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Menurut Mentan, apreasiasi kepada Pemerintahan Joko Widodo - Jusuf Kalla terkait prestasi Indonesia yang berhasil melalui dampak El Nino pada 2015-2016 memaksa pemerintah harus mengimpor beras hanya satu juta ton.According to Minister Sulaiman, appreciation to the Joko Widodo administration related to achievement of Indonesia who managed to overcome impact of El Nino in 2015-2016 that forced the government to import rice only one million tonnes.
Syarkawi Rauf berada di Solo didampingi Kepala Biro Humas dan Informasi Publik Kementerian Pertanian RI, Agung Hendriadi dalam kaitan inspeksi mendadak ke penggilingan beras PT Sukses Abadi Karya Inti (Sakti).Mr Rauf is in Solo city accompanied by Head of Public Relations and Public Information of Agriculture Ministry, Agung Hendriadi on unannounced visits to the rice mill of PT Sukses Abadi Karya Inti (Sakti. Cesc Fabregas, Pedro, Cesar Azpilicueta, David Silva dan kiper David de Gea adalah mereka yang bermain di Liga Premier Inggris (EPL) yang masuk dalam daftar 25.
Cesc Fabregas, Pedro, Cesar Azpilicueta, David Silva and goalkeeper David de Gea are among the Premier League-based players included in the list of 25.
Leicester memastikan kemenangan mereka nyaris sempurna setelah di laga terakhir yang tidak berpengaruh berhasil menundukkan Everton 3-1 di Stadion King Power.Leicester put in a performance befitting title winners as they beat Everton 3-1 at the King Power Stadium. Inilah generasi penerus tradisi WAGS di jagat sepakbola Inggris yang bakal bergabung dengan pria pujaan hati mereka di Prancis tahun ini - mulai dari mantan model TOWIE hingga mantan perawat.FEMAIL takes a look at the new generation of Louboutin-clad WAGs who will be joining their loved ones in France this year - from an ex-TOWIE star to a tracksuit-loving nursery worker.
Raksasa film dunia sudah berencana mengangkat kisah Jamie Vardie dan dongeng klub berjuluk the Foxes ke layar perak tapi muncul pertanyaan siapa yang akan memerankan karakter Vardy, Claudio Ranieri dan karakter terkemuka lainnya?Word is that movie moguls are already planning to adapt Jamie Vardy and the Foxes fairytale to the big screen but who would play Vardy, Claudio Ranieri and the other leading characters? Kalau Kate berharap mampu mendekati kemampuan memanah dari Katniss Everdeen di film Hunger Games, dia tentu harus latihan lebih banyak.If she was hoping to emulate the archery prowess of Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games, she will need to put in just a little more practise. Kate tampil mempesona dalam gaun biru yang merupakan hasil rancangan dari disainer favoritnya, Jenny Packham, gaunnya dipenuhi manik khas India untuk menghormati kunjungan keluarga kerajaan.Kate dazzled in a beaded colbat blue gown after sticking with one of her favourite designers, Jenny Packham, but the outfit was especially beaded in India in honour of their royal tour of the country. Selimut bayi warna pink juga tampak di antara puing-puing ketika tim pencari dan penyelamat (SAR) berupaya menemukan kotak hitam (black box) pesawat.
Pesawat naas saat berada 30 menit dari Kairo, pada ketinggian 37.000 kaki, pesawat Egyptair A320-200 berbalik tajam 90 derajat ke kiri.
Presiden Obama yang disebut sebagai Panglima Tertinggi, yang tinggi tubuhnya 182 cm ternyata harus berdiri jinjit untuk menghormati teknisi penjinak bom Polisi Los Angeles (LAPD) Donald Thompson.The Commander-in-chief, who is 6ft 1in, used his tip toes to honor LAPD bomb technician Donald Thompson with the Medal of Valor.
Mulai dari foto narsis berkelompok dan berpasangan termasuk foto-foto menarik tentang sajian makanan yang disiapkan sebelum dan setelah acara.From group selfies and candid couple snaps to light-hearted pictures about the food they managed to eat during and after the ceremony, the stars did not disappoint as the Oscars took place.

Namun ibu dua anak, dari Singapura, membuat kejutan luar biasa dengan menyiapkan bekal makan siang anaknya dengan sesuatu yang sangat kreatif.But this mother of two, from Singapore, wipes the floor with them for the most creative school meals yet. Selama 24 jam terakhir, ratusan rias wajah warna-warni membanjiri media sosial dengan inspirasi kelinci Paskah, pembungkus telur, dan bagi mereka yang berada di Eropa dan Amerika sebagai penanda masuknya musim semi.Over the last 24 hours, hundreds of colourful and themed looks have flooded social media with make up artists drawing inspiration from the Easter bunny, rainbow egg wrappings and, for those overseas, spring time. Mulai dari karakter Batman hingga Obi-Wan Kenobi ke Predator dan Iron Man - dan sebagian peserta yang datang tampil dengan busana buatan sendiri di konvensi tersebut.From Batman to Obi-Wan Kenobi to Predator and Iron Man - there has been an eclectic mix of fan favourites at the convention. Liverpool vs Dortmund Sangat Menarik, Ini Laga Terbaik di Eropa Musim Ini?Liverpool`s Victory over Dortmund was One of the Games of the Season but was it the Best? Naruto, one of the biggest manga phenomenons in recent memory, has finally come to a close—and as with all the other great Endings, it's controversial. Basically: all those tongue-in-cheek parallels between Harry, Ron, and Hermione and Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura that you've read all these years? The growth and adventures of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and their friends and enemies in the ninja-friendly town of Konoha has lasted 15 years, covered a whopping 700 chapters, and spawned one of the most popular anime series in history. Much like the Epilogue from Harry Potter, Naruto's creator Masashi Kishimoto may have given fans too much information—at least about the utimate fates of the main trio and their lives in the future.
I’m so upset right now, I just deleted everything Narusaku related in my computer, I tore up all my narusaku drawings that were hanging on my wall for years now, I threw away all my naruto manga & DVD collection into the garbage, I ripped apart all my posters…I literally wanted to burn everything instead but I live in apartments so I obviously can’t start a fire. But endings are still causes for celebration, and many fans reacted with tears to the full-color final chapter, which paused to give us a glimpse of everyone from Gaara to cranky Kakashi and Iruka, still married after all these years. Above all, the ending of a cultural touchstone like Naruto is a time to be grateful for years of fandom.
After all of the crap and mistakes Kishimoto made to the Naruto manga, when I read and saw that in the end Hinata and Naruto married and had children together with Naruto becoming the Seventh Hokage, all that can be said is: Kishimoto, all is forgiven.
But don't be too forlorn, fans—rumors that the series will be returning with up to three new volumes are already starting to swirl.

At this rate, we won't be surprised if we'll be following the epic adventures of Bolt and Salad well into the future.
Earth Chemical wanted to know if they could build a trap big enough to catch mutant roaches, so they tested it on people.
It's extremely similar to the controversial last chapter of the last Harry Potter book, in that it presents One Big Happy Konoha Family: Everyone paired off, married with children. Fans who were hoping the series might end without confirming ships were facepalming at the "married with kids!" aspect of the ending. Even better, Naruto apparently held on to Sasuke's headband for roughly six years and 300 chapters, finally giving it back to him in a moving panel that symbolized Sasuke's redemption and return to the ninja fold.
I’m not bashing or anything I just feel like all of this was pointless…completely pointless.
At one point, fans who were only watching the anime series had to slog through two years worth of filler eps while the studio waited for the manga to advance to the point where the main plot could progress. Since I was able to score a 1A in my SPM Bahasa Melayu, I have the .Latihan Baca teks di bawah dan jawab soalan yang diberikan. While the new anime series, Shippuden, was dark and complicated, many fans were afraid it would all end in twee happy endings and overly pat conclusions to storylines, with Sasuke fully redeemed and domiciled and Naruto, essentially unchanged, finally becoming the seventh Hokage.

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