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The symptoms of a wart(s) will vary based upon their location, total number of lesions, thickness and severity. Contrary to popular belief, the wart virus is not systemic and does not 'circulate through your system'. Another theory proposed to explain why teens are so susceptible to the papova virus relates to dietary intake of Vitamin A. The treatment of warts can be divided into two types of care; old school methods and new school methods. New school methods focus on changing the patient to be *less of a host* or *less liked* by the virus. In resistant cases of warts that fail to respond to new school methods, mechanical debridement of the wart is indicated.
Stippling - the lesion is anesthetized and a fine needle is used to pierce the wart over and over. Injections of neoblastic agents - Bleomycin and 5-flurouracil have been injected directly into the wart. Tagamet - By coincidence, folks taking Tagamet for stomach problems find that it does have an effect on warts. Natural Wart Salve, the natural wart remover.  Natural Wart Salve is easy to use and made of all natural ingredients.
All Natural Antifungal Healing Foot Cream soothes dry peeling skin and treats fungal infections of the foot with a therapeutic formula of tea tree oil and lavender oil. The numerous strains of papova virus that cause the common wart are transferred by physical contact and enter the skin at the point of contact.
Plantar warts, those warts found on the bottom or plantar surface of the foot can be quite painful when directly under a load bearing surface such as the heel or ball of the foot. What that implies is that there is no one method of treatment for warts that is superior to any other method. Old school treatment methods focus on the fact that the wart tissue is bad and bad tissue needs to be destroyed.
Use of a drying agent on a daily basis to decrease perspiration of the foot significantly changes the character of the skin and often reduces wart counts.
Aldara reduces the DNA of human papilloma virus subtypes 6 and 11 by the increase in production of cytokine. Images 1 and 2 show prep of the surgical site and definition of the border of the excision with a tissue nipper. Tea tree oil is available in most health food stores and is applied daily to the lesion until it is gone.

Covering a wart with an impervious barrier, such as duct tape can alter the environment in which the wart thrives.
We recommend using Onox Foot Solution daily to control excessive foot perspiration and foot odor. The papova virus has a long incubation period ranging from 1 to 20 months, meaning that it may take quite some time before a person will even notice any presence of the wart. One theory regarding the etiology of warts suggests that the virus is able to enter the skin at areas where the skin has sustained recurrent damage.
We have to assume that the immune system in these susceptible individuals does not or can not recognize the wart as a foreign tissue. In selecting a treatment method, it's important to remember that warts are a self-limiting condition, meaning to say that most warts do resolve on their own over time. Freezing (cryotherapy), hyfercation (burning), and surgical excision were commonly used methods of care. Drying the skin is an external, new school method of changing the individual, subsequently making the life of the papova virus more difficult. Aldara is currently FDA approved for the treatment of external genital and perianal warts (subtypes 6 and 11).
Images 3 and 4 show the use of a curette to bluntly dissect the wart free of the dermis (deep layer of skin). When practical, covering a wart for 4 weeks with duct tape is an acceptable method of new school treatment. Is there credibility to this theory or is simply a way for moms to get their children to each their vegetables? I know this doesn't help someone who has a painful wart, but bear in mind, treatment methods have changed dramatically over the past few years.
Serial application of topical acids is another old school method that is often used both as a home remedy and one common in the doctor's office. Some methods are considered internal and others are considered external, while some employ a combination of both. Although the use of Aldara is considered 'off label' use when used for warts of the hand or foot, many dermatologists and podiatrists are now trying Aldara for resistant warts of the hands and feet.
The CO2 laser is helpful in defining the margin between the wart and adjacent healthy skin, subsequently resulting in less post-op scarring. Covering the skin with a non-porous tape like duct tape is a great, new school way of changing the skin. Examples of injuries include fissures or cracks in the skin, fissures in the cuticle, chronic nail biting and maceration caused by excessive perspiration.

Vitamin A is a common nutritional supplement that can be used as a medication to change the internal characteristics of the skin. Aldara is used under occlusion, meaning that the medication is applied and then covered with a plastic occlusive wrap.
Each of these minor surgical procedures require a local anesthetic and do result in some degree of short term disability due to limited post-op pain. In many cases, the use of duct tape can become impractical from the standpoint that trying to keep the tape on becomes too much work. The term plantar wart refers to the location of the wart on the bottom or plantar surface of the foot. It seems the papova virus is able to 'fly under the radar screen' of an adolescent's immune system.
But from a scientific standpoint, we do find high doses of Vitamin A useful in the treatment of warts.
Vitamin A has been shown to clinically change many skin conditions including acne, wrinkles and warts. Surgical excision of a wart can often be performed with a local anesthetic in an office setting.
One theory that attempts to explain this preponderance of warts in adolescence questions whether puberty is so overwhelming to the immune system that the papova virus is not recognized as foreign tissue. Large numbers of warts that cover significant surface area are best treated on an out-patient center using a local anesthetic with sedation.
Sal acid is used to chemically destroy any residual papilloma virus left following curettage. If you can't keep the duct tape on for 4 weeks, your success rate of treatment will be somewhat less than optimal. In the near future, studies in immunology should shed some light on the papova virus and help us understand some of the changes we see in our immune systems as we age. In the subcutaneous space, that area just beneath the lowest layer of skin, all of us have a layer of body fat for warmth, possible fuel (stored as fat) and storage of important minerals we use on a daily basis.
And in the case of warts, vitamin A appears to alter the nature of the skin to a degree that the skin becomes inhospitable to the wart.
Most texts recommend a dose of 20,000 to 30,000 units daily for a period of three months for adults.

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