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They are amazing things though and proof that nothing made up by the craziest science fiction writers is even close to being as weird and messed up as real life. After last week’s blog highlighting how good I was feeling, this last week I’ve been feeling like shit. The best example of how a virus works is clearly shown in a virus that doesn’t work in humans but in bacteria. The bacteriophage jumps onto a bacteria, clamps its little legs onto the cell wall and injects its DNA straight into the bacteria. Most of these series of images were created with molecular graphics software Qutemol, VMD or Chimera. Most of these images are 1200 x 784 pixels and saved qith Quality 12 (Maximum) from Photoshop. Permission is granted for the non-profit educational use of the PS10 images in classrooms and seminars. CON LOS VIRUS NUNCA HE VISTO UN VIRUS IBRIDO QUE AFECTE TANTO A LINUX COMO A WINDWS PERO QUE NO LO VEAMOS NO SIGNIFICA QUE NO EXISTA , tu puedes ver el amor , la ira , el odio, si no los ves entonces para ti crees que no existan.

I also got more feedback and comments and emails and personal messages about it than anything I’ve written.
Mentally I’m still in top form, which is awesome, but physically I’ve been a bit under the weather. I’ve just been a bit physically ill due to what is probably some sort of low level bug of some kind. I like the example of a bacterial virus, or bacteriophage, more than any others simply because of how they look.
Well, living creatures replicate by making copies of themselves, beginning with the DNA and then making all the other bits inside the cells.
The DNA then magically hijacks the machinery of the cell, builds a whole bunch of new viruses and then makes the cell explode, releasing the thousands of virus particles to escape and repeat the process.
Creepy alien-like things clamp onto our cells, hijack them, force them to make new viruses then make them explode.
The virus is coated (enveloped) in host cell membrane, which is drawn as a bluish green semi transparent layer in which various membrane proteins can be seen floating.

To all The Staff at Pill Box Pharmacy, thanks so much for your care and support for my Mom. The diagram is very clinical and figurative and obviously they don’t really look like that, right? It has given me a bit of a boosted enthusiasm for updating the blog, which I would now like to try and do on a weekly basis… let’s see how long that last will we? It’s like when you look at the menu in McDonald’s and this amazing looking burger is so appetising, but then you get this squishy awful thing in a box that vaguely approximates the picture.

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