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Work has started on a package of aerodynamic innovations for the next generation of Volkswagen Golf, according to company sources. The Mk8 Golf, which is due in 2019, will have to be one of the most economical mainstream cars ever built. The 2nd paragraph highlights the wrong direction both manufacturers and government have been heading in.
With increasing congestion and punitive speed limits, improved aerodynamics will be of limited effectiveness.
If VW is genuinely serious about low drag, then this really should take priority over styling considerations, and a future Golf should incorporate features like a cut-off tail, rear wheel fairings and the like. Ssangyong's small SUV gets more standard kit and an extended body with a bigger boot to become the Tivoli XLV.
Minimize your cost by using the Phoenix Mapper fixed-wing drone for a variety of inspection and site mapping applications. By contrast a weight savings would yield much more benefit both on the road and during production and eventual recycling of the vehicle. I think many people buy a Golf to make a particular statement (although what they intend to demonstrate is the opposite of what i think when i see someone drive a Golf) and having eco credentials would make the statement that they're concious about the effects of pollution on the world and blah blah. I can see the benefits on long flat sections of road, but in hilly areas I like to use engine braking as much as possible so this coasting technology concerns me a little. Using our unmanned drones, you can collect data and view composite photos showing the progression of your job site.

However, according to the source, a fundamental difficulty facing the engineers and designers is that, proportionately, the Golf is quite a short car.The XL1 has been shaped primarily for aerodynamic efficiency so it is both low and long. And let's not forget it is especially important in EU fuel test cycle which is current yardstick for CO2 measurement.
However, that wouldn't work for its sister brand SEAT, because it sells on the principle that cars are and have always been emotionally purchased products ever since it took over the role of a horse. Some progress has been made on weight reduction but, too little and no real progress on drag reduction with small cuts to the Cd offset by increasing frontal area. First off experienced drone driver Lin Yang told us to be careful out there and then CEO of XiaoMi, Jun Lei reveals the new drone and the comments went wild. Creating an interesting and beautifully styled affordable car for people who would otherwise have to spend ?100k + on a supercar and a family car is what it offers to its customers, and these measures would destroy its usp. Personally, I think plug in hybrids are the best solution at the moment and look forward to the Golf version soon. However, one solution could be to extend the hatchback’s rear spoiler further over the rear window, along with deep blade-like extensions along the upright sides of the window.The Golf Mk8 will be based on the MQB platform and be built from conventional stamped and welded panels. I think on the whole people need to take responsibility for how they use their cars, but that would never be the case. Governments need to take more action by making it difficult for drivers to drive in cities (where most of the world's pollution is created) and making it cheaper and easier for people in public transport.

Other than outlandish looks, surely the Golf couldn't possibly gain from the VW's failed XL1 experiment. However, VW will have to find further weight savings in the new car, bringing the base kerb weight under 1100kg.It seems unlikely that VW will invest in aluminium for any of the Golf 8’s exterior panels, because cost control will also be a major issue for the new car. Its not enough to get manufactures to build more eco friendly cars especially when you consider that roughly 70% of us will be living in mega-cities by 2025. Hackenberg didn’t reveal any details about how this will be executed, but the principle has long been an important goal for engine designers.
Being able to vary an engine’s compression ratio depending on the demands being placed on it should lead to significant advances in efficiency. CoastingAudi’s Ulrich Hackenberg also said that coasting technology would be used in future VW Group models. The first stage – coasting at speed – is already featured on some VW dual-clutch ’boxes.The next version is expected to function when the car is travelling below 4mph.

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