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Today I’m going to discuss viral labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis as it is also known. Viral labyrinthitis is a condition where the inner ear or the nerve running from the ear is inflamed, most commonly due to a viral infection in the chest or stomach. You may also experience a symptom called nystagmus, which is repeated uncontrolled eye movements, along with sickness, lightheadness and anxiety.
So do your symptoms match those of vestibular neuritis or labyrinthitis?  Use our Self-Help Tool to help you find out.  If you have already been diagnosed with labyrinthitis, let us know whether your symptoms matched the traditional ones by using the comments section below.  Thanks!
I have been infected by a virus (probably flu or common cold concluding by the symptoms) that caused acute vestibular neuritis. I feel dizzy and unstable for 35 days now (acute period being 15 days)…and the doctor told me that I will be fine probably after 2 months.
I hope these symptoms also go away after a month…I dont want to be left with an anxiety disorder! It sounds like you did have labyrinthitis, and the chances are that you will not have the severe attack again following flying. Still experincing dizzyned, lightheadedness and an odd feeling of detatchment from reality.

Hi Toni, some people end up with permanent effects on the vestibular nerves following neuritis.
Quelle che andiamo a mostrarvi sono delle illustrazioni dell’artista canadese Robert Gonsalves. Like other causes of vertigo and dizziness a good understanding of the condition you are suffering from is important both to assist you in recovery and is relieving the anxiety that you naturally feel with a problem such as this.
The accepted theory is that the brain adapts to this, but my experience is that doesn’t always happen.
I never had a cold or anything when my vertigo happened i was on holiday with my family, and when i woke up the room was spinning it happened twice and since then i have been really bad unbalanced problems i got 2 kids under 5. Per favore aggiorna il tuo browser o attiva Google Chrome Frame per far diventare più potente il tuo browser. Non si tratta di semplici disegni bensi di vere e proprie illusioni ottiche, anzi, sarebbe piu corretto dire illusioni del nostro cervello. This may be what you are experiencing, particularly if you have pre-existing spinal problems. I have stopped work i have to look after the kids but some days are terrible and i have now got panic attacks its so sad its taking over my life!!!

You should seek an evaluation with a practitioner who focuses on vestibular rehabilitation near you. La percezione sta alla base di queste opere, il nostro modo di codificare cio che vediamo cambia di continuo a seconda di come volgiamo lo sguardo verso questi disegni. Other causes include activities like diving or flying, allergies, stress or reactions to medications. Volutamente ambigui, a tratti evocativi, raccontano piu storie inscritte in un’unica illustrazione e cambiano ogni volta che li guardiamo. A corroborare l’effetto ambizioso si aggiungono le conoscenze architettoniche e la capacita prospettica di Gonsalves che gioca con i piani e le profondita.
Doctors are convinced this is repetitive strain from lifting my troblesom 10 month baby at all hours.

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