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Illustration showing the symbols of the most popular religions of the world isolated on white background: Ayyavazhi (lotus carrying a flame), Bahai (nine pointed star), Buddhism (wheel of Dharma), Christianity (Latin cross, Greek cross, Orthodox cross, Chi-Rho or Labarum, JHS Christogram, Ichthys), Hinduism (Om), Islam (Star and crescent), Jainism (Ahimsa, Swastika), Judaism (Star of David), Paganism (Hands of God, Pentagram, Sun cross), Sikhism (Khanda), Shinto (Torii), Taoism (Yin and Yang). Libras are the most prominent idealists, but when they fall hard, they resort to recreational drugs more than most other signs. Ginko appears to have possible side effects such as blood thinning and preventing blood from clotting. There are a number of potential causes for excessive bruising, some benign, and some less so. Women are more likely to bruise than men, and some women may notice that excessive bruising is common throughout their lives.
If people notice that they are bruising more than normal and they don't know of any medical reason for the bruising, they should see a medical professional. For someone who is anemic and bruises easily, can anyone recommend some great iron rich food that could help with the problem? Thankfully, most of these are easily treatable with products found at most quality pet stores.
Just like humans, Betta's are not spared from potential problems with lice or other parasites. The reasons for fin rot are not entirely known, but it is a fairly common ailment that can afflict Betta's.

Swim bladder is a fairly uncommon, but rather serious disease that afflicts many fish - Betta's included. Even well cared for Betta's can get diseases or infections, but most of them are not life threatening.
Aging is one of the most common causes, as are certain medications and dietary supplements. Aging can be a cause in everyone, because as people age, their skin thins, the capillaries become more fragile, and the insulating layer of fat disappears. People with a history of autoimmune problems may want to discuss bruising with their healthcare provider to see if it is a cause for concern, especially if it is growing worse.
People with clotting disorders, as well as people who carry genes for clotting disorders, can develop excessive bruising and, in some cases, the bruising may be dangerous. Bruising can be a sign of an underlying medical problem that needs attention, and the sooner it is addressed, the better the possible outcome usually is. It had a lot to do with my diet and a lack of iron and some much needed vitamins and proteins.
Even when kept in the cleanest and best of environments, Betta's can still suffer from fungal growth. That's why the most common guilty pleasures for Aries are taking selfies and using social media.

People who suddenly experience more bruising that usual with no obvious cause should see a medical professional, especially if it is accompanied with fatigue, rashes, and other medical symptoms. This combination of factors makes it much easier for people to bruise after injuries, even very light ones.
Medications like steroids, blood thinners, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are also linked with this problem, especially if people take them in the long term. Leukemia is another potential reason for someone to bruise excessively and, in fact, bruising can be an early warning sign for a patient with leukemia, along with excessive fatigue. I think a healthy diet is the one of the ways you can personally take control of your bruising issue. A doctor can run a few simple blood tests to let you know whether or not your nutrient levels are the reason for your bruising.
A general practitioner can evaluate a patient to learn more about the nature of the bruising and provide a referral to a specialist, if necessary. People may notice that mild pressure on the skin of older adults can cause livid bruising as a result of the underlying fragility. If bruises develop in areas like the abdomen after sustaining physical trauma, a patient may want to seek medical help quickly for potential internal bleeding.

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