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Use newspaper and journal articles to identify the latest issues related to renewable energy. If you need additional information and assistance, please contact Kristan Majors via LearnLink. Learn about species selection, management, and pros and cons of cover crops including oats, rye, and wheat. To learn more about farmer opinions regarding cover crops, the 2010 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll included a series of questions about the potential environmental and agronomic benefits of cover crops, barriers to and benefits of cover crop use, and interest in learning more about them. NCAT agriculture specialist Andy Pressman talked with Jeff Moyer about reduced and no-till practices and the invention of the cover crop roller at TRI. Converting marginal cropland to grazing land can be accomplished by planting several years of a diverse cover crop mixture containing legumes, root crops, and more.
Compares NRCS and NOP practice standards for cover crops, and provides considerations when developing a strategy to include cover crops in your organic management system.
This article briefly describes the benefits of growing cover crops compared to leaving the soil bare or fallow, and provides guidance on selecting and seeding cover crops for prevented planting acres. This article reviews the effects of different cover crops on plant disease control based on results from field trials. This document contains questions and answers from a webinarabout different cover crops and their relation to nitrogen additions.
Research by Iowa State University and the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Soil Tilth Laboratory indicates intercropping of winter cereal grains, such as wheat and triticale, with red clover is a promising option for producers wanting to expand their crop rotation.
Choosing the right cover crop species following winter wheat will depend on what benefits you would like, what species will work in your farming system, and how you plan on managing the cover crop. This fact sheet highlights the physical, chemical, biological, and economic benefits of using cover crops in a sustainable cropping system.
This article describes studies in Iowa to find out if a cover crop impairs succeeding cash crops.
A cover crop and forage agronomist in the Midwest region discusses measurements of roots belonging to different types of cover crops.
This publication summarizes the principal uses and benefits of cover crops and green manures.
When we want to allow a user to select a choice from a list of items, we often consider using the Data Validation feature to set up a drop-down with the list of choices.

The resulting Insert Slicers dialog allows us to pick which columns we’d like to filter. You can click on a slicer button and you’ll notice the other slicers update accordingly to highlight available options.
However, as soon as we apply a filter, either manually or by clicking a Slicer button, there will be hidden cells. There are many benefits to using the Slicers approach, including, Slicers automatically create unique buttons from a column with duplicate values, automatically include scroll bars if needed, and automatically sort the buttons.
And that my friend is how to use Slicers as an alternative to conditional drop-down controls. Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts Notify me of follow-up comments by email.
The University of West Alabama offers the Alternative Class A Program for those individuals who have completed a non-teaching degree or for individuals who want to change teaching areas. Even though the majority of the courses in the Alternative A Program can be taken on-line, Field Experiences and the Internship are considered on-campus courses and students will be expected to attend any seminars and class meetings on UWA's campus. The requirements for unconditional admission to the Alternative A Program and to the Teacher Education Program must be met prior to issuance of the program work-sheet and enrolling in any course work. Completion of at least one undergraduate course in each of the four subject areas of Mathematics, Science, Social Science and English Language Arts.
Students seeking professional certification may choose one of the programs listed below for a Master of Education degree. Students seeking professional certification may choose one of the programs listed below for a Master of Education degree OR a Master of Arts in Teaching degree.
Washington state is the leading producer of hydroelectric power whereas in 2012 Texas leads in wind power production in the U.S. For Ken Miller of Mandan, North Dakota, a cover crop cocktail helps break up the old plow layer, increase nutrient cycling, and improve productivity. The effects of using single versus mixed species cover crops is described with different plant disease control mechanisms involved with each type. This article contains a list of recommended cover crop species following winter wheat and management considerations. In this post, we’ll explore how to use Slicers as a relatively easy alternative to conditional drop-downs.

When there is a second input cell whose choices depend on the option selected in the primary drop-down, we often consider using Data Validation to create a secondary drop-down as well. Since we want to allow the user to select a State, and then a valid City, and then a valid Street, we need to set up three slicers. There are styles with many beautiful colors, alignment options, and you can control the button size and overall slicer control size as well.
This approach is terrific if your version of Excel supports Slicers and Tables, and if you have a single set of input cells.
This is good information that will be usefull and I think more user friendly than data validation list with multiple parameters. Candidates must have a baccalaureate or higher degree with a minimum GPA of 2.50 in order to be admitted. A GPA less than a 3.00 may result in removal of the unconditional admission status to the Teacher Education Program.
These courses are verified upon review of all official transcripts once your application is complete with the Office of Admissions.
The Energy Information Administration from the Department of Energy publishes this data and much more. The purpose of the helper column is to identify which rows are visible and which are hidden after a filter is applied. This makes it easy for us to retrieve related cell values based on the choices selected with the Slicers. Speaking of which, it is now time to retrieve the related table values into some cells. Otherwise, you may want to check out the conditional data validation post referenced below.
This program will enable you to receive a master's degree in education, as well as master's level certification. For specific information about Georgia's renewable energy profile, see the latest reports at the U.S.

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