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Geologists have known about vast reservoirs of natural gas and oil trapped in shale formations across the United States for decades, but until recently cost-effective extraction techniques weren't available, and the resources remained untapped.
Meanwhile, global energy prices have fallen, and many other countries are studying the U.S. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, refers to two processes used to extract natural gas trapped in shale formations. Then, since shale gas is trapped in dense layers of rock and can't flow through the well by drilling alone, producers must deploy hydraulic fracturing—first introduced into commercial practice in 1947 and effectively combined with horizontal drilling in the late 1990s—which pumps millions of gallons of water, sand, and chemicals at high pressure to open fractures in the rocks, allowing oil and gas to flow.
Though basic fracking techniques have been available for decades, technological breakthroughs in the 1990s paved the way for newfound commercial viability in the shale sector, as CFR Senior Fellow Michael Levi recounts in his book The Power Surge. Meanwhile, tight oil, which is extracted from shale and other rock formations, has been the fastest-growing segment of U.S. Although natural gas burns cleaner, emitting less carbon dioxide than oil or coal, producing it can negatively impact the environment in a number of ways. Finally, seismic activity is a concern because both the fracking process and the practice of injecting wastewater into deep wells can cause earthquakes, according to the U.S. Oversight falls primarily to local and state governments, each with varying enforcement priorities. The 2013 ARI analysis of global shale formations outside the United States revealed that more than half of the world's shale oil resources are located in Russia, China, Argentina, and Libya.
Photosynthesis is a chemical process by which plants extract energy from sunlight through specialized cells called chromatophores which provide different forms of light absorption, depending on the type of cells, which are chlorophyll based. Oil is very easy to move around and is the most convenient of all the fuels to use in engines.
Gasoline, gas and confusionIn North America, people use the word 'gas' to mean 'gasoline' which is called 'petrol' in other countries. What is diesel fuel?Diesel fuel, named after the type of engine that burns it, is a more oily sort of fuel than gasoline.
A fuel similar to diesel which gets burned in aircraft engines and in home heating furnaces.
Gas enginesThe gas they use is liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) stored in high-pressure fuel tanks. It was a blues number, a€?Save Me for Latera€? on her album, Me a€™n Mabel, that first worked its magic for me. Suzie has become recognized as an accomplished blues singer and guitarist, but she has many ways to seduce a listener. Suzie would gravitate toward music as a kid a€” singing along to an ever-present flow of mainstream radio tunes would make her feel good a€” but becoming a musician was not a conscious thing.
Her parents had what looked like a cool record collection, but the stereo was broken throughout her childhood. The sole parental musical influence occurred when her father listened to country music in the car. By age 11, she also was playing saxophone in her grade-school concert band and singing in the chorus. While Suzie continued to explore other instruments, the guitar, in combination with her voice, got her noticed. When she was in fourth grade, her teacher called the principal into her class and had Suzie sing a€?Country Roadsa€? for him and the class. She remembers at age 11 or 12, taking her allowance a€” she might have done a tiny bit of baby-sitting to add to her spending money a€” and going down to the Sears in downtown Saskatoon and plunking down $14 to buy her first album, Supertrampa€™s Breakfast in America. When she got a little older, she got her own small record player and would sing and play along with records alone down in the basement, her voice bouncing off of the faux paneling.
I conjectured that playing the bass gave her a better sense of lower notes or the a€?bottoma€? in her guitar playing. In addition, she had discovered the Saturday jams at a blues bar, Buda€™s on Broadway, in Saskatoon.
Over the years, Suzie has studied with a number of people and works today with a vocal coach when she can because therea€™s always something to learn. Fresh out of high school, Suzie attended the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon for a year. At one of Tonya€™s shows, her brothera€™s friend introduced her to the man she would marry about five years later.
She made some musical connections, did some gigs, and then got a full-time job working for Marty Simon, a film composer. Suzie also worked in other musical side projects to pay the bills, providing bass and lead and backing vocals. Betty & the Bobs is a 7-piece variety-show type band which plays quirky music that its members wouldna€™t play in other projects. Suzie did solo gigs with guitar all through the years with Rick and the other groups, and is now predominately a solo artist. 33 Stars, released in 2002, has a pop feel.while Happy Here, released in 2008, is rootsier. Her most recent album, Live at Bluesville (2012), came about when a radio interview turned into a recording session. Although her parentsa€™ record player didna€™t contribute to to her development, her brother had a stereo that could crank out the decibels and he allowed her to listen to records on that.
Fresh out of high school, Suzie attended the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon for a year.A  She was in a general arts study program, which included drama and music theory.
In between gigs, she worked the counter in a gas station, baby-sat and did other part-time work, such as helping an accountant with income tax preparation and cleaning houses.
In 1993, a serendipitous crossing of paths in Toronto proved very rewarding.A  Influential Canadian roots music DJ Chopper McKinnon met accomplished blues player Rick Fines for a beer.

Shale production helped reduce net imports of energy by one-third between 2011 and 2013, according to the U.S. The first step is to drill down to the sedimentary rocks, sometimes as far as ten thousand feet, then drill sideways for a mile or more. As Levi explains, while the EIA, which publishes widely anticipated annual reviews of the sector, didn't even include shale gas in its 2009 outlook, by 2012 the EIA was reporting that more than one-quarter of U.S.
Water supplies are one area of concern, as millions of gallons of water have to be trucked in to each well, sometimes diverting water from other uses. A 2014 New York state health department report synthesized multiple studies carried out across the United States, finding serious concerns in areas including respiratory health, drinking water, seismic activity, soil contamination, and impact of new roads and infrastructure on local communities. There is an ongoing debate over the amount of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, released by the fracking process. Critics have accused the federal government of being weak on fracking due to Congress’s controversial decision to exempt the practice from EPA drinking-water regulations, through an exception inserted into the 2005 Energy Policy Act. The EPA has proposed  fracking operations to report more thoroughly on their greenhouse gas emissions, and may soon require companies to disclose all of their chemicals. In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a total ban on the practice in December 2014 in the wake of the state’s health department study.
Some countries see their shale resources as potential geopolitical game changers: Poland, Turkey, and Ukraine in particular harbor hopes of  reducing their dependence on conventional gas from Russia and Iran. Photosynthesis is the main means by which plants, algae and many bacteria produce organic compounds and oxygen from carbon dioxide and water (green arrow). Steam then drives big machines called turbines which, in turn, drive other machines called generators. Diesel engines are around 30 per cent more efficient than gasoline engines so they use much less fuel. This gas can be used in modified ordinary engines which are generally less polluting than those that use diesel or gasoline (petrol).
A brief Internet perusal reveals that Aphrodite had no musical skills and actually was a bit of a tramp. Situated midway between the east and west coasts, I thought that would make her the Canadian equivalent of a a€?Midwesterner.a€? She characterized it as more of a prairie environment, so a€?Ia€™m a a€?prairie girl,a€™a€? she said. It was a large console that became more of a nice piece of furniture that they stored things in. She said that, a€?My voice was the first instrument that I got to play around with,a€? she said, a€?but I got bolder when I picked up the guitar.a€? It enabled her to accompany herself and she found a lot of cheerleaders among her teachers.
She perceived that the other guitar player in the concert band had a better understanding of jazz chords needed to play in the large band repertoire.
While she didna€™t disagree, she felt, more importantly that it allowed her to a€?meter-map out how songs move chordally.a€? It was good for her ear, she added. Her husband got a job in Toronto and they moved there in 1998, but the marriage ended shortly afterward.
From her Wikipedia page, we learn Happy Here was a nominee for Roots & Traditional Album of the Year a€“ Solo at the 2009 Juno Awards. He told Rick he shouldna€™t be sitting with him when he could go see the bass player at a different bar up the street. Energy Information Administration (EIA), and by 2014 foreign petroleum imports had fallen nearly 40 percent compared to 2006. This horizontal drilling has been widely practiced since the 1980s to extract conventional oil and gas. The EIA projects that tight oil could remain the largest contributor to domestic supply for at least another decade. Such projections are difficult, however, since the viability of deposits depends on a number of unknowable factors, including the future of energy prices, global demand, and technological developments. The often hazardous chemicals used for fracking can be released through spills, leaks, or badly constructed wells. However, an earlier report from New York’s environmental conservation department determined that the risks were manageable, while an energy department report found no evidence that fracking tainted drinking water.
A 2013 University of Texas at Austin study (PDF) found that the volume of escaped methane gas produced by fracking wells was lower than government estimates. Youngstown, Ohio, for instance, has become an epicenter of seismic activity, likely due to an injection well. And although President Barack Obama campaigned on shifting the country away from fossil fuels, the federal government has not stood in the way of oil and gas companies expanding U.S. In March 2015, the Department of the Interior released broad new rules on chemical disclosure, well standards, and wastewater disposal for all fracking operations taking place on federally managed lands, drawing an immediate legal challenge from energy companies. Over half of New York’s shale was already off limits due to local moratoriums or bans, and similar grassroots opposition has spread nationwide.
I think there should be, for the industry's own good, because bad news in one state is going to migrate to others and affect prospects elsewhere." Common federal rules, in theory, can help companies to transfer rigs and procedures across the country more efficiently, Levi says. Pigmentation related to these cells, which is protein based and molecularly configured, regulates photosynthesis by controlling light frequency absorption. But if she could sing, with her seductive skills, it might produce the same effect that Suzie Vinnick does. Me a€™n Mabel (2011) shows Suziea€™s skills with just her and her Larrivee parlor guitar (christened Mabel as a result of a slip using the word a€?maplea€?).
Since there was no bass in the orchestra, she asked her teacher if she could learn it and take that slot. She joined two female trios with different styles, Vinnick Sheppard Harte and The Marigolds.
Kinga€™s Bluesville station, basically said a€?Herea€™s our studio, go in and have some fun!a€? The result was a typical Suzie tour de force of vocal and guitar.

Chopper knew that Suzie was playing bass for Back Alley Johna€™s band, which was in Toronto for a gig. A drilling renaissance over the past five years has transformed the United States into a leading natural gas producer and potential oil and gas exporter, reversing a decades-long trend of increasing reliance on foreign sources of oil and gas. The EIA's 2014 outlook (PDF) shows that proved natural gas reserves (a category of resources that have been established to be economical to extract under present conditions) increased nearly 10 percent in 2013 to 354 trillion cubic feet (tcf), while the more inclusive measure of “technically recoverable reserves” amount to over six hundred tcf—nearly one tenth the global supply. Globally, an EIA-commissioned estimate of technically recoverable resources, produced by Advanced Resources International (ARI), found that 10 percent of the world's crude oil and 32 percent of natural gas comes from shale formations.
After a site is fractured, the resulting wastewater must then be treated and either disposed of or reused. And in June 2015, a long-awaited draft report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found no "widespread, systemic impacts" on drinking water.
Other research, such as this October 2014 study, has found that methane leakages, as observed by satellite, may be higher than previously thought. The United Kingdom and Poland, by contrast, are more enthusiastic but have had disappointing first attemptsat drilling.
Her previous album, Happy Here (2008), is lushly orchestrated and shows Suziea€™s ability with a torch song.
I just liked the idea of singing songs off the radio.a€? She continued guitar lessons for two years, but there there were other instruments on her radar.
Her voice teacher, Naomi Freisen, was a classical singer but still appreciated the a€?Broadway beltera€? style and was able to help her with blues and rock a€™n roll. Tony played in a style similar to guitar greats Albert King, Freddie King and Stevie Ray Vaughn. He kept in touch and asked her to come out for a summer, saying that he had a bunch of gigs lined up.
He told Suzie stories about the music business (some of them hair-raising, no doubt) and she learned a lot from him. He told Suzie stories about the music business (some of them hair-raising, no doubt)A  and she learned a lot from him. The industry practice of temporarily storing wastewater in open pits has prompted concerns about the contamination of freshwater aquifers, and a Duke University study (PDF) found elevated levels of radium, bromide, and other contaminants in wastewater released into local streams from a treatment plant in western Pennsylvania. Bills have been introduced to both increase EPA authority to regulate fracking, as well as to loosen federal oversight, but Congress has not taken action in either direction.
She tried the upright bass for a bit, but didna€™t care for it and settled with the electric. Suzie had no commitments in Saskatoon and enjoyed her time in Ottawa over the summer, so she decided to move there. We may eventuallyA get to the same point, but if we try to go it alone, that usually means we will take twice as longA to get there and the journey will be much harder.
Of the tracks I sampled, I was really impressed with the covers of a€?Big Yellow Taxi and a€?Love Hurts,a€? from My Favorite Shirt.
The Marigolds was a more delicate, folkier group with a€?killer songwriters and singers who could pour out jazzy vocals,a€? Suzie said. Suziea€™s robust vocals did a strut all over Tonya€™s snarling guitar licks while her bass provided a relentless throb below. In John 16:13, Jesus used this illustration of a guide to describe the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He knows how to avoid every trap and every attack;A He knows the safest and fastest route for us to take. When we are stepping into territory that is new to us, it is imperative that we let the Holy Spirit lead us, for He wants to show us the precise routeto take so we can successfully reach that place God has put in our hearts.
Hostile Jewish leaders expected Jesus to come to Lazarusa€™ aid andA were waiting there to trap him. Jesus waited two days after hearing of Lazarusa€™ sickness;A in fact, He didna€™t go until He knew Lazarus was dead.
When Jesus didna€™t appear after Lazarus had died, the religious leaders concludedA He wasna€™t coming, so they left the graveside. This means the Spirit will lead us, but we must extend our hearts and hands to Him first, for without ourA cooperation, He cannot guide us anywhere.A Without the Holy Spirita€™s guidance, we are left to find our way on our own.
This no doubt means we will waste valuable time, energy, and money, not to mention shed a lot of unnecessary tears along the way! Since this is the kind of Leader the Holy Spirit is, we would be wise to let Him lead us!A Oh, if you only knew how many times the Spirit of God has wanted to be your Leader in the situations of life!
But even if you didna€™t accept His guidance in the past, you dona€™t have to continue making that same mistake, trying to forge your way through life by yourself. Holy Spirit, please step into my life and take Your place as myA Teacher, my Leader, and my Guide. Because I cooperate with Him, I dona€™t wasteA valuable time, energy, or money, and I dona€™t shed a lot of unnecessary tears. Can you think of a time when the Holy Spirit stopped you from doing something that you thought was the correct thing to do? Has there ever been a moment when the Holy Spirit guided you to do something that made no sense to you naturally, but after you did exactly what He told you to do, you could see why He had led you in this way? If so, what was that occasion, and what was the fruit of your being guided by the Spirit to do things differently?A 3. Is the Holy Spirit trying to lead you to do something right now that is different from what you had planned or thought?

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