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Keck School of Medicine of USC is located 5 miles east of downtown Los Angeles on USC's Health Sciences campus. Most Recent HotelGuides Review"The motel exterior was a little scary, but it was in the heart of Chinatown. Most Recent HotelGuides Review"I enjoy staying at this hotel, and the staff occassionally lets me check in early. Most Recent HotelGuides Review"OK hotel, but the carpet smelled awful and since pets were allowed, we all had problems with allergies. The excellence of an institution such as the Keck School of Medicine of USC can be measured by its personnel. Showing that the reputation of the Keck School of Medicine of USC is well regarded in the national medical community, three top doctors in their fields have been recruited for prestigious chairmanships at other institutions.
On July 1, Anthony Senagore will be leaving his position as professor in the Keck School and chief of colorectal surgery at Keck Medical Center of USC to accept a tenured position as chair of surgical disciplines at Central Michigan University School of Medicine. Rohit Varma left his position as associate professor of ophthalmology and has accepted the chair of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago. And Eila Skinner has left her post as associate professor of clinical urology to become chair of the Department of Urology at the Stanford School of Medicine.
Researchers think that periodically restricting calories may reduce symptoms for patients with multiple sclerosis. Diet that mimics fasting may also reduce multiple sclerosis symptomsPrevious studies indicated that similar diets could fight cancer and reduce the signs of aging.
USC actively and successfully recruits students from diverse economic and social backgrounds. USC releases student and faculty diversity numbersStudent diversity rates are strong in many categories, including several in which the university is No.
David Bohnett’s gift will create a social justice residential college at USC Village. John Niparko has been named professor and chair of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, effective on Feb. An internationally renowned otoneurologic surgeon and researcher, Niparko comes to USC from Johns Hopkins University, where he is professor and director of the Division of Otology, Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery, as well as medical director of the Division of Audiology. From 2009 to 2012, he served as interim director of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery at Johns Hopkins, which since 1998 has been ranked No. Niparko was selected from a group of more than 50 highly qualified candidates after a 17-month national search. Niparko’s immediate goals include expanding the department’s clinical programming, initiating new strategies for training residents and medical students and developing collaborative, entrepreneurial relationships that will bolster the research enterprise. Niparko added that USC was uniquely positioned to address the challenges that the economic downturn has created in terms of patient care, training and research.
Specializing in disorders of the ear and skull base, Niparko is a leading authority on implantable devices that improve hearing for the profoundly deaf and severely hard of hearing.
Under Niparko’s leadership, the cochlear implant program at Johns Hopkins’ The Listening Center has garnered an international reputation for its clinical excellence in cochlear implantation, including cochlear implant surgery and postoperative training and rehabilitation, and for its groundbreaking research and participation in clinical trials of new generations of implantable devices. Niparko is known for clinical trial research into the developmental consequences of surgical intervention in deafness.
Niparko has received numerous awards, including the Deafness Research Foundation’s Annual Hearing Research Award and the Distinguished Service Award from the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. He is a past president of the American Otological Society — the most prestigious specialty society in the field — and currently serves on the council of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders of the NIH. At the Johns Hopkins schools of medicine and public health, Niparko also serves as an associate faculty member at The Welch Center for Prevention, Epidemiology and Clinical Research. Niparko received his bachelor’s degree and medical degree with distinction from the University of Michigan, where he also completed his residency in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery and a fellowship in otology, neurotology and skull base surgery. All it took was one visit to the eye doctor and getting a LASIK eye surgery for Alice to become interested in medicine.  USC alumna, Alice Kim, is now a first year medical student at Keck School of Medicine hoping to specialize in ophthalmology, but she is mindful of other fields offered at Keck. Though Keck was Alice’s ideal medical school, it did not make the process any easier, while in undergrad she did have doubts about whether she wished to continue on as a pre-med student. Besides the typical late night studying most pre-med students partake in, among Alice’s most memorable undergrad experiences are volunteering and researching at a clinic in Honduras. As a first year medical student, Alice was exposed to a new level of intensity at Keck.  She found the material to be more fascinating but also more in depth and in a shorter time span than pre-med classes in her undergraduate.
Alice said, “Studying every day is the norm, and it’s basically like taking multiple science classes at the same time (at least for the first semester of first year). Despite being more demanding, Alice finds the student support system beneficial and enjoyable.  The friendships formed help ease the long days at Keck, which usually consist of, but vary depending on the day of the week, 2-3 hours practicing patient interviews, 3-4 hours of lecture—each hour is spent on a different subject—and 3 hours of workshops such as, physician professionalism, proper patient interaction and so forth. Although the path to medical school was at times challenging and occasionally discouraging, Alice’s passion for medicine and experiences at USC helped her continue on her quest for an MD, without regrets.
Three graduates from USC School of Pharmacy took a moment to smile for the camera at their Commencement Ceremony Friday, May 13th.
The USC Stevens Institute for Innovation is encouraging USC translational research teams to apply for the 2011 Ideas Empowered Program.

Because the trust strictly limits the number of applications to ten (10) submitted by any one institution in the annual review cycle, all applications (including renewal applications if you are a current grant recipient) must be submitted for review by a faculty committee appointed by the director of the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. Centers for Education and Research on Therapeutics Scientific Forum seeks applications for the establishment of a Scientific Forum (CS Forum) with the primary goal of ensuring research synergy and collaboration among the CERTs Research Centers with each other and with stakeholders and partners in the larger therapeutics research and education community.
The Fiscal Year 2011 (FY11) Defense Appropriations Act provides $150 M to the Department of Defense (DOD) Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP) to eradicate breast cancer by funding innovative, high-impact research through a partnership of scientists and consumers. To download an event to your Outlook calendar, please click the relevant hyperlink and at the bottom of the new page choose 'export entry to V-calendar'. For a comprehensive calendar displaying all research activities currently scheduled, please visit the online Calendar of Events. A publication of Keck Research Advancement, the Keck Research Update is designed for the benefit of the entire research community. The Master of Science in Global Medicine (MSGM) program was created under the guidance of Keck School administration to address the lack of formal training in global medicine at the university level. MSGM's focus on the groundbreaking field of global health care education continues USC's rich history of using scholarship to address the most pressing concerns of our time by responding to a great need: the understanding, prevention, and treatment of disease on a global scale.
The certificate program in Global Medicine is for students who do not wish to pursue an M.S.
Over 100 countries are represented in the graduate departments and professional schools at the University of Southern California.
Please refer to the following lists of departments and other contact information you may need that will help you arrive in the United States as easily as possible. The Office of International Services (OIS) provides continuing support services for international students. All applicants who earned undergraduate degrees in a non-English speaking country are required to submit their TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores. The TOEFL is not required for international students who have earned a Bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. To avoid delays in processing your application, we suggest you request that your test scores be sent to USC Graduate Admissions at the time you pre-register. Once admitted as an international student to the MSGM Program, you will receive either an I-20 or IAP-66 Eligibility Certificate from the Office of Graduate and International Admissions.
If these academic records are not in English, please submit a notarized, official English translation. International students must carry health and accident insurance unless their sponsors provide sufficient health coverage. Government regulations regarding the issuance of Social Security numbers are being reviewed at this time. If you have a valid out-of-state or international driver's license, you may drive in California for six months.
All classes for the Global Medicine program are held at the USC Health Sciences Campus in East Los Angeles.
Other nearby areas that are popular housing options for our students are Pasadena, South Pasadena, Alhambra, Glendale, and Downtown Los Angeles. While application deadlines are the same for international and domestic students, we strongly recommend applying as early as possible, especially as a student residing outside the United States. Vaughn Starnes, chair of the Department of Surgery and surgeon-in-chief at the USC hospitals, said that while he wished Senagore had stayed, he knows that his new colleagues in Michigan will be in good hands. Senagore has demonstrated a skillful balance of leadership, administration, educational and research roles during his time at USC and has been a role model for all,” Starnes wrote in a memo to the surgery faculty.
He noted that among graduates from the ophthalmology department training programs, there are 10 sitting chairs in the United States and another 26 outside the country. Bohnett gives $15 million for residential collegeThe college at USC Village will focus on the principles of social justice and community service. He succeeds Dale Rice, who is stepping down from the position of department chairman after 30 years of service. He is currently leading a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded study that examines the effects of cochlear implantation on language, behavioral and societal outcomes in children.
He is an author or co-author of more than 200 peer-reviewed papers or abstracts and 45 review articles, and four books. Hung – Fat Tse, MBBS, PhD, William MW Mong, Professor in Cardiology and Medicine, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine from the University of Hong Kong. The Keck School of Medicine 126th Commencecement Ceremony took place on Sunday May 15th at the Shrine Auditorium. Early Medical Research Trust was established to assist charitable organizations with substantial research facilities in the Los Angeles area conducting research into the causes, treatment and potential cures of cancer and related diseases. At that time, you will be asked to submit a full proposal, completed signed PAR along with seven (7) copies of your proposal together with a CD Rom Disc.
A light lunch will be served directly before the Seminar in the Atrium of the Aresty Auditorium at 11:40 AM. The program will establish the university as a leader in the field of global medicine, and will move USC further into a position of academic excellence that will distinguish the school as one of the leading private research universities in the U.S.

The Master of Science in Global Medicine (MSGM) program office is available to answer any question throughout the application process.
Professionally trained counselors and student peer counselors are available to advise international students on important issues such as immigration regulations, academic progress, financial concerns, housing and cross-cultural adjustment.
These records should indicate the number of lecture and laboratory hours devoted to each course and the grades you received. USC reserves the right to determine whether or not the amount of insurance contracted by the student is adequate. On-campus housing is available at the Seaver Residence Hall, which is located at 1969 Zonal Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90033-9160. There are many internet sites and resources that are very useful when searching for housing around Los Angeles. For example, if a washer and dryer is provided in the unit, it can save you a good couple of hours each week driving to the coin laundromat on weekends to do your laundry. Some rentals go all the way as to provide cable TV and internet at an incremental price difference. The study involves 62 investigators from six university-based clinical sites and two data coordination centers. As an international expert in basic and clinical cardiac electrophysiology and in cardiovascular regenitive medicine, he was invited to give a presentation as part of the Dean’s Translational Medicine Seminar Series. The program bridges the gap between ideas and the marketplace by supporting both the idea and the innovator through mentoring, connections to resources, and grants for validation of technical feasibility through proof-of-concept experiments and prototype development.
Grant proposals whose budgets, including overhead (20%), that do not exceed $75,000 will be considered.
Genome enrichment is a way to direct sequencing efforts toward particular genomic regions of interest.
Currently, MSGM offers the following three tracks to suit the varied interests of incoming students: Clinical, Magagement, and Advanced. Students will study current topics in global health and healthcare, and will build a strong foundation in cultural competence, specific diseases, and creating and implementing health interventions in developing countries. We can provide additional resources to help you transition to life in Southern California, at the MSGM program and at the USC Office of International Services. Through this office, students can receive information about social and cultural activities.
Be sure to include official documents that indicate the title and date of the degrees you have earned.
All students are required to pay a mandatory health fee which allows full use of the university health center and counseling services. If you need more specific advice regarding your housing search, please don't hesitate to contact the MSGM program office at (+1) 323-442-3141. It can allow very high levels of sequencing depth at a fraction of the cost of whole genome approaches. Martin Pera, Director, Eli and Edythe Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Research at USC.
These records and documents will serve as the equivalent to a "transcript" issued from an American institution. For information on how to send us your transcripts, please visit the USC Graduate Admissions website. Please include your sponsor's name, address and source of income, all of which must be verified by bank stamp or a United States Consul. Students may also purchase medical coverage for family members accompanying them to the U.S. We will be glad to help provide more information to enable you to make a more confident and informed decision. This event will be held in the Aresty Auditorium of the Norris Research Tower, LG and a reception will follow the seminar at 5:00pm. This Seminar was co-hosted by Cardiovascular Medicine and was held in the Aresty Auditorium of the Norris Research Tower.
Elahe Nezami, devised the MSGM to answer the urgent, world-wide call for education in global medicine among health care professionals. Fulbright, AMIDEAST) is providing your financial support, you must submit similar documentation.
The program was approved by the designated curriculum committee in March 2008, and signed by provost Max Nikias in May 2008. The Keck School first offered enrollment into the MSGM in the fall of 2008, matriculating 12 students.
The first class of students graduated in August 2009, many of whom began medical or dental school the following fall.

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