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We know that smartphone apps have been around for years, and you’re probably already using them to connect with everything from your bank to your airline to your favorite pizza place. Our smartphone-based solutions are great examples of how we’re striving to make it easy and convenient to do business with us, and we’re glad to see our customers making good use of them:  Since we launched our iPhone app and mobile website last summer, we have engaged thousands of our customers through a million wireless transactions, more than 800,000 account logins and more than 60,000 downloads from the App StoreSM.
At TXU Energy, we’re working to stay connected with our customers using the Web-based and wireless devices they already use day-to-day. But the driving force behind our app development is something that means much more to us than market share: our customers. Credit card statements, mortgage payments, auto loans and tax bills, and plain old junk mail – don’t you deal with enough paper?
When you sign up for paperless billing, instead of finding an envelope in your mailbox every month, you’ll receive an email alert informing you that your statement is available for online viewing. Compare the cheapest electricity rates and electric plans from the top electric companies in Texas. The scam artists are pretending to be from your electric company, and are threatening to disconnect your electricity if you do not pay your bill immediately over the phone. The thieves are targeting residential and commercial electricity users across the country, but seem to be focusing on the states that are currently experiencing elevated temperatures. The best action to take is to disconnect the call, then call your energy provider using the phone number printed on a recently electric bill and inform them of the scam attempt.
TXU’s newest commercial promotes something they call the TXU SecureSaver Plan.  Taking a closer look at the details of the plan shows it suffers from the same problem as most TXU plans – the rates are just too high. The plan promises to protect you from rate increases and save you 20%.  But 20% of what?  The reality is that TXU’s rates are so high that, even after a 20% discount, you are still paying way more than most other providers charge. The rates are slightly different but the results are the same in the other parts of the state, including the Houston area.  TXU’s plan is more expensive than almost any other provider. If it’s protection against price increases you want, you could even consider the current 36 month plan being offered by TriEagle for the same 9.0? per kwh as their 24 month plan. Over the 24 months of the plan, TXU’s SecureSaver Plan would cost you $1,704 more than other providers. Unfortunately, as with the TXU Free Nights promotion, the TXU Energy Cash Rewards plan it’s not as good as it sounds. At the time of this writing, TXU is charging 12.4? per kwh for their 24 month plan and 13.5? per kwh for their 36 month plan!

Another week, another warning about the capacity of the Texas electric grid.  Speaking to state lawmakers earlier this month, Trip Doggett, President of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, once again served notice to Texans about the tenuous balance of supply and demand in the Texas grid. Since the deregulation of our electricity market gave us the power to choose in 2002, Texas consumers have had the luxury of shopping around for their electricity.  Before deregulation you didn’t have a choice of which electricity provider you used.
Unfortunately, not everyone in TXU’s area is aware they now have a choice, and TXU takes advantage of that fact.  TXU hopes that they are going to be the only electric company you look towards when needing electricity, so they just throw out a high rate quote and hope you don’t know any better.
It is no wonder TXU has 800,000 fewer customers than they did just a few years ago.  With rates that are almost 50% higher than those of the completion, TXU is shedding customers at an increasing speed. Other providers have since introduced similar plans.  They all attempt to address a major challenge that the Texas electric grid deals with. Predicting what your actual all-in rate will be can be tricky since much depends on not only how much electricity you use but what times of day you use it. TXU’s time-of-day plans are best suited for consumers who don’t use a lot of their electricity during hours of peak demand or consumers who are willing to change their habits by shifting power intensive activities such as laundry and dishwashing to the hours designated in the plan as free. TXU also offers tools using your smart meter to help you analyze your electricity usage and identify ways to lower your electric bill by shifting some of your usage to the free electricity times of day.
In light of TXU’s severe financial issues, customers of the ailing giant are jumping ship and switching to other providers.
Luminant self-monitors its plants, and according to the company’s own data, the Big Brown plant has violated the requirements of its own air permit thousands of times. It comes as no surprise that TXU’s parent company, Energy Future Holdings, reported a massive loss for the first quarter of 2012. EFH is the holding company that owns Oncor (electricity transmission and delivery), TXU Energy (electricity provider) and Luminant (electricity generator).
Fitch Ratings downgraded the debt of TXU’s parent company, Energy Future Holdings Co. Energy Future Holdings’ electricity retail unit, TXU Energy, also has had “significant” customer losses and increased competition may pressure profit margins at the unit, Fitch said. The “current highly leveraged capital structure” at Energy Future Holdings’ unregulated unit “is no longer sustainable and some kind of default seems inevitable,”according to the report.
In fact, the launch of our new Android app marks the third time we’ve developed a free tool for our customers to connect with their electricity accounts, support their energy efficiency goals and, potentially, access their thermostats. But, as a recent blog post from Fast Company pointed out, a free app to connect you with your electricity provider is pretty rare — especially when it has been designed to help you save electricity and money on your electricity bills.

And, offering dedicated apps for iPhone and Android users makes sense given the popularity of both types of devices: More than 82 percent of all smartphones shipped globally run on either Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS operating systems, and this market share for both is up more than 200 percent, year over year.
We started developing the new Android app based on customer demand, and that’s one of the best reasons I can think of to develop a new product or service.
You’ll get your statement sooner, and your online bill will have all the same information you’re used to seeing on a paper statement from TXU Energy. Your information is protected by TXU Energy’s online security, and you no longer need to be concerned about your bill being lost in the mail or stolen from your mailbox.
Paperless billing means fewer resources (trees to make paper, gas to power the mail truck) are consumed getting your statement to you. Just log into your TXU Energy MyAccount, go to Bill & Payment Preferences, and sign up.
With the extra money you saved us we were able to lease another delivery truck and hire an additional driver. Now is the time to be proactive in switching to an electricity provider that offers good rates and has a strong fiscal standing. So, whether you use an iPhone, an Android-based phone or any other type of wireless device, we offer you a direct line to use whenever you have a wireless signal or an Internet connection. And what if you could reduce mailbox litter, make your life a bit more convenient and do something good for the environment all at the same time?
This is why wholesale electricity prices plummet at night.  Anything that spreads electricity usage out more reduces strain on the grid. Fitch cut its unregulated subsidiaries to eight levels below junk and said a default appears probable. For far too long Luminant has failed to clean up its harmful pollution and chosen not to install pollution controls, even as many other power plant operators were cleaning up their plants.
Those days are over and in order to bring Big Brown into compliance, Luminant must decide if it will clean up the power plant or retire it.

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