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There is an almost unending amount of evidence showing the short-term and long-term benefits to both employees and employers who implement worksite wellness programs for their employees. Large corporations often have large health and wellness programs that are implemented by their insurance companies. Some companies provide a wellness program that is no more than a reduced fee at a nearby fitness club.
Research has shown that programs that offer a more personal approach with a wellness coach available to help employees meet their own wellness goals tend to be more successful.
My approach to wellness with employees does not require a person to belong to a specific fitness club, or any health club for that matter.
I am available to facilitate worksite wellness workshops, lunch & learns on various health topics, as well as offer a personalized approach using my innovated and simple to do online tracking program of your choices and goals, as well as personal communication for support. Complex programs with counting calories and having to go to the gym (which you might not even like) rarely work for most people. Contact me today about worksite wellness presentations and how I can work with your employees in a way that works.
Are you ready to help your employees make lasting changes and live healthier lives and be more productive? Karen's health and wellness coaching practice uses an online based 6-week program she developed along with telephone consultations, so she can help you regardless of where you work. Professionally Written Holistic Health Coach Resume Example (PDF)The following top-quality Holistic Health Coach sample resume is free to download to your computer or view via graphic or text (see below).
There are plenty of beauty products on the market touting their amazing benefits for tightening, toning, softening, and minimizing the lines in your skin.
Not only is water good to drink, it provides a host of benefits for bodily functions, brain function, energy, digestion, circulation, and overall health.
Although water is a vital ingredient for promoting the health of our skin, it doesn’t have the same effect you might witness when giving a drink to a thirsty plant.
If you’ve ever looked closely at the skin of a smoker, you’ll notice that it’s often visibly dry and wrinkled. For the best looking skin with the appearance of refined pores, use warm (room temperature) water to cleanse and hydrate it on the outside. Whilst you may not want to clear your vanity shelves of beauty creams and tonics, you may want to drink more water to keep your body naturally hydrated and use a good splash of it to keep your skin moisturised naturally.
Medical Disclaimer Statements on Get Holistic Health about health issues aren't meant to identify, treat, cure, or protect against illness.

Previous Story Previous post: How to Get a Good Nights SleepNext Story Next post: Can Exercise Be Advantageous For Substance Abuse Treatment? The health care system in its present form, though constantly improving, still has several lacunae that need addressing. Holistic medicine could be defined as a form of healthcare where the various aspects of health work in harmony with each other so that body, mind and soul function normally as a whole and favorable health is achieved.
Occupational therapy embodies a purposeful and meaningful occupation to enable people who are challenged to share in everyday life. Often those programs are very impersonal with some people not even aware of what services are available. That hardly helps the busy parent who needs to rush home and pick up their children from daycare. I can work directly with employees to create personalized programs that meet their needs based on their interests, not those of the program planner.
Since most people will not choose to work on all areas at once, only those areas that are specifically needed by the individual will be developed with goals and objectives. If you are an employee interested in what I can do for your company, either refer this information to your human resource department or send me the contact information and I will contact them for you. After all, water is the one substance without which you could not survive for more than a few days. Water also helps the skin get rid of dangerous toxins by providing the moisture necessary to produce sweat. Drink lots of cool water to help your body’s circulation and replace the moisture lost through any number of everyday activities and keep your skin hydrated from the inside.
The purpose of Sports Therapy Massage is to prepare the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries. It embodies all known modes of diagnosis and treatment including surgery and drugs as a last resort if no alternative is available. Plus many people are reluctant to participate for fear their insurance provider is keeping track of their personal activities.
I prefer working with smaller companies who may not have a health and wellness program available for their employees. Individual interests and needs will be the basis of the daily health diary that will be created, to be filled in daily online. But surprisingly enough, one of the best products you can use for better looking skin is one that is (mostly) free: water.

It just stands to reason, then, that water is also good for your skin, which is comprised primarily of water. Water must first get absorbed into the bloodstream and pass through the kidneys before it is allowed to hydrate skin cells. The outer layer helps it retain the moisture you drink in the form of water, while also keeping toxins and other irritants at bay. Even if people who smoke drink lots of water, they are fighting a losing battle because each cigarette depletes moisture levels faster that they can be recovered. Material shown by Get Holistic Health is for educational purposes only and isn't meant to substitute for the recommendation of a doctor and other medical professional. It is passed by direct skin-to-skin contact through genital, oral or anal sex with an infected partner. Companies who sell a specific product may call their marketing strategy a wellness program.
The skin’s ability to maintain moisture levels is largely a product of your diet – and how much water you drink.
The same holds true for those who drink a lot of alcohol and have other bad habits that rob moisture.
A corporation who has an onsite nurse who takes blood pressure and attends to minor illnesses or refers for medical procedures may call that a wellness program. Your skin gets wrinkled or “pruny” on the outside because of its reaction to elements in water that wash away its sebum, but it gets smoother when you drink enough water to keep it lubricated from the inside. A true wellness program promotes wellness, not merely monitoring of blood pressure (although that is important), providing an exercise class, giving a massage, or selling a product. Deep tissue massage removes damaged cells, scar tissue, and adhesions left after injury, speeds up recovery, and encourages more complete healing. It is often successful where other forms of treatment have failed.During the treatment there is tenderness in areas that are being treated. The therapist uses the patient's feedback to pinpoint the damaged tissue and to regulate pressure. Some common conditions that can be successfully treated are:• Achilles injuries • Tendinitis • Shin Splints • Cartilage damage • Tennis Elbow • Frozen Shoulder • Hamstring injuries • Plantar Fasciitis • Scar tissue • Adhesions • Whiplash • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Repetitive Strain InjuryRemedial massage is often used by athletes but is equally effective for non-sports people.

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