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As more marketers are using Inbound Marketing to shape their digital strategies, ita€™s important all inbound elements are used to get more engagement, leads and sales. As the success of traditional outbound methods decline, more marketers are looking to other strategies.
The methodology of Inbound Marketing focuses on creating marketing strategies that engage with your ideal customers. With inbound you can attract buyers with relevant, helpful and useful information and convert them into customers. Just like SEO, you need to use social media as a channel to bring more people to you site and as a tool to share your content online.
Customer Management System (CMS) this is a valuable hub that holds on your contactsa€™ details so you can reach out to them with relevant emails. After clicking on a Call-to-Action, the visitor is brought to a landing page where they will submit their contact details in exchange for valuable content, helpful templates or professional advice. After receiving their contact information, you can then reach out to the buyer via email marketing. Having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can help you record and track all your leads. So, wea€™re clear on all the ingredients that make a successful inbound strategy, but we regularly experience a lack of cohesion between them. So whileA they may show your followers you have your finger on the pulsea€”you wona€™t see much of a benefit. As wea€™ve mentioned Blogging, or creating content in general, is a great way to show that you are committed to educating your visitors. Companies that are able to create high quality content have the opportunity to develop the sense of value between the visitor and a brand. Whether you attract visitors to your blogs through social media, paid ads or SEOa€”ensure you include a CTA on the page so people can continue to engage with your site and move further down the buyer’s journey. Once youa€™ve written a great blog and included an attractive CTAa€”this clickable button is completely useless unless it is aligned with a suitable tone of voice and buyer journey stage. As you can see, inbound marketing is connected by different factors that brings the customer to the website and then encourages them along the Buyera€™s Journey.
Modern CRM systems can build up rules for when to send certain messages, which behaviour to look for and how long to wait for until the next message is sent. Automation should be set up in a way that gently nurtures people down the Buyer’s Journeya€”think of it as the most attentive and un-interruptive sales team in the world. Our publication contributors combine decades of experience with unique insights into the content promotion and distribution industry.
Welcome to a community dedicated to solving the challenge of getting online content seen and consumed by the right audience on the best channels. Writing blogs can take a lot of time, but it can be soooo worth it… if it's done properly.
1)  Blogs increase traffic to your website through SEO (search engine optimization) - search engines love fresh content so when you are constantly updating your clog, you are constantly telling the search engines your website is important for it to recognize. 2)  Blogs generate sales when you link to them on social media - One of the best ways to get seen is to post links to your blogs on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Copywriting is an art and a skill that is about compelling and intriguing the reader to the point that they want to 1) continue reading and 2) take the action you want them to take. 3) Use benefit-driven language instead of telling them the features of what you are offering. If you want your marketing to be effective, it is imperative that you write compelling copy. Too often, we make separate marketing efforts, and we don’t get the results we deserve as a result.
For effectiveness, find numerous ways to repurpose your marketing efforts so that the effort is lessoned. At Halloween, we all think about scary stuff, and that made me think of how most people view marketing.
When you have a plan in front of you, it becomes easier to swallow each week as you go about your marketing efforts.
A "pay what you want" day long workshop where you can learn the core strategies of the world's most successful life coaches and holistic practitioners to . I'd like to give you a hefty summary of the content I cover - my take on how you can get more clients and increase your cashflow without doing things that feel 'gross'.
THING #1: It means you get access to a marketing workshop you'd otherwise pay $399 for and you are welcomed to set the price yourself. I've run my business like this for about 8 years and it just always seems to work out splendidly. Here's what some past participants had to say about the pay what you can process when I asked them . Let me start this letter off by giving away the most critical piece of content that you will learn in the whole workshop. Do you see?PROMISE #4 - New Friends and Colleagues: When you walk in Friday night - you're going to breath a huge sigh of relief as you get a chance to meet a lot of other practitioners in your own community (who you might never have met yet) who are all in the same boat as you.
I use pay-what-you-can pricing more strategically by gently indicating the value associated with my more expensive services. Search is still the main driver of relevant traffic to websites more than any other digital marketing channel. This is where the rubber meets the road, where myriad business owners and entrepreneurs find doubly hard to achieve.
Search is evolving anew and the old tactics for SEO will not be as effective as they once were in the world of the Semantic web. As shown in this workflow, people search for relevant pages and content, which in turn will play a significant role in leading search users to conversion – the ultimate path business owners would want their visitors to take. The following tries to delve more closely into these important factors in an attempt to teach digital marketers and business owners these effective strategies that they can perform to achieve a successful holistic SEO campaign. There are several critical factors in website design that digital marketers who trying to perform an effective holistic SEO campaign should consider more closely if they want to achieve positive results. A web design catering to a successful holistic SEO campaign approach takes into consideration critical points and areas that will spell success in generating favorable action from site visitors.
Other web design factors like loading speed, site speed, and compatibility to mobile Internet browsing also play critical roles that digital marketers should well consider as part of their holistic SEO campaign. The website visitor behavior flow described in the diagram below shows the path a satisfied visitor will most likely take if they find the site relevant or useful to what they need or are searching for.
However, the success of engagement with targeted customers will also rely on how effective your digital marketing campaign can attract relevant leads that convert. On-page SEO activities still have big impacts in semantic search, but these should be done from a holistic and semantic perspective. Search user finding what they need click on links they believe will take them to what they are looking for, and 70% of the time these links are organic. However, link building and backlinks should be generated using a holistic approach, focusing more on attracting and getting links from very good websites with high quality content that are relevant to your niche, product or service.
Social media has penetrated a significantly wide aspect on modern people’s lives, so it is just natural that it will play a significant role in influencing the way search results are worked out and delivered. This weighs even more if your site generates content that goes viral in social networks, generating tons of social signal: likes, shares, comments, etc – all important factors that may influence search ranking in semantic search results. When performing a holistic SEO campaign, your success depends on how effective you are in using various digital marketing tools and channels, not only the free and organic ones, but the paid channels as well. Just like any other digital marketing campaign, content marketing will play a major and very significant role in the success of a holistic SEO campaign. In a holistic SEO approach, your targeted audiences and potential customers are central and should be at the core, so it would only but logical that your content are geared towards the needs, wants, and preference of your targeted audiences. As a final word, success in your holistic SEO campaign will rely heavily on delivering a good, memorable and engaging user experience with targeted customers.
Justin is a formerly very-ungrounded person, and now helps sensitive souls to feel safe in their bodies and on the earth.
I currently make most of my income through mainstream Fitness work teaching groups and individuals. Maisie Villegas - DoulaI help women in East London to have happy pregnancies and calm births.

Bernard Misell - Hypnotherapist & HealerBernard has been involved in spiritualism and spiritual development for over 30 years. Sarra Moore - Naturopath and Nutritionist (sort of)Hiya, my name is Sarra and my business is called Fresh.
Really looking forward to meeting everyone, hearing their stories and engaging this weekend. Wolf Matejek - Hypnotherapy and NLPAfter many years of working within corporate HR, Business Management, IT and training, which was quite stressful, I decided to turn my experience and care for other people into something more meaningful - a career that would be both rewarding to me and beneficial to others. Robyn Lee Riddett- Holistic Healing PractitionerI grew up in Australia, splitting my time between the bright lights of Melbourne and the beautiful country and seaside of the South Coast of New South Wales.
Sylvia Viosna - AcupuncturistI'm Sylvia, and I am an acupuncturist practicing in West London and specialising in supporting women through pregnancy and beyond. With less then a month left in 2013, we wanted to look back on the biggest trends over the past year and see how it compared with Mashable‘s list published a year ago.
Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Inbound marketing strategies can still succeed with isolated channels, but wea€™ve got the evidence to show why you need a holistic approach. Unlike outbound, inbound strategies work to attract customers who are actually interested rather than bombarding people who arena€™t. There are many different sections you have to master to create a successful inbound strategy for your business.
A blog with valuable content is what attracts a€?strangersa€™ to your site and turns them into visitors. A clickable button that leads to a landing page allows a reader to progress down the conversion funnel. Unfortunately a huge number of businesses only go as far as posting news pieces from other sites or sharing a decent meme.
Diversify your social sharing with links to your service pages, products or self-written blogs. It also shows you areA happy to give expert knowledge and opinion away for free (a central strategy in inbound marketing).
Avoid creating CTAs that repeatedly lead people to a purchase page, thata€™s a big jump from a blog. For example,A a blog that explains the definition of SEO should not have a CTA that leads through to a purchase page for SEO agency services.
Our CRM has recorded all activity and sent out timely automation events to direct them through the Buyera€™s Journey.
Herea€™s an example of a workflow we use at Digital 22 for people who use the Website Grader Tool. WhileA the weekly newsletter can work for more generic updates, ita€™s nearly impossible to create unique email campaigns that reach specific people when they are ready to read without well planned automation. Having an Inbound Marketing strategy is a long term investment that works by interacting with potential customers at different stages of the Buyera€™s Journey. If you write a blog and then do nothing else with it, you are basically writing for yourself only. So what is all the hoopdy-doo?Blogs are almost essential nowadays if you want to have a presence online and if you want to increase your visibility. That’s because reading your headline will either lead people to read further or to leave. People are really only interested in things that can solve their problems or make them happy. A feature that a holistic doctor might offer, for example, is that they provide flexible hours. Remember that we live in a fast-paced world and you generally have 3 seconds to capture a person’s attention. Writing a blog one day, then holding a seminar another day, then posting an ad another day, for example, means a lot of effort poured into many different marketing avenues. Not only does this make your marketing efforts more effective but it also increases your visibility, increasing your chances of being seen by your ideal prospects. If you’re a holistic business owner, then you are most likely incredible at what you do. You'll get emails from time to time (only cool stuff, don't worry) and let you know when I'm back in your town. I set up the payment in this way so you'd feel both welcomed and able to attend something that might have felt out of reach otherwise.
Imagine having a marketing strategy that has people actually wanting to participate, wanting to be marketed to - where it's just good vibes all around and doesn't even seem like marketing.
In fact, it drives up to 300% more traffic than social media marketing, and much more than other internet marketing channels. They end up using a wide and wild variety of Internet marketing tactics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gimmicks, and a host of other digital marketing strategies – either performed in-house or through a highly-priced-tagged service provider – with little or no positive results to show for all the effort. Search engines aim for providing users with relevant results that give them exactly what they need, not vague approximations that literally lead them to nowhere. Working towards this end, digital marketers need to implement a holistic and semantic approach to their Search Engine Optimization activities.
It has gone beyond the old concept of “build it and they will come” approach to web design and development, which definitely will not work anymore in an era where it takes only 50 milliseconds to get the attention of a site visitor. It begins with how effective the header and the first levels or upper half of a page, particularly on how effective they are in creating first impressions and let visitors stay for more. But on top of all that, one of the most important aspect in the success of web design is how a site can bring a truly memorable and remarkable user experience for visitors.
A major component here is engagement for this is where calls to action and the eventual conversion can take place. Although the technical side still matter, like title tag, sitemap, meta description, navigation, coding, and usability among others with the new ones coming like the Schema Mark-up tags, Open Graph Tags and Twitter Cards.
If they use Google, 18% of these organic clicks are generated by sites ranked at the top position in search results, 10% goes to the second site on the list and 7% lands on the third spot. Simply generating backlinks from whatever source available (just like in the old days) will put your site on the risk of being penalized by the search engines by hooking up with link farms and spammy sites – big, big no-no’s in the world of semantic web.
Social media is not only a very good and very relevant source of traffic, it will also increase your site and your brand’s authority, credibility and social relevance in the semantic web.
So, this goes beyond merely propagating your site content on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Various articles before have talked about how effective mixing organic SEO techniques with paid advertising channels like PPC advertising in your digital marketing mix.
Good and high quality content is your window for engaging with targeted audiences and potential customers. It’s always about them and not about you, so choose or create content not only because you like a particular theme or topic, but because you’re targeted customers find interesting or important particularly if it caters to answering a particular need.
Currently chair of a local healing center in North London dedicated to helping new healers. A few years prior to stopping performing I did a diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy with a view it was to be an interim transitional skill until I clarified my next direction. I am about to make a documentary about my chosen field, which will also look at other aspects that acupuncture (or Chinese Medicine) has strong effects upon.I got into acupuncture from a desire to change my hectic life as a TV presenter, to nourish and give myself the space to be able to bring up some ankle biters (some time in the not-SO-distant future), and to strengthen my battered body. With the growing popularity of the internet and digital media in the past decade, we have seen a surge in content publishing platforms and social networks. Using highly searched keywords in your pages and blog content, relevant people canA find their way to your website and see your content. Leta€™s pick out a few of the key pillars of Inbound and explain why they all need each other. The interaction and engagement for these sorts of social messages will always benefit an external site. Again this will promote a continual flow of interested traffic to your site, not someone else’s.
There is minimal strategic advantage to posting blogs without calls to actions, as without one the only option after reading a blog is to leave. Wea€™d advise that the CTA moves the reader on a step, maybe offering them an eBook that talks about the key benefits or compares it to other methods.

Make sure the information you are putting out is relevant to the services and products you provide and is useful to a specific group of people and make sure you are targeting those people.
With a moment as crucial as that, you want to make sure you are leading them to stick around.
They already know what the service is and how much it costs, and they will automatically make a decision as to whether or not they want to continue reading.
Speak to the exact person that is your ideal client about their exact problems and the exact ways you can help them. A benefit that they might offer is that patients with knee pain tend to leave the office after their first visit feeling 50% better. Arrange the copy so it is easy for people who skim to pick up on the most important parts quickly.
Do you want them to visit your website, sign up for your free e-book, call you to schedule an appointment, etc.
Take that time and make sure it is uninterrupted and in an environment where you can focus. Imagine a marketing that not only helps you DO your work but actually becomes an expression of your work so it looks and feels like this . So, as a business owner, you should expect to get better results in terms of attracting highly targeted traffic of potential buyers and customers – if people can find your business or your website in front of search results. How effective or relevant search results are will play a critical role in completing the circle or flow of search as described in the Searcher Persona Workflow shown below. This rely on several factors that have evolved far beyond what traditional SEO used to operate on in the pre-semantic era of the search engine. Proper and effective navigation and link labels also play important roles in holistic design, particularly in how effective they are in enticing further action from visitors as pointed out in the Psychology of Content. If they feel dissatisfied with their visit or think the site is practically not usable for them, chances are 64% will never go back. These figures are expected to go higher in the brave new world of the semantic web that requires a holistic approach to SEO in order to achieve greater success.
The holistic approach will focus more on search intent, on what targeted customers will be looking for, expecting, or prefer to see once they visit a site.
Organic search results rely on several factors and among the most important of these factors is the site’s link popularity. It tends to favor how your site is generating relevant, high-quality, and engaging content that people in social media will “talk” and buzz about in an overwhelmingly global basis. This will allow you to generate both organic traffic through SEO as well as highly targeted traffic with greater probabilities for conversion – the kind of traffic PPC paid advertising are designed to generate. Without good content, all your SEO efforts will simply fall on deaf and indifferent ears, and will generate very little if not zero engagement and positive results from targeted customers.
On top of that, content should be fresh and regularly updated if you want to generate the kind of engagement and positive results from your targeted audiences. Late last year we partnered up with the gang at Mexicombi, teaming up to help push their new project, build up their branding package, establish their social media presence and develop their website. The evolution of storytelling or how we create new compelling stories, share them or engage with others has forever been transformed by our ability to remain in constant contact with our friends, family and networks. The more useful your blogs are, the more people will visit your website and seek out your services and products.
You can do this by posting links on your social media sites, submitting your blogs to blog directories and social bookmarking sites and adding links to your email blasts. Put the most important ideas and facts in the sub-headlines so you can be sure the skimmers are getting the most important stuff. Make sure you are clear about your products and services without assuming the reader already has an understanding of what you offer.
When you do your marketing haphazardly, it will end up having no rhyme or reason to it and it won’t have the consistency that marketing requires, but when you plan up front, you can integrate consistency and timeliness into your plans. My childhood was wool sweaters, learning to knit, mint tea, unsuccessfully learning to play the recorder, wooden toys and annual solstice bonfires at Hawrelack Park in Edmonton.Years later, as I started working with a focus on green businesses - I noticed that many of the people who were attracted to my workshops were holistic practitioners (even though I wasn't marketing to them directly). This is a continuous process that digital marketers should process in a continuous basis as part of a holistic SEO approach if they want to achieve success in their overall digital marketing campaign. Check out our Digital Marketing Services today and let us help you in achieving positive and profitable results for your business.
Bernard writes and produces Spiritual Guided Meditations that are designed as developmental tools, to inspire and guide the listener on their own spiritual journey to have their very own, unique experience within each and every meditationa Strategic Master Clinical Hypnotherapist with 15 years experience.He trained extensively with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis at Birbeck College, University of London.
We love photography and videography, we think that a picture or a short clip is really worth a 1000 words. Juniper’s top 10 technology trends for 2014 1) Cities will get smarter Cities will get increasingly smart as sensors and cloud-enabled apps connect transportation, metering, health care, lighting, and environment data, and make it actionable.
People like to buy from reputable experts and that is how you will be perceived when you write content-rich blogs. If you offer an array of services but you are promoting acupuncture this month, then make your blogs relevant to acupuncture. Plan out the blogs you will write, where you will advertise, the special programs you will promote, and all the ways you will get the word out.
I have attended courses in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Osteopathy with current interests in visceral body work and will be attending courses in April in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Myofascial Release. However, this has cause a certain disconnect in our lives as we all struggle to manage to ongoing flow of new stories published by the people in our networks. 2) Mobile money will continue to grow Mobile money is enabling banking and financing systems in the developing world via mobile wallets, which should continue to grow both there and in developing countries.
When you have to constantly come up with new topics to write on, it forces you to keep abreast of your industry and your competition. We use headlines all the time – make sure you choose ones that are the best you could possibly give in every situation. When you leave, you're going to be able to help you friends and colleagues with their marketing.
And as mobile grows in Africa and Asia, so will the provision of data, including data on better crop management, yield, and product tracking. Here’s from Facebook: Paper is the first product from Facebook Creative Labs, where we’re crafting new apps to support the diverse ways people want to connect and share. 3) Wearable devices will proliferate Google has Glass, and Samsung has a smartwatch, but Apple’s iWatch and many other smart wearable technologies are coming out soon.
Imagine the incredible satisfaction of being able to sit down with a friend who's struggling and confused with their marketing - and being able to pinpoint the EXACT nature of their problem.
Juniper says 2014 will be a “watershed year” for wearables — but privacy will be an issue as cameras go everywhere.
She gives me many gifts and much advice, and SHE pays me?I'm currently reading The Second Brain by Dr. 4) iPads and tablets will grow in education Tablet computing is increasingly attractive and affordable in education, Juniper says, and are likely soon to go mainstream in place of full desktop PCs or even laptops. 5) Mobile fitness devices will grow even bigger In 2014,  mobile fitness devices will start to focus on the whole range of health and start to enter the tougher and more challenging health care industry.
6) LTE subscribers will double and 4G LTE will start to roll out LTE will hit the big-time, Juniper says, with global users doubling in 2014.
The head of department of my C of HE in Life Sciences Allied to Medicine was not as excited about the sound of this read as I was. Not enough to sustain them.I've had so many friends go through this heartbreak and confusion of not being able to make their dream work. They wasted small fortunes of money on overhead and marketing approaches that just didn't work. Sometimes, I would have them secretly confess to me, "I guess this is the universe's way of telling me I'm not meant to be a healer .
And then it just took on a life of its own.But, whether or not you come to my workshop - I want to tell you where to start - right here in this letter.

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