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Whether you own or rent your home, you are probably concerned about your energy use and costs. When it comes to heating and cooling, HVAC equipment with Energy Star ratings are the best energy savers. We're working on a page that will act as a directory to help users sort through the best ways to save energy.  We've already written a free energy saving guide which I think is one of the best tools out there for beginners to energy saving. Most of the links don't mention home energy monitoring, the strong relation of energy consumption to climate, how to follow through on harder tips (like insulating your home), what are the best products and where to buy those products. So that's what we're thinking about.  How to pull all of that info together so those interested in saving energy can find out how no matter if they are an energy noob or an energy guru.
The internet is an amazing tool for hosting content.  Unfortunately it isn't always organize or presented effectively (hence our purposely cluttered post image).
What does your ideal energy saving page look like?  What information do you want to see and how can it be helpful to you?
One of the best ways to save money and build your savings account is to work hard at reducing your electric bill. If you are lucky enough to live in a state with a deregulated energy industry, take advantage of the opportunity to shop around! It might cost a few extra bucks a month but it’s worth the cost to opt-in to a renewable energy source plan. Turn off the lights when you aren’t using them (install motion detectors if you have a hard time remembering to do this).
This is more of a money tip than a power savings tip: budget at least 5-10% more for your utility bills than you think you should need (use your largest power bill over the last twelve months to get this number). As a special tribute to our readers, Gridpar has provided a custom solar calculator to estimate approximate energy saving you can achieve by adopting Solar.
With the brand new AC system being installed in our home, we expect to see major drop in summer energy bill, we are also planning to use more of the table fans. LIKE THIS POST?Join our community of 5000+ subscribers to increase your net worth and build wealthWe hate spam.
SB is a husband and working as a software professional for a Fortune 100 corporation in Florida. You can receive free full-text articles from One Cent at a Time in your email inbox by entering your email below.
With the many changes we made, our current budget amount is under $140 per month-a savings of around $300 a month.
I now spend my time showing others how they can do the same thing, which to many is a God-send in this economy.
Thanks for the tips, hopefully your readers will take it to heart and make some simple changes that will drastically improve their economic lives.
In my household, we do not use the dryer( allowing for the clothes to come out softer than if dried by machine) and try to use as much natural daylight before having to turn on the house lights. Best Calgary HomesCody Battershill - Calgary REMAX Real Estate Agent, Calgary Homes and CondosCall me any time! I am still wondering why the American’s choose to spend billions of dollars importing and protecting their oil imports from OPEC nations, when they have the worlds 3rd largest oil reserves just north of their border! Moving from out of the province you made buying a home in Calgary a fun and stress free experience.Jenn O. My priority is providing the best possible service and representation in every aspect of your Calgary Real Estate experience.
Smart choices in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) can have big effects on your energy bill and comfort level.
For those who want to dig a little deeper in saving energy, and maybe want to take on some projects themselves, we've covered an energy saving guide that Southface put together for you.
For example, turning off light switches and using a monitoring system are based on conservation and only save energy when the user is interacting with the technology. It does not need to take days on planning how to save energy, but general knowledge could help you to have great saving when using your electronic gadgets. Plug your electronics devices into power strips to prevent these devices still draw the idle electrical current when they have been turned off (Not being physically unplugged from power source). Wash clothes in cold water, save the energy by heating the water when watching the clothes.

Install Solar power plates or thermal panels on your house’s root, it produces renewable energy source. Use the electronic products that have the Energy Star label, because they have been proved by the US Department of Energy as power saving products. Always close your house and fridge doors, each minute a fridge door is left opened, it takes three minutes to cool back again. Several natural ways to keep your house cooler by reducing the workload of your air-conditioner.
Saving energy conserves valuable money and resources and positive implications for both environment and electric bill. Think about it: the lower your power bill (and other utility bills), the more money you have in your pocket that you can either save or use for other things you need.
Almost every deregulated state (and a few that don’t) have websites where the different utility company rates and reviews have been compiled to give you a quick and easy way to compare benefits. Your power is already automatically partly supplied by renewable or sustainable sources but there are programs that will give you 100% of your power this way. Solar powered device chargers cost money but, over the course of their lifetime, they’ll save you more on your power bills than it cost you to buy the charger to begin with. At the outset, LED lights are by far the most expensive lighting option, coming in at an average of $20 per bulb. Estimate how much you can save money and contribute to environment by using the calculator below today! Your email will only be used for subscription, and each email will include a link you may use to unsubscribe at any time. We do however have a separate gas line so in the winter months our electricity plummets while the gas goes up. It really wasn’t that hard or expensive, but we are very conscious of every watt we use.
Energy resources are not infinite and I think most will agree that we need to save energy for future generations.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
The opinions expressed herein by him are his own and not those of his employer or anyone else. No matter what side of the debate your on, chances are you drive a car, eat packaged foods and live in a modern home. Open the blinds during the daytime – Unless you need your privacy, open the blinds and let in the daylight. Clean or replace any household filters – By cleaning a filthy air filter, you will save your house from working harder. Look for energy star label when purchasing new appliances – Energy star appliances are the most efficient in the amounts of energy they consume. Turn off standby appliances – Many new appliances have lights that stay on in standby mode after their use. Use covers on your cooking pots – Covering pots and pans with lids when cooking will save approximately 70% of the energy required to cook food without them. Use lukewarm water in the washing machine instead of hot – Water heater’s will use less energy if it doesn’t have to heat up the water as much.
Buy a water tap filter – Stop buying dozens of plastic water bottles at the supermarket and buy a canteen to fill with filtered water. Get reusable shopping bags at the grocery market – Usually for a dollar you can buy reusable grocery bags that can carry more weight than the plastic ones.
Plant some trees in your yard – Trees are instrumental in carbon dioxide absorption and can actually lower your air conditioning fees by a considerable amount! Buy foods from local producers – Fuel is needed to transport foods from one place to another.
Purchase fresh foods rather than frozen foods – A whopping 10 times the amount of energy is required to produces frozen foods when compared to fresh foods!
Eat more vegetarian protein and less red meat – Did you know that cow farts are the number one contributor of methane gas pollution to our atmosphere?!
Use public transportation – Reduce the amount of gas burned by the ever increasing amount of cars on the roads and save some money on fuel in the process!

Car pool on the way to work – Get together with some friends from work and plan a morning car pool every week if it’s reasonable to do so.
Replace your regular light-bulb with an energy saving CFL light bulb – Compact fluorescent light bulbs use approximately 60% less electricity when compared to regular models. By being conscientious about some tiny little steps we can do in everyday life, we can save energy and money as well.
I’m sure that some of you have heard about the often exaggerated negative environmental impacts that the oil sands has on our planet.
It can reduce your monthly utility bill, improve your comfort, and protect the environment.
None of these are effective, however, unless you properly seal and insulate your home’s ductwork. Make your home energy efficient and you can lessen the environmental impact, improve your comfort, and save money in the process. Here are some practical and important ways to save power while substantially increasing your savings. Just to emphasize how important it is to your finances and the overall betterment of the world we live in to save energy consumption. Opt-in so that you won’t feel guilty about the power that you do still use (even after you make the following adjustments). It’s even worth it to get the upgrade so that these chargers can power up your laptops or tablet computers as well as smaller portable devices like phones, mp3 players, etc. The US Energy Information Administration report finds decreased energy consumption per household in 2012 compared to the previous years. We found a company that was able to charge us a few cents less than the main company in our area. Most of the new appliances in the market consume less energy than their older counterpart, so in my case I make it a point to check out the energy consumption of the appliances I have at home especially the ones that tend to consume a lot of energy and are already outdated to see which ones I need to replace. For inner city infills, new condos, first time buyers, moving to Calgary, luxury homes, resale condos and more.
Here are a few simple things all of us can do more often to save some energy and for the most part some cash as well!
By purchasing local products, demand for foods produced far away becomes less and you save the extra cash added on to the price that pay’s for their shipping. Lets face it, we aren’t going to be cutting out the use of petroleum products any time soon.
Here are some articles that will hopefully bring some truth about our nations great asset into perspective. Insulation keeps your cooled or heated air from escaping through holes, leaks, and poor duct connections. For example, wash full loads of laundry or dishes, and heat your small meals in a microwave oven. Users can go down the list in order, checking off each option (relevant to their home) as upgrade their home. They use less power than incandescents (some as much as 80% less) and even less power than CFLs (LEDs “beat” CFLs in power savings by 10-15%). They are one of those smaller companies that piggy back off the main company’s lines. As a result, we save enough energy that our utility company gave us a 20% discount on our February bill. Our landlord will soon replace the AC system, before the summer really kicks in here in Florida. We consume 40% less energy than the national household average of $2024 per year, a little solace!
They can save you hundreds of dollars in power savings over the course of their lifetime, which makes the initial $20 investment well worth it.

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