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Chriss combines shamanic energy healing, reiki energy healing, qigong energy healing, therapeutic and spiritual counseling, life coaching, readings, somatic bodywork infused with healing energy, fitness and nutrition consulting, and many more modalities to facilitate lasting changes in people’s lives.  Sessions available in any of these modalities or in any combination. Chriss uses shamanic healing methods, qigong energy healing, reiki energy healing, and many other healing modalities based in spiritual energetic principles. Chriss has served professionally as a counselor in a variety of settings, working with people of all ages.  Chriss offers weekly sessions for clients who need ongoing support through life transitions or through deep healing processes, and also supports couples and families with relationship counseling and non-violent communication tools and training. Chriss is deeply skilled in hands-on bodywork and understands tension and physical holding on an intuitive level.  He naturally infuses bodywork sessions with healing energy.
As part of an overall program supporting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, Chriss teaches leading-edge nutritional concepts and provides consulting and coaching on fitness and exercise programs.

Chriss works with Reiki energy at every level, offering sessions, leading Reiki Circles, offering Reiki classes with attunements, and supporting Reiki teachers to refine their own teachings and offerings. Chriss has worked teaching and counseling energy workers and psychics over the last ten years, transmitting strong, powerful fundamentals and helping them create more balance, maintain a stronger foundation, and optimize their abilities. When guided to begin the a€?Chakra Mandala Seriesa€? in September of 2004, a€?Healinga€? was the first piece to emerge. If you are going through a healing challenge, use this mandala as a positive focus, a reminder that your natural state is wellness and that with love and support, your body and spirit will heal. Even glancing at [“Trust”] reminds me that things are in Divine Order and that I can trust that the Universe is conspiring on my behalf!

The spiritual depth contained in this Mandala is profound and I am so grateful for the new view of the world that Joy has brought to me. It is no coincidence that the background for this mandala turned out to be (deep) green, for the heart chakra.

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