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So what do you think?  What are some tips that are left off?  How are you making an impact? From blocking draughts and stopping heat escaping to letting your cooker provide some of your heating, here are our top tips for cutting your heating costs. Turning the thermostat down by even one degree can save you 10% on your heating bills a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.
British Gas will give you free insulation in your house or flat, even if you’re not with British Gas, so long as you have a "suitable home". You can do this by adding an insulating layer like fibreboard or polyfoam under your carpet or floor covering. Alternatively you could go for underfloor insulation if you have a hatch which lets your get into the crawlspace under the floorboards. The app can be downloaded onto computers, tablets or mobile, telling you what temperature your home is and giving you the option to change it by swiping up or down on the screen. The new version has heating boost and multi-zonal control so that you can control specific areas in your home. Putting different radiators at different temperatures isn't always easy to remember, but it is useful. You can set an automatic timer to turn your heating on and off at various points during the day. You might want to buy a programmer that lets you override your normal pattern so that you can change it at short notice if your schedule is a bit erratic. The idea here is that a sheet of foil behind your radiator will reflect heat back into the room rather than escaping through the walls. A radiator booster is a long tube that sits on top of your radiator, acting as a small fan.
Shelves that are fitted above radiators deflect rising heat which is said to make rooms warmer. Keeping these things away from the radiator will allow heat to circulate more freely around the room.
Keeping your heating on a low setting when you go away will stop your pipes from freezing up, saving you a potentially hefty repair bill when you get back. Lined curtains make a difference when it comes to how much heat is released from your home.

Opening curtains during the day is important, particularly if you live in house with south-facing windows as they tend to let more light and heat in. You can buy a premium type of kerosene which contains additives which help it to burn easier and more efficiently.
Data from the University of Scranton notes that 45% of us make resolutions — but only 8% of those resolution makers actually achieve their goals. One reason for such a high failure rate is that we tend to be overly ambitious in our choices.
At least one of the keys to success, then, seem to be taking baby steps that can add up to one lofty success story. Plug home electronics into power strips; turn the power strips off when the equipment is not in use. If you're wondering about the cost savings between keeping your incandescent bulbs or switching to CFLs, here you go.  LEDs will be the future, but they still are a little pricey.  Either way, you are better to swtich from incandescents! While I have tried to cut down on meat just for health reasons, I don't think the majority of Americans who eat meat would be open to this suggestion.  While eating animals does require much more energy than vegetables, it's a tough habit to break for most people. Chances are, you thought of something pretty fast — and you probably had more than one idea. Putting on more layers will keep you warmer so that you don’t have to put the heating up as high. It means that you won’t be as reliant on the heating to keep you warm at night, nor will you have to invest in an electric blanket. The other members of the Big Six energy suppliers will also provide free insulation if you are on certain benefits. Just answer a few questions to see if you’re suitable (about 90% of homes are), arrange an installer to come and visit and get your loft insulation installed in less than a day. In the 'off' mode it will automatically go on to frost protection so that your heating will go on if the temperature reaches below five degrees Celsius. You’ll want to have a bit of heat in your room for when you want to go to bed later, so you should keep the heating on, but the temperature low. If you want to go down the DIY route, you can fix some standard silver foil behind the radiator with sticky tape, or put it over some cardboard to help fit it more securely. It provides more warmth by dispersing the air that gets trapped behind the radiator and can raise the temperature in a room by as much as three degrees.

Shelves are more effective if they’re fitted above radiators which are underneath windows so that the bottom of the curtain rests on the shelf, preventing warm air being trapped between the curtain and the window. Then you should gradually turn it up until it leaves the room at a comfortable temperature when the heating is on.
There are a load of materials that you can use including sealant and polyfiller to block cracks in the wall and sealant strips for the windows.
You'll also get less noise and bother from outside so it's useful for a peaceful Saturday night in.
Closing doors in your house will keep the heat in as well as stopping cold air from circulating from unoccupied rooms. Plenty of these same people also break any resolution they make before the last bit of confetti is vacuumed off the living room floor. We decided to launch it early in the year because people often think about making changes in the new year.
Power of Habit author Charles Duhigg says you need to identify the cue that prompts the behavior and then create a reward to make a permanent change. Pretty straightforward.  As an addition, when you do replace your gadgets, take them to an electronics recycle location.
Whether you’re looking to improve your home, pay off outstanding debt or take a vacation, a little cash can go a long way and you can find the money without changing jobs or cutting expenses. If you run your dishes in the evening, you can wake up to dry dishes without a single kilowatt being used. Under the little-changes-can-add-up theory, incorporate one tip a day, or maybe one a week if that works better for you. Sixty percent of homeowners report equity in their homes has increased since 2013, and almost half expect their equity will increase even more this year, according to research from loanDepot.
The more tips you tackle, the greater your chances of saving energy in your home — and potentially saving less in your monthly energy bill as a result.

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