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You can save hundreds of dollars on gasoline by using even a few of these twenty-three suggestions.1.
Share RidesIf you live near your co-workers, and have similar schedules, take turns driving so you can all drive less each week.2. Check Your Gas CapA bad seal or missing cap can allow up to three gallons of gas to evaporate each month.
When the rubber seal around your cap seems worn or damaged, buying a new cap may save you sixty dollars or more annually.4. Use Price Guides OnlineThere are websites which tell you the price of gasoline at the stations in your area. Look for the cheapest gas stations along any of the routes you normally drive for work or shopping.6. Plan RoutesThe less you drive the less you spend on gasoline, so try to route your shopping trips and other outings in efficient ways.

Cutting a few miles several times weekly can add up to 500 miles saved annually, which at 20 miles per gallon means buying 25 gallons less gas.7.
Coast MoreYou’ll get better mileage by coasting more, so plan ahead for stops and turns when driving. Remove RacksIf you don’t use that bicycle rack remove it, and when the season ends take off that ski rack.
Reduce the Use of Your HeaterThe effect of heaters is debated, but the consensus seems to be they reduce gas mileage a little. Wait a few minutes before turning it on, use windows at low speeds when possible, and try a less powerful setting first, to see if it’s sufficient. Use the Best Credit CardFor regular fill-ups choose a card that pays you cash back to purchase gasoline. Close the WindowsClosing car windows will improve gas mileage, especially when you’re going more than thirty miles per hour.

Replace the Air FilterA dirty air filter can reduce your mileage by up to 10%, so have it checked during every oil change.19.
Get Free GasThe deal is that you agree to put advertisements on your car and you are given free gas. Buy a More Efficient CarMaking your next vehicle one that has a higher mpg rating is another obvious way to spend less on gasoline. Avoid Stations at Freeway Exits Many of the gas stations that are found just off an exit charge as much as 10 cents more per gallon than nearby stations a bit further away from the freeway. So if you plan to head down the road to eat anyhow, look for a better price further away from the exit.23.

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