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In a Vibrational Healing session, I use many different types of crystals to balance your body, this is always specific to you, and one session is never like another. Crystals have a very high and precise rate of vibration and so they are utilized extensively in modern technology; ranging from the liquid crystal diodes in calculators and clocks to their use in the very computer you are reading this on. Diamond, being the hardest substance on Earth, has been used for cutting other gems and drilling. In crystal healing, I work in partnership with them by placing them on or near the body in order to effect healing change.
Blockages in the flow of energy through the meridians or subtle energy pathways will cause illness or disease in the organs supplied by that meridian. With intuition as a guiding force, a session may combine a mix of Crystal Healing, Reiki (A Universal Life Force Energy Hands on Healing method), Chakra balancing, and aromatherapy to achieve a complete balancing of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. When we are in alignment with our true nature, when we are living harmoniously with all of the aspects of ourselves, and when we can remove and release blockages, we can become more attuned to Spirit.
This is a very personal experience, and therefore how often you choose to have them is purely up to you.
Like so many other important things in my spiritual path, my fascination with crystals can be traced back to early childhood.
This is a great opportunity to meet and share your experiences with other Reiki practitioners in the area, and use your Reiki! In peeling away our illusions and external perceptions, we open up to our psychic abilities.  The 6th stop on our Crystal Journey is the Third Eye Chakra, which is associated with our intuition. The final stop on our journey is the Crown Chakra, our enlightenment center associated with divine wisdom, peace and unity consciousness. This is a place of vast resources, information, knowledge, free thought and experiences for any human, star traveler, starseed, indigo, crystal, etc.
Everything we are, everything that has ever existed, is energy vibrating at different frequencies. With Attunement, the author engages you gently in a flow of colors and sounds, with each sequence harmonizing one of your chakras.
Born from her work using sound as a healing vehicle in workshops and THE HEALING CONCERT, an evening immersion into deep relaxation and rejuvenation, this book focuses on seven ways you can interact with your world to create more space and more healing in your life. Crystals work with the human energy field and can move, absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body. They do this by allowing the rate of their vibration to effect change in the rate of the spinning energy centers of the chakras, clearing out any negativity and allowing them to function at peak capacity.
Western medicine finds this hard to accept but Chinese medicine, thousands of years old, has always used the meridians in all their medicine such as acupuncture.
For those who are unfamiliar with any of the above processes, the receiver lies down on my table and I may perform a mix of applying specific oils to certain spots on the body, the ancient art of Laying on Stones, and Reiki.
By balancing the Aura, opening the Chakras, and releasing old debris that is no longer needed, we can move forward in our lives with grace and ease.
Each session needs to be digested, assimilated, and processed for it to be effective in the healing process.  Each session builds on one another and I find that clients that stick with a schedule get the results that they are looking for. They are not replacement for adequate or necessary medical attention or any kind of psychological therapy you may be doing. Each stone is specifically chosen for your energetic needs, charged, and then wrapped in sterling silver.
The book was created as an introduction to her teachings and to help explain to audiences why they felt so good after her concerts and workshops. This can reveal a lot of messages on your present energetic situation, and give you insight on how you can begin to heal yourself.
We can shed unwanted behaviors, thought patterns, and emotions, and move into a personal place of Peace and Contentment. Through surrounding myself with them, I began to study and understand them – this lead me to incorporating them into my Reiki Sessions, and finding them extremely powerful in healing.
The pendant includes a cloth gift bag, and a handwritten description of it’s medicine.
The way you look and feel is an expression of the current state and level of your vibration. Her understanding of coherent energy and vibrational exchange allows her to transmit experiences which inspire natural healing. Reading this again reminded me why that Wand made of Calcite was so important in my life right NOW. The stone can be one that you choose, I channel by working on you in†a session, or one that is chosen based on your intentions at this time. Here at the Frequency Spa, we bring you the ultimate anti-aging solution – your frequency will be programmed to resonate at the vibration of beauty, youthfulness, vitality and ideal weight!
Must mean it's working and I've forgot ALL-bout this wand above my head at night, taking it for granted. It may also involve laying out different energy grids or specific patterns of crystals around the body. Vibrational Energy Healing Sessions can help to us to break free from that which we no longer need and help to heal, clear, and recover our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. Contact me for more information, to discuss your custom wrap, or for pictures of other wraps for sale.
Then this ALL-so reminded me that I had another BE-auti-FULL piece of Green Calcite on my book s-ELF Altar, just jumping out at me, saying to me that I could REAL-ly use some of this Green Calcite ALL-so right NOW in my life, so Thank-You is in HIGH Order right NOW Gracie.

By using grids, the combination of the stones can enhance their individual properties, and direct energy. This is how it works sometimes, others will trigger and connect US to what kind of HEAL-ing will BE BE-st suited for US in the moment. Each pendant is made from high quality citrine that has been cut and polished into a 6-sided dt crystal. Heat treated citrine is a very useful metaphysical stone as it is very strong and can help to clear the most difficult issues.
Highly protective, Citrine never needs to be cleared, making it a great tool for transmuting negative energy. You can use citrine to attract wealth by placing it in the far left corner of one's home, or in a cash box or drawer. Carried in the pocket or purse, these Tumbled Citrine Crystals can radiate their comforting vibrations outward to anyone nearby.Most often associated with the Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras, tumbled Citrine can also be used to cleanse many of the Chakras. Many also use citrine to promote creative energy and for helping to translating these thoughts into physical manifestations. Meditation with Citrine can connect the higher self to the personal will, bringing a greater sense of purpose. HAHAAHA, can't expect miracles!!I've always been attracted to crystals, first it was the clearity of the clear crystals and the beautiful prisims they cast. The Rose quartz was special, when I picked it up at a rock show it made me feel like I do when I give a reading to another empath, like I'm getting a cosmic hug and then I did some research on them and found they are used to heal so in the middle of the night, when my husband was asleep, I rubbed it on him and his cancer and prayed for the cancer to go away. He had a 5% chance of living 5 more years and he is now 7 years out of chemo and he doesn't have any signs of it returning!
Maybe it was the prayer and God touched him threw the stone, I don't know but if faced with the same situation, I wouldn't change a thing.
Even if you can't equate your husband.s healing to the stone you used, look at the miraculous change in his beliefs.
That's rose quartz working it's gentle love vibration on his energy to open him to a greater awareness and acceptance of your beliefs. Rose quartz has the vibration of unconditional love - it opens hearts and expands love.Citrine has always represented wealth and abundance to me. Many people think it is an attractant of money or business opportunities, but I see it as holding the energy to bring abundance in many ways.
Imagine if you never had to worry about getting bills paid or having a home to live in or having enough groceries for the week or anything else that you need to live comfortably. The stone acts as a magnifier to focus and expand your energy and help you to bring what you need into your life. When you pray it is not the prayer that does the work of providing - it is only the tool you use to communicate your need to the Source (some might call this God or the Universe or some other name they are more comfortable with). They amplify specific energies and help us to create what we need or they bring us information on an energetic level which helps us manifest our thoughts on the physical plane. Clear quartz is like a master crystal because it holds the whole spectrum that makes up white light. It can strengthen the energies of other stones and clear the connection between you and other stones to help really amplify the thought vibrations you are using. It is like plugging a guitar into an amplifier so as to hear the music produced louder and more defined. Thanks!I'm a believer in God and that only God can create miracles so I do have to disagree with you on that I can create miracles.
The universe is a very big place and only God could create it and still keep his finger on our pulses or create the communal awareness that many of us feel.
There is a fellow on another site that wants to connect with one of his dead fish and no matter how hard I try, I still get, "What am I doing in this bubble? I guess if you ask for guidance on how to deliver the message then maybe that could offer a solution?
I lived on an old fashion farm where we treated all animals with respect until we ate them and I have no problem with that.
It hurts my heart to think of how animals are treated now but fish and birds, I have a hard time finding any empathy for. I go through phases of wearing a particular crystal, until I feel that it's work is done and another takes its place. For a long time I was completely and utterly drawn to moonstones, as though I was thirsty for their energy.
I've also been sleeping with a moonstone and a smokey quartz under my pillow at night.Tiger's eye interests me and makes me feel good. A couple of people have commented how powerful my tiger's eye is, but I feel that it matches my energy nicely. I also have a turquoise and tiger's eye ankle bracelet that I made, after being shown it in a dream. I wear it when I want to feel grounded and safe, and at the same time spiritually 'connected'.Other than that, I've just been through a phase of constantly wearing a clear quartz and a citrine. I feel that my crystals support me throughout my different phases of personal growth, helping me to be aware of where I'm at and where I need to go. I've talked about it before at Light Warriors, but it was about 15 years ago when I went to a prayer group.
I saw a misty purplish haze in the middle of the room, and then after it faded and I went outside I realised it was like my whole body was lit up with sparkles inside.

Like millions of tiny crystalline stars twinkling, all inside my body but throughout a dimension that was also NOT my body.
To say that the feeling was extremely beautiful, doesn't begin to describe how beautiful it actually was.
I also felt incredibly light, like I was just bouncing along, and I felt in some strange way that I was effortlessly very strong (although I was light and sparkly!), like nothing could ever hurt me.
Anyway, it's occured to me that because of it I'm very familiar with the experience of being like a crystal!
The Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron each have unique characteristics, in that the sides, edges and angles are all congruent. He believed that these three dimensional shapes were the building blocks to the creation of everything—in us, around us and beyond. If you view a 3-D model of any of the elements contained in the periodic tables, you will see that each has a crystalline structure at the Atomic level made up of these Platonic Solids shapes. Metaphysical aspects of the IcosahedronThe Icosahedron, in keeping with Plato’s associations, represents the element of Water. The Sacral Chakra is also associated with all of the fluids and liquids, which nurture the body. It may assist in unblocking and removing any emotional stressors that have cut off the creative energies.The Icosahedron will also help to understand emotions as they arise. Place the Icosahedron directly on or over the Sacral Chakra area to remove any blockages or murky energies within the area.
If there are any strong emotions attached to these issues, the Icosahedron will help to clear these as well.
For those with creativity issues, such as writer’s block or that mental wall that can occur in the process of creating—Simply sit still while holding an Icosahedron, clearing your mind of all judgments and ego.
The shape and the energy contained within will help to break free from these constraints.This shape would also be an excellent bathing companion, as it will infuse the water with healing energies. This, in fact, is one of my favorite ways to utilize the Icosahedron when I find myself stuck in the creative process.
It is like a teacher in that it allows you to view the situation, see your old reactions, become aware of the pattern, and formulate alternate and emotionally healthy responses. It is an intense and eye opening experience!As with all of the Platonic Solids, the Icosahedron is a perfect meditation tool. Plato assigned the Icosahedron to represent the element of water, and it is said to offer help in balancing the emotions. Working with the Icosahedron can also help facilitate a regenerating, healing energy into physical reality.It is a polyhedron, made up of twenty equilateral triangles that are arranged around a single point, with twelve vertices, thirty edges, and twenty faces.
The Icosahedron is the fourth most simplest solid that can be created in 3D, and is one of the Platonic Solids, as defined by Plato over 2300 years ago (427-347BC). Platonic Solids are all of the three-dimensional solid shapes that you can create using faces that are identical regular polygons.
These Platonic Solid shapes are also known as three-dimensional polytopes, and are said to carry the Sacred Geometry that is believed to be the secret language of the Universe. Quartz is said to be the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, able to work on any condition.
Clear Quartz is said to protect against negativity, attune to your higher self, and relieve pain. This extra, high quality Clear Quartz, amplifies the Sacred Geometry energies within these Icosahedrons, making them ideal for all kinds of spiritual work.Sacred Geometry is found in nature, in art, and in ancient civilizations. It is found in the grand design of the cosmos (as evidenced by the relationships between the planets in our own solar system) and is thought by many to be the language of the Creator. Connecting with Sacred Geometry is said to wake up the sleeping memory of our true, infinite selves. Many people believe that enlightenment can be achieved through the study of Sacred Geometry. Looking at any of the endless examples of Sacred Geometry in existence can resonate with one's deeper self, bringing about new patterns of thought and a deep knowing of the perfection and cohesion of the Universe.
By meditating with any or all of the Platonic Solids, one can form a deep connection with the nature of our universe, and easily find ways to incorporate this new knowledge into daily life.
The Sacred Geometry of these cuts combined with the Sacred Geometry inherent in the Quartz crystalline formation creates quite a powerful metaphysical piece!
The Dodecahedron (along with its dual partner, the Icosahedron) is the closest of the Platonic Solids to mimic the shape of the sphere.
Each of the five sides of the Pentagon could be said to represent one of the platonic solids. Aristotle added a fifth element, “ether” and postulated that the heavens were made of this element.
Due to its similarity in overall shape to the sphere (much like its dual, the Icosahedron) the energy will be a gentle one, emanating from all sides in equal proportions. This is very helpful when using the Dodecahedron for healing or meditation, as the entire space around you is filled with this energy vibration.Suggested Metaphysical Uses for the DodecahedronThe Dodecahedron would be most helpful when raising the energy vibration is needed. When your ego becomes an issue, simply sit with this Dodecahedron to move out of the ego vibration and into the true higher self.

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