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A carpool is made up of two or more people sharing a ride in a private or company automobile. Whether you are an individual, an organization, a business or a government, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce your carbon emissions, save energy. The Home Energy Saver is the first Internet-based interactive tool for calculating energy use in your home and finding the resources to make energy savings happen.
Download a colorful guide to home energy savings that folks of all ages will find interesting and fun to read. 00101As cooler weather approaches, here are 5 ways to save energy in your home starting this Fall.
Last Spring you opened the air vents in your foundation to let your crawl space breathe and dry out, right?  If you did, you’ll want to close them this Fall to prevent heat loss from the crawl space into the outer air, and to keep cold air from entering the crawl space and cooling your home. Keeping the foundation vents closed during cold weather helps keep your floors, the heating system ducts, and the water pipes under your home warmer.
If your fan does not have a reverse switch, which is located on the side of the hub, you can buy an after-market reversible switch for about $40.00.
Although 80 percent of American homes have at least one ceiling fan, only 20 percent of ceiling fan owners take advantage of the energy savings by reversing their direction for the season.

Susan shares ways to make homes, especially those with fireplaces, renewing spaces for families.
We've got you covered with the ultimate ways to save electricity and the environment - all while helping your parents save money! We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. To elaborate, when buying electrical appliances like bulbs, tubes, etc, always watch out for energy star rated appliances. Always try reusing things like shopping bags, and recycle all bio-degradable products like paper and organic waste. The advantage of these is that they are all easy, low-cost or free ways to keep your energy bills in check. These will help you in reducing your energy costs which in comparison to the others do not save you energy. By doing so, you can cut back 15% of your electricity bills, by knowing how much power you are using and how you can cut back on it. Best of all, each one is a simple, low- or no-cost way to reduce your energy bills over the winter.

Trees can combat the carbon emissions more than anything and they will not cost you a penny. Install dimmer switches that will double the life of your bulbs at home and also save energy. Set a programmable thermostat can help you save almost $200 a year by turning down the heat at certain times of day or night.
This results in less fossil fuel burning to generate electricity for altering the temperature from heat to cold.
Solar panels fixed on the roof can provide energy all day long and also reduce electricity costs. Placing trees that is a minimum 3 trees around home can reduce air conditioning costs to at least 30%.

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