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Visible light is a form of energy which can be explained by two theories corpuscular theory and wave theory.All the properties of light like infraction, diffraction, refraction etc can be explained by using these theories.
All electronic items like radio, TV or microwave oven make use of electromagnetic radiation such as microwave, radio wave etc. The energy in the form of transverse magnetic and electric waves can travel in vacuum with the speed of light. All electromagnetic spectrum can be classified as; ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation.
The Electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is just a name that scientists give a bunch of types of radiation when they want to talk about them as a group.
These are just two types of electromagnetic radiation which only represents a tiny portion of the whole EM. Electromagnetic radiation can be described as a stream of photons, which are massless particles that are traveling in a wave-like pattern at the speed of light. Generally, nuclear transitions are much more energetic than electronic transitions, and usually, gamma-rays are more energetic than X-rays. The Radio frequency (RF) refers to the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in which electromagnetic waves can be generated by alternating current fed to an antenna. Low Frequency (LF) (sometimes called longwave) refers to Radio Frequencies (RF) in the range of 30 kHz to 300 kHz. Medium frequency (MF) (sometimes called Mediumwave radio transmissions) is the frequencies in range of 300 kHz to 3000 kHz. Solar conditions, including the number of sunspots, solar flares, and overall solar activity. Various radio teletype, fax, or other systems, which require special equipment to decode. The Ultra high frequency (UHF) is a range (band) of electromagnetic waves whose frequency is between 300 MHz (Wavelength of 1 m) to 3.0 GHz (Wavelength of 10 cm). The next radio spectrums are super high frequency (SHF) and extremely high frequency (EHF). Standards Super High Frequency (SHF) is a radio-frequency (RF) band in the range of 3 - 30 GHz. This frequency range used for communication with satellites, and roughly corresponds to microwave band.
Extremely high frequency (EHF) is the highest radio frequency band.A  EHF runs the range of frequencies from 30 to 300 GHz, above which electromagnetic radiation is considered to be low (or far) infrared light.
The second of three pages designed to give the reader a background in the concepts of Radiometric Dating Techniques.
If you are having problems understanding terms such as half-life, Isotopes, Nuclides, nucleon, mass defect, Nuclear Binding Energy, and various Atomic Symbols See the Atomic Structure Page. There is a direct correlation between the average nuclear binding energy and nuclide stability. We can see from this chart, to the left or above, that there are two kinds of unstable nuclides; Very small and very large nuclides. Fission, the first reaction, involves the splitting of the very large nuclides to produce a smaller more stable nuclides.
Fusion, the second reaction, involves the coming together of two unstable small nuclides to form a larger more stable nuclide. So, Both Fission and Fusion take advantage of instability resulting in an exothermic reaction. In the graphic to the left or above, we see that there are two stable isotopes of Carbon, C 12 and C 13. When we looked at the fission and Fusion reactions we saw that the products were more stable thus allowing an exothermic nuclear reaction to occur. The three most common types of radioactive decay which are naturally occurring, are alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. When the beta rays go through a charged field they bend toward the (+) positive charged plate.
Alpha rays bend toward the (-) negative charged plate, so alpha rays are (+) positively charged.
In addition to charge, alpha, beta and gamma radiation differ in the degree that they go through matter. Beta rays are able to penetrate greater thicknesses of matter so that it takes a thin sheet of metal to stop beta rays. Beta particles are made of a particle that is identical to electrons, except that beta particles move fast, much faster than alpha particles. In nuclear lab experiments, neutrons are used from a neutron howitzer or neutron generator to make new nuclides. Protons, on the other hand, are charged, so they need to be made to ram into atoms at very high speeds. The mass numbers on the left side of the equation equals the mass numbers on the right side of the equation. The atomic numbers on the left side of the equation also equals the atomic numbers on the right side of the equation.

In the example graphic to the left or above, you can see that U 238 has turned into Th 234.
In the example graphic to the left or above, you can see that I 131 has turned into Xe 131.
In the example graphic to the left or above, you can see that Th 234 does not turn into a different element. Using the Nuclide Chart to Visually Predict the Nuclide Produced by alpha, beta, gamma, and positron decay.
Since a radioactive decay reaction is predictable, we can use a nuclide chart to visually predict what the product nuclide should be. In an alpha decay reaction, two protons and two neutrons are taken away from the original nuclide. In exploring this world of atoms, you might want to take a good look at the nuclide chart available on the internet from Japan. These radiations are produced by oscillation of electric charge and magnetic field residing on the atom. The properties of electromagnetic radiation can be explained on the basis of their dual personality. The acceleration of electric charges like alternating current in a radio transmitter gives rise to electromagnetic radiation.
Ultraviolet raysLike visible radiations, Sun also emitted ultraviolet radiations which mainly cause our skin to burn. All ionizing radiation like gamma rays, x-rays, and ultraviolet waves can be dangerous, but non-ionizing radiation is usually safe at normal level of exposure. The use of the radio spectrum is regulated by governments, and it is called the frequency allocations. This band is used for communications in mines, as it can penetrate the earth: some monitoring stations have reported that earthquakes are sometimes preceded by a spike in ULF activity. A Independent from the frequency, the receiver must be capable to receive the same modulation type of the transmitter. A This is used for long-range communications by ships and aircraft, for voice transmissions by amateur radio operators, and for broadcasting. The higher the average nuclear binding energy is calculated to be, the more stable the nucleus of the nuclide.
When this happens, lots of energy is released, so the reaction is called an exothermic reaction. There are two types of reactions that take advantage of these two kinds of unstable nuclides.
This is a highly exothermic reaction and it is responsible for the energy that is produced in an Atom Bomb.
The same can be said for other types of nuclear reactions such as: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Positron decay. Looking at the following examples: Carbon 11, 10, and 9 have too few neutrons, so the nuclide undergoes a positron decay which effectively turns a proton into a neutron. They were found when it was discovered that they responded differently in an electrical field.
It is fortunate that alpha radiation is relatively harmless when coming from external sources, outside of the body, because alpha radiation has the greatest capacity to ionize matter and cause damage to the body.
Look at the chart below (below the Electromagnetic Spectrum graphic) for the summary information on the alpha and other radiation types. These are the heavier nuclides (look at the graphic above on this page that has the isotopes of Carbon). So a particle accelerator (an atom smasher) which is often called names such as cyclotron and synchrotron, uses the charge in the projectile itself to accelerate the particle.
An alpha particle has two protons and two neutrons just like a He 4 atom So one of the symbols for an alpha particle is He 4. The mass number did not change because all that is lost is an electron which has very little mass. The mass number did not change because all that is lost is a positron (which is a positively charged electron) which has very little mass. It breaks down by beta decay, and you can see that there is a chain reaction that goes for 14 reactions. Wave length is the distance between the two adjacent crests and through in a particular wave which is denoted by $\lambda$ (lambda). The electrical and magnetic components are mutually perpendicular to each other and are coplanar. Some common examples of electromagnetic radiation are ultra-violet rays, infrared ray, x-rays, microwaves, and radio waves.
Excessive or intense exposure to any type of electromagnetic radiation can be harmful even visible radiations also causes skin burn and blindness on excessive exposure. Looking at the graphic below, we can see that the binding energy per nucleon is highest in the iron-56 range, so the intermediate mass numbered nuclides have a more tightly bound nucleons than all the rest of the nuclides. Both reactions take unstable nuclides and form the intermediate mass numbered nuclides which are more stable.

Again a more stable nuclide is produced because it has a more normal ratio of protons to neutrons.
Both gamma radiation and x rays are hazardous even when external to the body because they penetrate so well.
They are composed of bundles of energy called photons in much the same way as light is composed of photons, except that the frequency of gamma rays are very much higher than light, so the energy is much higher than visible light and much more dangerous. If an unstable nuclide has a ratio of neutrons to protons that is too low, making it a lighter isotope, it will emit positron rays. We can see that the alpha particle took 4 from the mass number and 2 from the atomic number. We can see that it is a chain of both alpha and beta decays until we arrive at Pb 206 (Lead 206) which is the first stable nuclide. These all electromagnetic radiations are differed from each other in their wave-length and energy. For example, Electron-volt is a unit of energy used for light in astronomy like radio wave can have an energy of around 4 x 10-10 eV and energy of gamma-ray is around 4 x 109eV. Due to highest wave length, there energy is least, therefore they are least harmful for living organism.2. Ionizing radiation can ionize atoms and molecules and destruct the molecules in cells and DNA. A Scientists are also looking to apply Terahertz technology in the armed forces, where high frequency waves will be sent at enemy troops to incapacitate them. Reactions that would tend to change a nuclide from an unstable condition to a more stable condition would also be exothermic. So Alpha radiation is the most deadly when ingested into the body because when the alpha emitting particles are in the actual tissues of the body, there is no dead skin (the epidermal layers of the skin) to stop the alpha rays before it reaches sensitive tissue. A positron is a positively charged particle that has the same mass as a beta particle or electron. On the other side we see that the mass numbers for Th and He (the alpha particle) 234 and 4 add up to 238. On the other side we see that the atomic numbers for Th and He (the alpha particle) 90 and 2 add up to 92. On the chart we see the arrows going from C14, C15, and C16 to N14, N15, and N16 respectively.
Frequency can be defined as the number of waves which can pass through a point in one second. The arrangement of all type of electromagnetic radiations in order of their increasing order of wavelength or decreasing order of frequencies is called as electromagnetic spectrum. X-raysSince they have smaller wavelengths therefore higher energy than ultraviolet waves.
The excess use of wireless phones can causes cancer in brain and ear as they are microwave transmitter.Some other diseases caused by excessive expose of electromagnetic radiations are as follows cancer, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, daily headaches, brain cancer, lyme disease, asthma, insomnia, allergies, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure. So what is happening, is that the nuclide turns into another nuclide that has a better ratio of neutrons and protons. There are no naturally occurring nuclides that produce positrons, only artificially produced nuclides exist.
We can see all the other alpha decays on the chart because they all go in the same direction.
Common examples of electromagnetic radiations with their wavelength and frequencies range are as follow. It is getting closer to the normal ratio, thus creating a more stable nuclide in an exothermic reaction. These radiations were discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a German scientist in 1895 by accident during an experiment with vacuum tubes. In our daily life, we are using many electronic appliances which acts as source of various electromagnetic radiations like,Power Lines: All power lines which carry high voltages from power stations to across country radiate electromagnetic radiations. As the rays go through the charged field, some of the particles start bending, going in different directions. Infrared radiationThese electromagnetic radiations lies between the visible and microwave in electromagneticspectrum. Substations and Transformers: An assemblage of circuit breakers which used to disconnect switches and transformers is known as substation. Due to their ability to kill living cells, they are used in medicine to kill cancerous cells. Other sources of gamma rays are supernova explosions, neutron stars and pulsars, and black holes. Visible raysThese are only electromagnetic radiations which we can see as the colors of the rainbow.

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