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Every time you pin something on Pinterest, your aim should be to get as many people as you can to see your pins. When you add categories, your pins will appear under that category’s stream on Pinterest and people browsing through those categories will be able to see the pins even if they are not following you. You can do this by visiting your boards’ settings page and then adding the most relevant topic in the ‘Category’ field.
Contributing to a guest board which has already built a loyal audience can help increase pin exposure too.
You could also team up with a business that has already got a popular Pinterest brand page and contribute as the only guest pinner. I have written more about how Automatism teamed up with Etsy and made the most of this, in the post 3 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Pinterest on Social Media Examiner. When you pin so many things at once, it will cause a dilution effect as people will see so many pins and won’t be sure which one to specifically look at. Again use good software to schedule pins so that they appear at time intervals of one to three hours. For more Pinterest tips Sign up for our blog updates and get the Free Pinterest Marketing Video Tutorial.
Getting new customers is the lifeline of any business.  In fact, many marketers sell social media marketing as the big solution to growing your business. But the truth is, many businesses post on social media and are frustrated at the results they are getting.
Below are some proven strategies to get more leads that will convert to sales for your business.
The first step to getting more leads is to expand your circle and connect with new people.  Connecting with others on Twitter and Facebook will usually result in a follow back. Also join Facebook and LinkedIn groups where you know your ideal clients are hanging out.  Answer questions, be helpful, and share value.
Create a free webinar and promote it to your list and with social media advertising.  If you do a great job of sharing your expertise and build credibility as an expert, it's easy to enroll people for free get acquainted calls or other paid offerings you have.
Plus, once you have people on your mailing list, you can continue to build a relationship with them, add value, and offer other products that would be helpful. Create a free download that you can offer with an opt-in form on social media.  This could be an audio, video, report, guide, ebook, infographic, a free book chapter, an app, or blueprint.
You can share this offering on your social media channels, in groups, and even create JV partnerships by offering to cross promote your freebie with someone else who shares a similar target market as you with a complementary, but not competing, freebie.

Make sure to share calls to action for your products and services with some of your social media posts.  You have to invite your social media followers to take the next step and tell them what to do. Share it with a funny or interesting image or a short tip that enhances your message so you're still providing value but also leading your followers to a next step.
According to a study conducted by Forrester research, Internet marketing videos were more than 50 times likely to receive natural page ranks than ordinary text pages.
Simply write a compelling title, provide solid content, add a description that displays your website URL and contact information. Share a special discount code on your social media accounts where if they use it on your website or at your store, it will provide the customer with an extra discount.
Facebook offers several options to compel your followers to take a next step with your business. You can choose from Book Now, Call Now, Contact Us, Send Message, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Video, and Learn More. This can be used to get people into your newsletter list without them having to leave Facebook. See ours in action here.
In order to do this, you'll need to add the Static HTML App to your Facebook page and integrate your newsletter provider's form onto the page.
You should also have your HTML files hosted on a secure server to avoid any security messages that might come up. It's a fun way to tap into the power of social media to engage with your fans and grow your mailing list. Examples of a contest would be having people submit their ideas for naming your book, or let them vote on which of your new headshots they like the best. I hope this gets you pumped about ways to turn your social media efforts into an effective way to generate leads for your business.
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This increased exposure will lead to more repins, likes, comments and clicks, which can help increase number of followers, website traffic, sales, etc.

Different social networks have different timings at which more people are active and are more likely to engage with things being shared. I have written about this several times before, like in this post – 12 Common Pinterest Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.
So make it a point to actively search for popular group boards under your niche and get invited to contribute to them. If you start sharing pins that don’t belong to that group board, you could end up being blocked and flagged by the board’s creator which might lead to your profile or brand page being suspended.
You might have noticed this where the user just shares about 10 pins in about 2 minutes and then they don’t pin again for several hours. If you want to avoid this – make it a point to spread your pins over an entire day so that they appear every hour or every two hours.
If you are trying to reach a local audience I would suggest you try those timings in your time zone. Most of the time, this is due to entrepreneurs jumping onto social media without any real plan in place.
Your goal is to share your expertise and build brand awareness so people can discover you and what you can do for them. If it is not possible for you to manually share the pins at those times, you could use a scheduling tool to help you. If these people see your pins and engage with them repeatedly through comments, likes and repins, they will then appear in the popular section of Pinterest where they will receive even more exposure. It could also discourage people from following you as when group boards are used the right way, you can get a lot of the board’s followers to follow you. This way people will see one pin from your brand page ever hour and that pin will receive maximum number of repins, likes, comments and clicks.
Just be sure to read over Facebook's promotion guidelines to ensure you're not in violation of their rules. There will not be too many pins around which will divert their attention and reduce the exposure.

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