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I actually really feel terrible for the first patient because she had this rash off and on for 2 years and underwent multiple skin biopsies… which led to her being misdiagnosed with herpes simplex virus for which she was treated unsuccessfully with anti-viral medications (oral acyclovir, valcyclovir, and topical acyclovir) as well as topical corticosteroids with no improvement. When they followed up with her 10 months after treatment there was no recurrence of the rash, and only some residual hyperpigmentation.
There was no mention was made of dieting or weight loss as potential causes in these women, and the authors never go into what they thought was the cause in these cases. The main take away for me from this study was that treatment with minocycline seemed to have a lasting effect on the rash.
So, while this goes against the findings in the study looking at 50 Koreans which had a much larger sample size, there’s still hope that antibiotics can do the trick permanently!

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