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Cancer is a complex condition and knowledge about cancer and cancer treatment is constantly changing and getting more sophisticated to deliver ever better patient outcomes. At the NCIS, we believe that when we treat the WHOLE PERSON, a WHOLE PERSON walks out our doors.
From a woman’s perspective, endometrial cancer surgery has always been somewhat puzzling, since women living with endometrial cancer are unaffected by their disease, the treatment in the form of open surgery and its lengthy recovery process, is often viewed as being worse than the disease. If you or a loved one are exploring surgical treatment for endometrial cancer (uterine cancer), consult your Gynaecologic Oncology Team Specialist at the NCIS to see if robot-assisted surgery is right for you. The women we care for may have endometrial cancer (uterine cancer), but the disease is only one part of a whole person who is a living, breathing and feeling entity.
This team of emotional health specialists are an important component of the endometrial cancer care solution.
Lymphedema is a complex and potentially debilitating condition that develops as a result of cancer surgery and therapy in some patients, especially in patients who have had lymph nodes removed as part of their endometrial cancer surgery.
Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus.Learn about hysterectomy types and diagnosis. According to the National Cancer Institute, treatment for uterine sarcoma can depend on a few factors, including your stage, the type and size of the tumor, your health, and whether you are dealing with recurrence.
Stage I and II Surgical treatment is recommended for both stages I and II, including a complete hysterectomy and removal of the tumor with wide margins and, possibly, a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes). Follow-up includes a physical exam every three months for two years, followed by an exam every six to twelve months. In some instances, a young woman with a low grade uterine leiomyosarcoma (ULMS) who wishes to retain fertility may retain her uterus; however, she should discuss the option thoroughly with a knowledgeable gynecologic oncologist.
Stage IIISurgical treatment for stage III includes complete hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, lymphadenectomy, and removal of the tumor with wide margins.
Because uterine sarcoma is a rare form of cancer, estimated to occur in 1,600 of 52,630 cases of uterine cancer, many physicians have never seen or treated it (h).
If you have a medical support question related to this article, come JOIN US in our HysterSisters Community Forums. HysterSisters Free Hysterectomy BookletWhat 350,000 Women Know About Hysterectomy with 50 pages of information, helpful tips and hints as you prepare and recover from hysterectomy through an organized timeline.

Mesh panties are stretchy and light - perfect for holding peri pads securely during hysterectomy recovery. Post-operative compression panty with medical grade silicone to speed hysterectomy recovery + reduce scarring. To know the sign of uterine cancer, notice if there are pelvic pains, abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge, and pain when urination and sex.
Uterine cancer treatment by stage is to define what is the best way for uterine cancer patient to survive. The uterine cancer surgery recovery time will depend on how long the uterus cancer is treated. The following table helps to illustrate just how far we have come at the NCIS in helping our patients get better more efficient cancer surgical care. Quite simply, a fit emotional state ensures a healthy immune system that fights cancer more effectively. Our Advanced Practice and Specialty nurses translate all the expertise available at NUH in to the care that our patients receive.
Because this type of cancer is so rare, it is hard to say exactly what the treatment will be, especially for later stages, but the following information provides a general idea as to how uterine sarcoma might be treated at different stages.
When patient is in critical stage, she will have to undergo hysterectomy or the sterilization of the endometrial. An extreme chemotherapy with strong drugs and various side effect like thinning nody and hair loss often has to be done to patient with uterine cancer in critical stage. As there is no option for ordinary healing, uterine cancer and treatment cannot be separated. Most of the time the patient does not only undergo surgery but also chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and many more that it takes time for patient to be completely free from the smell of hospital room.
Coming to terms with a diagnosis of endometrial cancer can be difficult, especially since most women who’ve been given a diagnosis of endometrial cancer feel so well and so vital. This belief is embodied in the creation of the Total Lymphedema Clinic (TLC) to support all the women living with cancer that we care for at the NCIS who may be at risk for lymphedema. A uterine cancer patient has to undergo uterine cancer treatment since it is impossible for patient to have uterine cancer prognosis without treatment in order to stop the growth of malignant cells and prevent them to spread to other part of body.

Patient can undergo early stage uterine cancer treatment which includes surgery to eliminate the tumors and hormone therapy. When the malignant cells spread to other part of the body, a radiaton is needed to eliminate small part that is affected by the cancerous cell.
However, hysterectomy seems to be the best and safe way among uterine cancer treatment options for patient to survive. Effective emotional assessment and support is a complex, constantly evolving process and something the Women’s Emotional Health team does exceptionally well, supporting a growing community of healthy, happy endometrial cancer survivors, one woman at a time. The team at the TLC consists of surgeons, physicians, physiotherapists, nurses and occupational therapists who are all committed to one thing, helping our patients come out of endometrial cancer (uterine cancer) WHOLE and functional with sub-specialty professionalism and Tender Loving Care. It’s no wonder that our cancer survivors hug a cancer specialty nurse wherever they meet one! It will be different case if thr uterine cancer has already been severe and might have spread to other part of body. Uterine cancer treatment after hysterectomy usually consists of chemotherapy and radiation. Uterine cancer treatment radiation is a treatment using high-powered light beam, usually x-ray, to kill the abnormal cells growth in tissue. There is a surgery where the endometrial is not completely removed, but rather get pushed out far from the malignant cell while the cell is being eliminated. Our patients are supported through a combination of CARE therapy, hypnotherapy and medical therapeutics. The common uterine cancer treatment survival rates 95 percents of five time years free from cancer, 68 percent for medium stage and only 18 percents for critical stage.
At the NCIS, we are proud of the important work that our WEHS team does, and our cancer survivors agree!

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