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There are plenty wart removal home remedies you can choose from to get rid of your unwanted skin condition. Medical treatments to remove warts include surgical procedures like cryosurgery or cauterization. These surgical methods work but they can leave scars behind, cause complications, and can be expensive. With whatever home remedy you use to remove you warts you need to know how properly use it. The proper procedure for using this natural removal method is to cut the potato in half and then rub the flesh directly on the warts two times everyday until you notice they are starting to fade away. When you wake up in the morning remove the potato peel and wash off the starch left behind. To use lemons or limes simply juice one of them and soak a cotton ball in the lemon or lime juice.
As you can see there are more than enough home remedies out there you can use to remove warts.
Most people turn to home remedies to remove their warts instead of their medical counterparts for a number of reasons.

Cryosurgery involves freezing the affected area to remove the warts, and cauterization involves burning the affected to remove the warts. Once you know the proper steps you need to take to remove a wart naturally you will feel it is unnecessary to spend money on expensive over the counter and surgical treatments. Garlic has also been used for years to help treat and prevent various medical conditions, and warts are no exception. Now apply the raw garlic to the affected area and use a bandage to cover it and hold it in place overnight. Simply peel the potato and use the biggest piece of potato skin to cover the entire affected area. You can use aloe vera to naturally remove your warts by first soaking a piece of cotton ball in it. When going to bed use some tape to hold the aloe vera soaked cotton ball in place while you sleep.
The virus that causes warts can’t survive in an acidic environment so this is why lemons and limes are great wart removal home remedies.
Now just like you would the aloe vera take the soaked cotton ball and apply it to the affected area.

You don’t have to take drastic measures and get surgery to burn or cut your unwanted skin lesions off.
However, since it is an acid it can easily irritate and burn unaffected areas of your skin. The reason potatoes are so effective in removing warts is because of the natural acids found in them. Now take the aloe vera soaked cotton ball and apply it to the area on your skin that has the warts. In the morning remove the cotton ball and continue applying the aloe vera throughout the day.
You will need to use some tape in order to keep the lemon juice soaked cotton ball in place while you sleep at night. Continue this procedure each day for about 2 to 3 weeks until you notice your warts are leaving.

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