that often starts within the soft tissues of the breast and causes the lymph vessels in the skin of the breast to become blocked. Inflammatory breast cancer, or IBC, is rare, accounting for one to three percent of all breast cancers. Because of the similar symptoms, IBC may at first be diagnosed as a breast infection, such as mastitis.
IBC tends to grow quickly and aggressively, and is usually diagnosed when it is already in an advanced stage, typically stage IIIB or stage IV.
Treatment of inflammatory breast cancer typically includes chemotherapy, followed by surgery (breast-conserving surgery or total mastectomy) and radiation therapy.

We understand you may be feeling overwhelmed with questions and concerns about your type of cancer and what it all means.
Explore our cancer hospitals, which house the latest treatments, technologies and integrative oncology services under one roof. Discover our patient-centered approach, and how you get all your questions answered in a single visit by a dedicated team of cancer experts. As a result, the breast can become firm, tender, itchy, red, and warm due to increased blood flow and a build-up of white blood cells. This type of cancer is distinct from other types, with major differences in symptoms, prognosis, and treatment.

Understanding breast cancer as 10 diseases, rather than one, will change how it is diagnosed and treated for future generations. If your doctor prescribes antibiotics and your symptoms do not resolve within seven to 10 days, this may be a sign that you have IBC. When breasts become inflamed due to an infection or injury, they often become tender, swollen, red, and itchy.

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