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An international medical magazine has published a study on New Zealand's freeze-dried mussel powder produced in Christchurch. The University of Queensland's School of Medicine clinical study found patients who took freeze-dried New Zealand mussel powder throughout the trial significantly eased their knee joint pain by 59 percent. The green lipped mussel powder is made by Aroma NZ in Christchurch and its director Ben Winters said today the study published in the UK-based Inflammopharmacology Journal would add scientific credibility that extract helps reduce joint pain and increase joint mobility. The clinical study confirmed significant relief for arthritis sufferers who took mussel power product during a landmark eight-week trial.

Winters said they always knew green shell mussel powder gave great results to people and animals who suffered from joint pain and inflammation. Joint pain is so widespread throughout society and not just the elderly whom suffer from arthritis but also young people, sports people from injuries and many others. Such is the growth in their business, Aroma NZ have, in between earthquakes, opened a bigger new factory in Bromley which allows them to extract omega-3 fatty acids and high quality lipids from marine and botanical ingredients using super-critical fluid extraction without using toxic chemicals or solvents. Green lipped mussel extract can now be positioned as a natural joint relief alternative to prescription drugs which can cause side effects such as stomach cramps and pain.

Larger trials with placebo will carry more weight when pitching to pharmaceutical companies,'' Winters said.
Its standards are monitored by the NZ Food Safety Authority which audits the factory monthly.

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