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Our clinic offers hair transplant wart treatment and radiosurgery sebaceous hyperplasia treatment and semipermanent make-up. The Evolutions Clinic has been offering high tech non surgical cosmetic treatments in Winchester for some time but if you live in Southampton then you can also benefit from our services.
If you live in Southampton then this huge range of non surgical cosmetic treatments will have you feeling top dollar in record time as many of our treatments require only a single visit to get results. We can safely remove many blemishes including moles, skin tags, warts, thread veins and age spots.
Non surgical cosmetic treatments Southampton, simply call us on 01962 809937. Skin Evolutions brings you the most comprehensive range of effective treatments available to improve the condition and appearance of the skin, fight the signs of skin ageing, remove blemishes such as thread veins and acne or other scarring, skin tags or remove unwanted hair. The warts removal treatment is one of PPT Aesthetic's specialty procedures, being fast yet gentle. The predominance of calming colors of the PPT Aesthetic's clinic epitomises the symbiotic purity and modernity they offer.
If you suffer from genital warts and you are interested in a professional removal treatment, contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic and benefit from one of our efficient procedures. Genital warts are a skin condition caused by the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) and in the UK is the second most common Sexually Transmissible Infection after chlamydia. Usually, genital warts are painless and harmless and do not have a severe impact upon the person’s general health. One of the main solutions for genital warts removal is cryotherapy which involves the use of liquid nitrogen that is recommended in the treatment of warts located on the shaft of the penis or the vulva and removing genital warts by freezing them. For more hardened genital warts, usually the smaller ones which merge and create a cauliflower shape, excision could also be a solution. In the case of large warts that develop around the anus or the vulva, radiosurgery is a very efficient solution genital warts removal. Lastly, at Renew Skin & Health Clinic you can also benefit from a modern and professional CO2 laser treatment for your genital warts removal. You can benefit from any of the genital warts removal treatments mentioned above, at Renew Skin & Health Clinic. Usually one treatment is enough, but sometimes that depends on the individual and the condition of your toenails, which will be determined by your podiatrist.
This procedure takes less than 15 minutes and is completely painless, with no drugs or anesthesia required.
During the procedure, the fungus appears to be killed by the laser light without harming the rest of your toenail. Our Renew Skin & Health Clinic has the information you need to help you choose an excellent verrucae removal treatment. The most suitable environment for verrucae virus strains to thrive are swimming pools, public restrooms or locker rooms or any place high in humidity, so you have to be careful because it is important not to walk barefoot in public places, not even when you take a shower after your workout, it is safer to wear some slippers. Verrucae can be really disturbing and that will surely affect you until you lose your confidence and self-esteem, because they can grow to be very ugly, and that is why we recommend you to contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic for more information and verruca removal treatment.
The classic treatments for verrucae removal are not always that effective, but you can try using salicylic acid, duct tape, chemical treatments, or even cryotherapy by freezing the skin cells.
The CO2 Laser treatment for verruca removal uses laser beams that work precisely on the affected area. It is very important that you give these unaesthetic and painful verrucae the attention they need because if you don’t act appropriately and on time, you could end up with highly unaesthetic marks that may be too difficult to treat. We are located in Guiseley, West Yorkshire close to Leeds and Bradford, and in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, close to Knaresborough, Ripon and York. We offer a wide range of non-surgical and minor surgical treatments using the latest state of the art equipment.
At our ?2.5 million purpose built Leeds-Bradford clinic with free parking on site, we have six treatment rooms, three consultation rooms and a fully equipped Minor Ops Suite.
Our brand new Harrogate clinic, opening in Spring 2016, is equipped to the highest standard so that patients across North Yorkshire can have local access to the unique range of medical and surgical skin treatments we have been offering to our patients in Leeds since 2009. Our expert medical team is headed up by Mr David Watt (Consultant Plastic Surgeon), together with Professor Andrew Wright (Consultant Plastic Surgeon), Mr Andrew Williams (Consultant Plastic Surgeon), Dr Rachael Kay (GP) and Dr Andrew Smith (GP), who specialise in dermatology and minor skin operations. At the Skin Surgery Clinic we are able to offer you a variety of treatments from laser to surgical excision depending on your condition.

Our main objective at the Skin Surgery Clinic is to offer you a safe and effective solution for any of your skin concerns in a professional and clinical environment. They appear as small bumps in the skin, being caused by a virus called the Human Papilloma Virus, in short, HPV.
The Evolutions clinic is easy to reach from Southampton, Eastleigh, Fareham and even Portsmouth is only a thirty minute drive away. We offer skin rejuvenation treatments using radio frequency, photo-rejuvenation and anti wrinkle injections including botox and dermal fillers. Involving an electro cautery procedure to remove even the most resistant warts, immediate results can be enjoyed and it's once and for all "boo-bye" for any warts. The cool, clean lines and prominent lighting create an impeccable atmosphere that is complemented by comfortable furnishings, reflecting the welcoming and quality service inherent in all their treatments. There are over 100 different HPV roots, but only about 30 of which are responsible for the appearance of warts in the genital area. Nevertheless they are unaesthetic and frustrating and sometimes they cause psychological distress.
You might experience a mild burning sensation during the procedure and develop an irritation or feel pain post-operatively.
This means that the warts are cut away with a scalpel under local anesthesia and the incision will be stitched.
The CO2 laser therapy is usually recommended in case the warts are located in an area which is harder to access (inside the anus or urethra, for instance). However, first you need to book an appointment and have a consultation with one of our experienced specialists who will confirm whether or not you suffer from genital warts and will recommend you the most suitable treatment for your skin. Some individuals may have a predisposition to the disease, however, or they have an aggressive case that may require periodic treatment to kill any new fungal infection that may arise. After a specialized consultation you decide if the experienced dermatologists will perform the CO2 Laser therapy for verrucae removal treatment, which guarantees you positive cosmetic results.
There are many types of warts which appear on different parts of your body, but usually on your hands and feet. All this information is important because verrucae can be a contagious skin disorder even through indirect contact, if for example you touch a towel, a razor or other personal items that someone with verrucae had touched before you did.
But if they get worse, spread, change their appearance, cause you pain, distress or start to bleed, then you really have to contact our Head Office and schedule a specialized consultation at Renew Skin & Health Clinic and the experienced dermatologists will carefully attend you and find solutions for your problem.
This cosmetic procedure is performed by the experienced dermatologists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic under local anesthesia with carticaine-chloride or 2% lidocaine-chloride. That is why we warmly recommend you to contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic for more information so you can decide if you will undergo a verrucae removal CO2 laser treatment and regain your self-esteem. These facilities allow us to offer you the very best care and service from the moment you step into our clinic.
We also offer a histology service and fast-track private skin cancer treatment for any suspicious moles or skin lesions.
There have been identified more than 100 types of HPV, among the most common being the genital warts and verrucas.
That's why we're always happy to talk on the phone about any issue and that's why we offer a free consultation for all skin issues.
What most of us don't know is that one can be simply exposed to them by just direct physical contact. This large and spacious clinic is adeptly equipped with the latest medical and cosmetic products and equipment to fulfil all beautification needs and desires. This is why many patients resort to one of the procedures Renew Skin & Health Clinic has to offer for genital warts removal.
It usually takes about one to three weeks for the skin to heal, during which you should contain yourself from having any sexual intercourse.
Like in the case of cryotherapy, it also takes about one to three weeks for the skin to heal during which sexual activities are discouraged. Then a metal loop charged with electric current is passed over the wart to burn away the leftovers. The procedure consists in using a laser beam to burn away the warts and depending on their severity and size, it can be undergone under local or general anesthesia.

Quattrone, DPM prior to treatment to verify the fungus and the benefits of the procedure to you. And you can always re-infect yourself if you touch the verrucae and then other parts of your body and you must never touch or scratch the verrucae because you will spread the virus. Verrucae can be present up to two years, and this might just be too much time for you to bare them. The CO2 Laser therapy is known to be an excellent, painless and quick non-surgical treatment for verrucae removal with amazing cosmetic results, requiring no downtime and leaving minimal to no scarring whatsoever.
The Evolutions clinic offers Southampton customers a one stop experience covering every skin concern that can be treated non surgically such as moles, skin tags, warts, thread veins and many more unsightly blemishes. What is important to know is that genital warts can be transmitted through vaginal or anal sex or by sharing sex toys, but it can also be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. Radiosurgery for genital warts removal is painless, as a local anesthetic is used, scarless and due to the simultaneous cauterization property, it prevents bleeding and future infections, the radio waves solely acting upon the lesions, without causing any damage to the adjacent tissues. As with most types of genital warts removal treatments, the CO2 laser therapy can also cause irritation and pain after the procedure, but the skin recovers within two to four weeks. The laser penetrates the toenail and vaporizes the nail plate, where the infection lies, pulling the infection up and removing it. They are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) infection and they are known to be benign. It acts solely upon the lesion, efficiently penetrating the necessary depth of the dermis (as verrucae are usually pushed into the deeper layers, due to permanent pressing on the soles of the feet, mainly while walking), cutting off the blood supply to the affected cells and altering the HPV strain DNA and thus completely eliminating the skin issue.
Warts can affect any part of the body and affects both in men and women.HPV is transmitted by direct as well as indirect contact, and although there are various skin treatments available for it but not all are 100% efficient or appropriate to anyone suffering from it.
During your initial consultation, our experts will go over the treatment and procedure to eliminate the fungus. You may also schedule the procedure at Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa by calling 724-987-3221. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, our doctors have obtained excellent results in the treatment and permanent wart removal, especially with genital warts and verrucas, using the radiosurgery method. Radiosurgery is one of the latest treatment techniques against soft tissue conditions, starting from the skin surface to deeper tissues. Although it resembles electrosurgery and the laser technique, radiosurgery is much more efficient as it doesn’t cause any tissue damage and has far superior cosmetic results.
As mentioned above, genital warts and verrucas are a frequent problem in both men and women. In the latter’s case however, the HPV which causes them can have serious consequences, determining alterations in the cervix which can lead to cervical cancer. During this treatment against genital warts and verrucas, the affected areas are cauterized while being removed.
This means that there will be no bleeding from the treated areas which can hence be prepared for the application of a triple antibiotic based ointment and then covered with a dressing. The heat is generated by the tissues’ resistance to the passing of a radio frequency wave which disintegrates and volatizes cells in its path. Another equally significant advantage is that the electrode is auto-sterilizes during its use, diminishing thus the risk of post-operative infection.
The treatment against genital warts usually lasts approximately 15-30 minutes depending on their number, size and hardness.Following the radiosurgery intervention, all you need to do is keep the treated areas clean and dry until they are covered by a scab which generally happens in 7-10 days. Anyway, the specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic are available to offer you all the necessary information both before and after the procedure to ensure the best possible results.
We guarantee that you will leave satisfied and will definitely feel better and get your confidence back!

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