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The two most common classes of medications or supplements used to treat adult ADHD (and for children) are stimulants and antidepressants. We’re going to look at natural supplements that work like the popular stimulant ADHD medications – like Adderall, Vyvanse, and Ritalin.
The reason an increasing number of people are turning to natural alternatives for their condition is that they are realizing that the highest quality herbs and amino acids are incredibly effective, can be a lot safer, less addictive, and have less side effects than pharmaceutical medication.
We actually developed a powerful combination supplement that was originally intended to be a non-drowsy anti-anxiety supplement which could help people increase their focus and concentration. It’s non-drowsy when taken during the day and gives people a very relaxed and “smooth” feeling.
We use an incredibly pure, pharmaceutical grade, L-Theanine in our combination formulas and we sell it as a pure single with no added fillers. So if you would like a more energizing type of focus for your ADHD symptoms, you may wish to try rhodiola, but if you would like more of a relaxation type focus, then ashwagandha may be the choice for you. 5 HTP and L Tryptophan are both amino acids known for their ability to increase serotonin levels. Some say that 5 HTP is better because it crosses the blood-brain barrier whereas l tryptophan doesn’t. We don’t believe in including caffeine in our supplements because everyone has a very different reaction to it.
As mentioned above, it has been proven to be very effective and synergistic when taken along with l theanine to improve mental focus.
Vitamin B3 (niacinimide form), Magnesium (magnesium bisglycinate form), and standardized ginkgo biloba extract all show some promise for helping with ADHD symptoms. The reason we don’t include them in the list above is that these are probably less noticeable in the short term. But fish oils and other omega 3 oils have been shown to be incredibly beneficial to health, as is magnesium supplementation. Every day many of us, including our kids, just deal with those common ailments from food allergies.
We have things like dry skin, canker sores, nausea, headaches, diarrhea, constipation, eczema, ear infections, seasonal allergies and asthma, and we think it’s just a normal part of life.
Most often, if our issue isn’t caused by an inflammation imbalance from food allergies, it can be as a result of yeast overgrowth, an unhealthy gut flora, high toxicity levels, nutrient deficiencies or any combination of these. Most conventional doctors have been trained to label the symptoms and treat them with some sort of medication.
One Polish study found that 95% of the children they were testing with ADHD were deficient in magnesium.
A kid’s mental and emotional state are critically dependent on vitamin B in the diet.
B vitamins, especially B6 and B12, are vital to the development of the nervous system and the production of neurotransmitters in the brain. Symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency include forgetfulness, short attention span, irritability, confusion and rage. Again, all very similar to ADHD symptoms. Plus, the conversion of essential fats into DHA, AA and EPA can be inhibited by certain foods like wheat and dairy. Research from Purdue University discovered that kids with ADHD are not getting an adequate amount of nutrients required for essential fatty acid conversion and as a result have low levels of EPA, DHA and AA. Maybe your child eats plenty of foods rich in zinc – like spinach, seafood, nuts and beans.
Ward found that antibiotics not only wipe out beneficial bacteria in the gut, they also impair the absorption of nutrients. You can learn more about zinc deficiency in this Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency article and infographic.
Unless you’re a chemistry buff and know everything about the central nervous system, this stuff can get a bit confusing.
But in general, neurotransmitters in the brain depend largely on amino acids from proteins. Each and every vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, amino acid and fatty acid from our food, needs and depends on one another to do a list of jobs to keep our bodies working well. Homeopath, Beth Landau-Halpern, does a great job of highlighting some amino acids that have an effect on ADHD symptoms.
BioPharma’s Nanopro Vegan is a great way to get all amino acids and vitamin D3 into your diet.
Vitamin D helps produce enzymes in charge of making brain chemicals necessary for our ability to focus. So although Vitamin D deficiency may not be the one reason you child has ADHD symptoms, it may definitely be a factor, and is very common in children who have been labeled with this disorder.
We have to start thinking of our food as a tool for our health and well-being, instead of the entertainment at the party. The best thing you can do today, is find a functional medicine practitioner, where you live, who can determine if your child has any nutritional imbalances or food allergies. A blood test will check 80+ different foods, or an elimination diet could also be done to determine sensitivities. Mark Hyman is a great example of a doctor who has cured many children of ADHD, and even autism, by focusing on a healthy anti-inflammatory diet and healthy gut flora, removing toxins, identifying food sensitivities and bringing their nutrient levels up to where they need to be. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and newsletter at the top right of the homepage and Like Natural Healthy Concepts on Facebook for more natural health tidbits. I agree 100% that conventional medicine should also be looking at the cause of our ailments, not just treating the symptoms. My son has been tested by an integrative meds doc for a host of food intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, neurotransmitter precursors, and genetic abnormalities.

Going to check your book out now, because as you know, after all the quality supplements and nutrition we still need all the help we can get! In regards to your assumption that ADHD is fictitious, I feel that you’re withdrawing conclusions and being dismissive without complete certainty. There is no doubt that the natural supplements you’ve listed may benefit patients with ADHD however some of the ones on your list were already recognized and advised as beneficial to assisting with dopamine production and stabilising brain chemistry in ADHD patients according to research supporting ADHD. Reading through your articles and the responses, I feel that you have been dismissive in addressing those many ADHD patients that reflect my own experience with being diagnosed at a much later age. As a person who keeps an open mind and tries to tackle any given challange from as many different angles as possible, I have tried all the options you’ve mentioned plus more but without any noticible improvement in my ADHD.
I’m currently 38 and throughout my life I went through many of these trial phases where I experimented on myself with vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, etc. I would also be interested in finding out your personal sucess rate in regards to the amount of people you were able to resolve their ADHD through the treatment of their others ailments such as allergies digestion etc.
Bombshell: Mind-control engineers now drugging children for “Social Justice”by Jon RappoportOctober 11, 2012It’s the latest thing. All I knew was that when the psychiatrist prescribed Ritalin for him, I didn’t want my son taking these narcotic drugs. The inflammation that happens as a result will eventually lead to health issues – including typical ADHD-like behaviors. It just so happens, ADHD behaviors mimic the symptoms of some major vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and essential fatty acid deficiencies.
Things like excessive fidgeting, tantrums, social difficulties, restlessness, insomnia, irritability, aggressiveness, poor attention span, coordination problems and learning difficulties (in a person with a normal IQ). All other B-Complex vitamins have important jobs to do too – including improving the absorption of other nutrients into the body. The conversion is also blocked by other vitamin and mineral deficiencies like B, C, Zinc and Magnesium.
Neil Ward discovered an interesting fact about the disruptive effect of antibiotics on kids with ADHD. Especially DMAE, 5-HTP, L-thianine, tyrosine, theanine, taurine, glycine, GABA, L-glutamine, serine, and tryptophan. Without them, or without enough of them, we will experience irritability, depression, nervousness, anxiety, inability to focus, impulsiveness, hyperactivity, etc. And good luck if you live in the northern part of the US like all of us at Natural Healthy Concepts. It also produces dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain, which is what many ADHD meds aim to do.
We need greens, fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, seeds, fish, herbs, spices, healthy fats and a limited amount of organic grass fed meat and poultry. They can even cure your child of many different health issues they’ve been labeled with. I even talk about The “patient’s rights group” called CHADD, or Children and Adults with ADHD, which has had a very sweet and very private financial relationship with Ciba Geigy – the manufacturer of Ritalin – since 1987. I only write some about medication because it’s been a crucial component of treatment for my son. I appreciated your comment as I find it frustrating to look over articles that want to tell you how to treat ADHD but are truly dismissive of the disorder when you get right down to it.
When she started her meds everything changed for the good, even with giving her a low dose then what they recommended. There maybe people with ADHD who do have the various points youve listed with digestive and allergy issues youve listed however there are also people who experience Trush, gut problem and allergy issues without having the level of cognitive impairment as someone with ADHD. Many people have reported back stating that they do not fit the mould you’ve outlined. I used to blend a mixture of vegetables and fruits everyday, I grew my own wheatgrass and put that through the juicer. The shift in my cognition was so significant that I felt rather distraught by the fact that I had discovered it so late and missed out on the most important years of my life which were crucial to my social development, self esteem, making friends and academic achievement leading into a sucessful career. And even if you reported %100 sucess rate by fixing everyone who came to you with ADHD, I would wonder what percentage of those people have sought alternative health therapy a result of having multiple symptoms other than ADHD. So it makes me wonder how they could make such a generalized statement excluding the different types of ADHD such as the inattentive type Ive been diagnosed with. Psychiatrists are now giving children in poor neighborhoods Adderall, a unsafe stimulant, by making false diagnoses of ADHD, or no diagnoses at all.
After supplementing with 200mg of magnesium for six months, hyperactivity was reduced significantly. Total Omega combines a healthy ratio of all the essential fatty acids necessary for optimal health in just 2 teaspoons a day. Especially processed foods, white breads refined sugar and even many medications – like antibiotics.
Supplements can be great to augment medicaiton, therapy, and other traditional ADHD treatments, but they don’t fully treat true ADHD. CHADD, which is also funded by Shire Pharmaceuticals – the maker of Adderall and Vyvanse, is the same group that helped get schools set up with federal funding for each kid who is “diagnosed” with ADHD.
And I also believe there are people with ADHD who dont experience any of the issues youve listed. Not having discovered ADHD medications sooner makes me feel resentful and robbed of my life. Because clearly those of us who experience improvement from medication are quite content and unlikely to seek further avenues unless we experienced further problems with our health much like the people who visit you.

I turned to the internet and started searching for alternatives to Ritalin, and that’s when I found Native Remedies and started reading some stories and brightspark reviews.What I read were numerous stories of people who had been in our similar situation and truly found a solution in brightspark.
After much research, he proved that kids who had taken at least three doses of antibiotics before the age of three had much lower levels of zinc, calcium, chromium and selenium. I feel that for you to have made such a conclusive remark you need to have proved your generalization with actual statistics.
I then moved onto supplements, during that phase I had an array of vitamins, omega fatty acids and with the assistance of my naturapath friend I tried different combinations known to work in synergy. Many of us who have decided to use these medications are well aware of the side effects and risks and yet when we weigh up any possible negative effects with the benefits, its not even in the same ball park. So if you were able to broaden your study to include participation from random ADHD patients obtained from various mental health services, your argument would be a lot more convincing.
I am more than wiling to face whatever terrible risk you have listed if it means I can live some of my life to a more fulfilling level. How could she still go to work and be able to take care of her child at the same time?Once she started her daughter on the homeopathic remedy, she started to notice some real changes in her, and that finally gave her hope. In fact, I was pushing going to see a functional medicine practitioner and suggesting foods that include these essential nutrients that are commonly found in kids with the ADHD label. I went through a phase where I focused entirely on my digestion in order to improve good bacteria with probiotics, yogurt and tried to assist with nutrient absorbtion with digestive enzymes but again no difference. Incredibly, Anderson told the New York Times his diagnoses of ADHD are “made up,” “an excuse” to hand out the drugs.“We’ve decided as a society that it’s too expensive to modify the kid’s environment.
Had your claims been applicable to everyone known to have ADHD, a lot more of those patients would have reported a notible difference during treatment which targeted your listed problem areas. After reading that, I thought that maybe there really was hope for my son.My son was age 6 at the time of his ADHD diagnosis and at that time, his behavior in the classroom was mainly throwing tantrums, banging his head on the floor and tearing things off of the walls.
Or even medications that resolved or improved certain allergies, Candida or Trush would have also resulted in reducing ADHD symptoms.
The teachers would have to sit with him and physically restrain him so that he wouldn’t hurt any of the other students.It was impossible to teach him anything at that time because he couldn’t sit still long enough to focus on anything. And on the flip side, if ADHD patients developed a significant onset of oral or intestinal Trush following the use of antibiotic therapy, they would have reported a worsening of their ADHD symptoms, which has never been the case for me.
Stimulants in these as Adderall and Ritalin are supplements made use of so that you can help individuals with ADHD manage his or symptoms. Within a few weeks of starting him on Brightspark, along with a few other remedies, such as Tula as a “tantrum tamer” and Mindsoothe Jr. As I mentioned I tend to have the type of mindset that tries to tackle things from all angles in order reach an understanding.
You will work with your a remedy team so that you can establish which, if any, supplements work best for you and how so that you can properly manage the entire group. And the ADHD medication was in fact the very last thing on the list of options that I tried and yet it was the most effective and life changing..
She also explained how each of the Brightspark ingredients worked and if there were any side effects that he might experience.The teachers began to rave about my son’s performance at school and all I kept hearing was how good he was listening and actually applying himself. I was thrilled, to say the least.My son started on those herbal medications when he was 6 years old, and this year he graduated from high school. I cannot believe how he has grown and how he has been able to tackle and face these challenges head on.Over the years I have taken him off of the Bright spark homeopathic remedy  from time to time, just to see if it was the herbals that were really working with him, or whether he had simply grown out of his previous behaviors.
Compensation strategies made use of by high-ability students with the help of learning impairments who succeed in universities and programs. You may very well only need so that you can be sure so that you can take this kind once a day.
Intuniv, the long-acting form oftheblood air pressure medication Tenex, was approved just forthetreatment of ADHD bytheFDA opt in September 2009. School lunch programs you could try to provide calories and a full waistline, and they are clearly better than next to nothing.
Daydreaming (introvert) or it may be hyperactive (extrovert) to stimulate in an under-stimulating school environment.
Advice given over here is not intended to provide a period of time just for action in particular circumstances without feature to consider by a competent professional. Before using all of this Expert Advice state, please review our General and after that after that Medical Disclaimers.
Gifted Child: He often often is intuitive and comes up with answers without having having to do the remedial work.
He meets certain school tasks as useless and which has his own ideas of how things will want to work. The gifted a single with attention deficit disorder: An identification and after that intervention issue.
However, atomoxetine doesn’t appear to turn out to turn out to be as effective as stimulant medications for restoring symptoms of hyperactivity. This antidepressant has an effect you see, the chemicals dopamine and after that norepinephrine in you see, the brain and after that can be a very cost-efficient treatment in people who have both ADHD and after that depression.

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