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The number one request made to personal trainers is no longer weight loss – the balance has shifted.
In fact, our recent Your Health Your Life national survey, found that more than half of the women surveyed wanted to boost their energy levels. Here, Libby Babet shares a few changes you can make to your nutrition and daily habits to feel better immediately. Yes I know, that little energy boost you get from your morning coffee feels so good, right? From a glass of water, to vegetables and fruit, or long-soaked grains and chia seeds, foods that are hydrating to your body provide lasting energy – particularly if they’re also vitamin-packed! Most of us are texting, on social media, or checking emails from dawn to dusk these days but this keeps your brain so stimulated that proper rest is almost impossible!
Try adding these mini mood and energy boosting workouts to your day, whenever you need a little pick up! And in these days of death-by-technology and crazy long work hours, everyone is begging for more energy!

Plus, plans out some mini energy boosting workouts that will lift your mood and make you feel great! But unfortunately it’s usually a case of “reward now, crash later” and if you’re constantly feeling exhausted, my guess is you’re probably a little stressed out and the extra cortisol (stress hormone) released when you sip on your fave cup of black magic just won’t help in the long run! Carbs can make you sleepy, so if you need a little energy boost, save them for late afternoon or early evening. Night time exercise can also wake you up just when you need to be winding down, so when a boost to overall energy levels is your goal, exercising early makes sure you’re not impacting on your sleep patterns.
Try shutting down all your screens (yes, even that phone!) at least an hour before bedtime – but ideally two hours, for max energy the next day! Try reducing your portions by half, or simply splitting them into multiple small meals throughout the day. If you have a comment or query you would like LifeStyle to respond to, please use our feedback form. You don’t have to give up forever, just cut out caffeine for 10 days to give your system a little rest.

Packaged snacks often contain chemicals or preservatives that can strip your body of nutrients and leave you struggling for energy. This means your digestion doesn’t have to work too hard all in one go and your energy levels remain high throughout the day. Reach for wholefood snacks instead and if you do need a handy option, do your research on quality snacks low in chemicals and high in quality protein.
Too much cortisol released ends up encouraging weight gain around your middle, so cutting down might actually help you lose weight too!

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