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Tea tree has such a diversity of usefulness that’s both practical and convenient that you’ll never want to live without it again!
Tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca alternifoliais, is an essential oil that has been around for quite a while but not until the past decade has its healing benefits been catching on like wildfire.
Tea tree oil is known for its topical antiseptic and anti-fungal treatment or infection-reducing benefits. There you go–25 different ways to use tea tree oil, the most versatile substance that can help anything from soothing a burn to removing ticks to freshening your house!
Two other money saving options are that you can use my referral codes to Vitacost or iHerb (both of which stock tea tree oil) and get a discount on your first order! Disclaimer: Although all of the Keeper of the Home writers are passionate about natural health, none of us are medical professionals. Use almond oil as a natural massage product on your little one before bathtime; be sure to avoid the naval and ears but this relaxes baby and helps promote healthy digestion and sleep.
Add one teaspoon a day to your cooking; folic acid and potassium-rich almond oil helps regulate blood pressure. A few drops on the skin gently massaged in the area under your eyes helps to soften and tone your face. If you have dandruff or a very dry and flaky scalp, massage a few drops of sweet almond oil into your scalp for a few minutes, then let it sit for 45 minutes to overnight before rinsing with your regular shampoo. When cooking, substitute almond oil for your usual amount of olive oil, and enjoy new flavor and added health benefits. It works well as a base with most any aromatherapy or essential oil for burning in a warmer – lavender is particularly nice for relaxation. Treat yourself to at-home spa treatments: mix almond oil and sea salt together for a terrific all-natural salt scrub. Thanks to the many anti-inflammatory vitamins in almond oil, you can use it topically or orally and achieve good results if you have dry skin or eczema. I'm PR friendly and happy to speak at your next engagement about home schooling issues, frugal living, saving money, family travel, Disney and any issues facing moms today. Vitamin e oil for face works similarly to vitamin e oil for skin, but it does a lot more in this area.
Not only are their claims that vitamin e oil removes burn scar marks but they also have been reported to get rid of acne scars as well.

Vitamin e oil also fades away birthmarks when used continuously over a long period of time, and the oil can even heal chapped lips as well as cold sores. Although it has not been scientifically proven there have been many claims that vitamin e oil helps improve scars and even removes them completely.
Easy to obtain and apply vitamin e oil does not work fast and it can take weeks or even months to see significant results.
The oil is extracted from a plant native to Australia and cannot be found naturally occurring elsewhere.
The easiest way to grasp the benefits is to think: skin issues + tea tree oil = healing (in most cases). It also has antibiotic properties and helps aid against aliments such as skin infections, rashes, burns, dandruff and much more. Also, if you forgot to put the clothes in the dryer, run again with tea tree oil to remove mildew.
Add some peppermint oil and use it as an invigorating massage lubricant that also soothes achy muscles.
It has specific functions that make it versatile as well as healthy for you to use consistently.
For example due to vitamin e oil working in the underlying layers of your skin the surface of it will end up smooth and will no longer be dry.
The scars that form after the removal of acne are difficult to remove but the healing properties that vitamin e oil has been said to have a strong effect on these scar marks. Vitamin e oil works well on the face to remove most damage and imperfections caused by outside sources. These claims state that with constant application of the oil on the affected area you will see the scars removed completely if not reduced significantly until nearly invisible.
In fact the only harm that can come to the use of vitamin e oil is when you have an allergic reaction to it so it is best to apply it to a small area before using it to heal any afflicted parts of your body. In order for vitamin e oil to be most effective when used it has to be applied consistently to the area of the body that you want to heal. Its effect on your cells can help keep your skin clean and prevent wrinkles allowing you to maintain a young and healthy look. It can remove brown spots those usually caused by either aging, radical damage, or bad liver function.

Vitamin e oil removes most of the imperfections of the face giving you a younger and healthier look.
This oil has been said to turn back the clock making people look younger, and give the body a revitalized healthier look that cannot be achieved with man made products. It can be used to do simple things such as protect your skin from UV rays and prevent wrinkles or sun spots.
It can be used for your hair and give it a brighter sheen making it healthier by repairing damaged cells in your hair follicles allowing your hair to look better and fuller when you use Vitamin e oil constantly.
They can get rid of wrinkles and age spots as well as damage to the skin caused by sunburn.
When applied to scars it can even help make them less distinct if not clear them away completely. When you apply it to brown spots it can lighten the area and smooth out the roughness of the skin encouraging the cells to regenerate.
When hair is constantly rubbed dry, blown dry, or ironed and curled as well as being brushed and pulled the follicles receive damage. In addition to these features the vitamin e oil heals scars applying it can lighten many burn scar marks. Vitamin e oil has been useful for many years to come and the natural properties take a lot of the risks and dangers away from using it on your body.
The vitamin e oil goes beneath the skin to block the free radicals that stop the skin from healing allowing the scar tissue to heal and more often than not remove the scar completely if not make it look far less noticeable. Vitamin e oil helps prevent that by coating the scarred areas where the follicles have been damaged and giving them healing them with its antioxidant properties.
Continuous use of vitamin e oil will heal the hair follicles fully and prevent the hair from looking broken, dry, and damaged.
With a few drops to your nails this oil can rehydrate the area and make them smooth to remove cracks and stop them from appearing again. When applied continuously vitamin e oil acts as a natural conditioner for the hair and it can even promote hair growth as well as repair split ends.

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