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The solar cells that are installed in devices ranging from calculators to street lamps and even your garden lights are called photovoltaic (PV) cells. Similarly, with the chemical addition of boron to a silicon plate, the plate will carry a positive charge.  When light hits a PV cell, the semiconductor absorbs a certain amount of that light. The negative solar plate is “sandwiched” with the positive plate, and the plates are attached to wires that then lead out and connect to a battery system or appliance.   The electrons released by the negative plate are attracted to the outer band of the positive plate.
Shannon Bell writes for residentialsolarpanels.org, a non-commercial blog focused on her photovoltaic experiences to help people understand how and why they should save energy investing in solar power.

With a battery bank, power inverter (unless running 12v DC appliances), cables, and a solar panel.
Once again, concise articles that offer vital and useful information is why Truth is Treason is the best site !
I need to know How, starting from scratch and what materials I need, with dimensions of spacing, and wiring. When negative solar plates are appropriately angled to the sun, the sun bombards the silicon and phosphorus atoms on the solar panel with photons.

She writes on Solar Panels for Homes to help people learn how to start consuming less energy and then apply those experiences to the next level.

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