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Thanks for visiting the HSV Herpes Help Blog — a blog completely dedicated to providing facts and support for the Herpes simplex virus (HSV). Whether you are currently with or considering an HSV+ partner, are HSV+ personally, or are simply looking to educate yourself more on this (surprise!) extremely common virus, you’re in the right place.
This blog will contain all sorts of information relating to HSV: how common it actually is, how it’s contracted, how to live with it, how to have relationships, how to minimize transmission, the latest research being done and how to effectively relieve and stop the symptoms.
Get the Straight Facts about Herpes There are a lot of myths circulating the Internet—and society in general—regarding HSV. If you need help with Herpes simplex virus (HSV), recommendation #1 is seeing a medical doctor. Although herpes is far from the worst thing in the world, it’s not preferable to host any kind of virus in your body.
The first primary outbreak is often much more intense than recurrences due to it being the immune system’s first encounter with the virus. How to let someone know you have herpes as well as the dating and online herpes social scene. Treatment options available to promptly relieve symptoms, reduce outbreak pain and reduce future recurrences. Not all stories about herpes are negative, sometimes having herpes has changed people’s lives for the better. We hope you can find the strength, inspiration and the support necessary for your journey of acceptance, recovery and freedom. Although the treatment algorithm for HSV has remained the same for quite some time, clinicians continue to debate certain treatment aspects, such as when or if to use steroids for certain kinds of HSV, Dr.
One common form of HSV is epithelial disease, for which about 60,000 cases occur each year in the United States, said Francis S. In addition to removal of the viral load, the typical treatment for this form of HSV has been topical trifluridine (Viroptic, GlaxoSmithKline, Middlesex, United Kingdom) nine times a day for the first few days and then a decreasing dose.

Additionally, trifluridine is not viral-specific and has led to significant toxicity and a risk for repeated infections, Dr. For these reason, clinicians moved to the use of oral antivirals such as acyclovir (various manufacturers) or valcyclovir (Valtrex, GlaxoSmithKline, Middlesex, England) to replace or supplement topical treatment.
Steroids are used to quiet the eye, and anti-viral medications?oral or topical?are used to prevent the recurrence that steroids can trigger, Dr. Other forms of HSV include endothelialitis, which presents with herpetic precipitates and edema and requires anti-viral treatment along with steroids; and HSV iritis, which requires anti-viral medication. Research into broader issues related to HSV, such as the disease latency and whether a vaccine would be effective, is particularly valuable and farther reaching for other forms of HSV in the body, Dr.
A study published in January 2010 in the Future Microbiology on mucosal treatments for HSV also supports the idea of disease prevention. Although there has not been much research into immunomodulation for ocular HSV, this could be another treatment option, the investigators wrote. The investigators' report also addresses the promising role and potential challenges of vaccines for HSV. With so much information floating around, it can be hard to tell what’s true and what’s false. Yes, there's in fact millions of stories where herpes has changed peoples' live for the BETTER! Always consult your physician in the event of possible or certain HSV symptoms for professional assistance. Determining the type of HSV present in the eye and then treating that specific disease appropriately while avoiding additional flares and visual damage can be perplexing, said Edward J. Holland said he typically treats this kind of HSV with Zirgan for 14 days but will also use oral anti-viral medications. Holland compares the side effects from steroids?including higher IOP or secondary cataract?against the side effects of visual damage?including the possible need for a keratoplasty?and would rather risk the former than the latter.

Holland usually starts patients with a stronger steroid dose and will taper to a lower dose as necessary. Drugs to treat HSV that are new to the market or that are on the horizon give clinicians additional reasons to reflect on current treatment regimens. Campbell Ophthalmic Microbiology Laboratory, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh. A patient with stromal keratitis typically has a post-infectious reaction shortly after a lesion has occurred. However, the use of steroids in these patients is a big controversial in HSV treatment, Dr. Researchers and clinicians alike are hoping for single agents that can tackle both adenovirus and HSV. We do everything we can to help, but we do not intend or attempt to take the place of your doctor. These cases are often accompanied by changes in vision, a foreign body sensation, and possible nerve damage, Dr.
Although the keratitis may clear up on its own, treatment aims to prevent further progression to the stroma and to prevent vision- or eye-threatening conditions, Dr.
I prefer to quiet the stroma with aggressive topical steroids and then do an extremely slow tapering.
So, once the virus is no longer live, he will often initiate steroids during the second week and continue use of an oral anti-viral agent for prophylaxis.

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