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Health information technology is improving the way doctors and patients interact, but it also creates complexities that can stall productivity and end up costing more in the long run. On Good Medicine, Pema reveals the time-tested Buddhist antidote to suffering — and shows how to apply it in your own life. The real challenge today is to use technology that increases quality of care but also reduces overall costs.

The simple and elegant meditation practice known as tonglen, she teaches, is the perfect medicine for ordinary people like ourselves. Networked, scalable solutions can help organizations achieve that balance and create a more agile, sustainable health care ecosystem. Through tonglen, we can use life’s difficulties as a way to befriend ourselves, accept the past we have rejected, and widen our circle of compassion.

Skillfully distilled into a three-hour workshop, Good Medicine offers you a revolutionary practice that is already a 1,000 years old — and ready to awaken your heart right now.

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