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The MedSchool Project: EPQ Project: To What Extent Should Traditional Chinese Medicine Be Available as a Complementary and Alternative Therapy in the NHS for Pain Relief in Palliative Care? After a gruelling months-long wait for exam results, I proudly announce that my EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) has officially been graded an A*! The EPQ has definitely helped me to become a much more critical and reflective person as well as improving myself as an independent learner.
My first idea for a topic is to determine the extent to which complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) should be used in the NHS.
The problem with conventional medicine is that it was not always treating the patient holistically and in some patients, it could create further health problems such as liver or kidney damage if the drugs given are toxic amongst other side effects such as nausea, vomiting, etc. My first ideas for the research and development of the project were to research and compare the recovery times of patients who are being treated using complementary and alternative medicines against those who are being treated on conventional medicines. For those of you who do not know what an EPQ is, it is a research project which involves a self-directed project of my own choice and design.

Throughout the project, I have had to further my planning, research, analysis, evaluation and presentation skills as well as help me learn to apply problem-solving skills when I encounter problems. Having done work experience at the general ward of a local hospital, I was not surprised that all of the patients were being treated with only conventional medicine, however they were causing further problems in patients. However, complementary medicine may not always work, and it is often difficult to gauge how well they work. I also wanted to look in to the costs of alternative and complementary medicine compared to conventional medicine, to weigh up the cost-effectiveness of the medicine, compared with its efficacy, and to ascertain whether the more holistic use of alternative and complementary medicine is better than conventional medicine for certain aspects of medicine such as palliative care. The topic did not allow me to research a small area in great depth and so he advised me to narrow down to subjects that I would find easy to research - topics to which I would have access to information - and would not pose any issues with confidentiality.
I was wondering if you have an example on how to write the research review as i am struggling on that part of the project?
No patients were being given natural products or herbs or other interventions such as acupuncture, to help with the recovery and to decrease the amount of conventional drugs needed.

My initial project idea would determine the extent to which these unconventional medicines should be available for all NHS patients. He also commented that although the project has a lot of potential, I should take great care in narrowing down to a more specific topic, since the one I chose may have sensitive and controversial undertones. He also advised me to narrow down to focusing on the extent in which alternative and complementary medicine should be used in end of life care, because the issue of alternative medicine becomes a lot more significant in patients who are at the end of life.

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