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Tucsonans have no problem showing the love towards the things they care about, including you. With so much heat, Tucsonans have to dress for the temperatures regardless of what they’re doing.
If you’re dating someone from the area, their laid back attitude towards what they wear helps keep dating comfortable.
Nothing feels better than finding a nice shady spot in Tucson, especially when it comes to parking your car. Having two sets of eyes is better than one when it comes to hunting down a spot that won’t turn your car into a death trap during a quick trip to the store. While Tucson heat is very dry, it’s still not uncommon to get a little sweaty and grimy when you’re outside for long periods of time. With a good public school system, great local universities, and over 20 public libraries in the area, Tucsonans are some of the most intelligent people around. It’s a sure bet they’ll be able to keep any conversation interesting and always able to be the life of the party. Tucsonans are always ready for a beach vacation, a city that’s home to some of the most beautiful people around. If you’re dating a Tucsonan, you better start liking hot sauce, the ultimate fix-all condiment in this region. Stepping outside in Tucson can seem a bit dangerous at times with plenty of scorpions, rattlesnakes, and cacti looming in the shadows. If you’re dating a Tucsonan, they’ll know how to keep you safe while you’re enjoying the awesome nature that surrounds the city. Growing up in a city with a diverse culture, your Tucsonan will never shy away from any unique experiences. They’ll be perfectly fine pushing the limits of their comfort zone and doing something that might seem a bit crazy.
If you think Chicago was the first city to “bear down,” Tucsonans have something to tell you. Despite its ancient-sounding nickname, Old Pueblo has a lot of new and exciting things to offer. KCers are diehard fans of everything Kansas City, just look at the never-ending love the people show towards the Royals if you need any proof. According to a study by the Wall Street Journal that analyzed online data, Kansas City ranks as one of the best cities for forming a successful relationship. While people in KC might live the big city life, Kansas City is still located in the heartland of America. With the Kansas City area being the first place to incorporate Google Fiber, the city quickly became the heartbeat of the Silicon Prairie.
With over a dozen colleges in the Kansas City metropolitan area, KCers are some of the most intelligent people around. With Kansas City being one of the largest soccer fan bases in the United States, many KCers love to play the sport recreationally, keeping them active and in shape.

If you’re dating someone from Tucson, they’ll never hesitate to give you a rub down if it means keeping your skin from getting burnt.
One needs to look no further than their undying love for the local home team, the Arizona Wildcats.
With very active lifestyles and tons of sunlight, their bodies are fit and tan, sure to look great when the shirts come off. With frequent floods, lightning, and a full month of monsoon season, Tucsonans stay prepared for the worst.
If you forget your water bottle, there’s no need to fear, the Tucsonan you’re dating will probably have plenty to share.
Whether they’re hiking, biking, or just enjoying the sunshine, their active lifestyle keeps them healthy and in shape. It’s not uncommon for a Tucsonan to have an entire cabinet full of this stuff and know which specific dishes should be topped with each. While it would normally take a chunk of a lifetime to find a favorite, if you’re dating a Tucsonan they will have already done the taste-testing for you. If you’re dating a KCer, you’ll be dating one of the most dedicated, committed people walking the earth. People in Kansas City love having someone there for them and do whatever it takes to keep the flame alive.
When the storms hit, a KCer will know what to do to keep their loved ones safe, including you.
Its residents are down to earth, have great manners, and always willing to help out their fellow man. This high-speed connection is driving young professionals to the metropolitan area in droves, attracting tons of new startups led by intelligent people sure to define a generation. KCers love to party, with unbeatable tailgating, a great nightlife and plenty of happy people always ready to throw back a Boulevard brew. They’ll be up to date on all the latest styles, with rockin’ wardrobes for every season of the year. Not only is your KC lover likely to take you to every big Sporting KC game, they’ll have no problem showing off their sexy soccer legs, as well. The art community plays a huge role in downtown Kansas City and the brand new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts is evidence of that. With a booming real estate market and tons of recent expansion, Kansas City is a great place to build a family, as it’s sure to be a prevalent area for many years to come.
While the name conjures images of cows and cornfields, KC was once known for its sinful ways, and has been home to a number of colorful characters past and present.
A KCer is great to take home to meet the family, as their positive attitudes and genuine friendliness are sure to make them a great hit. That being said, every KCer grew up with a full understand that sometimes you have to get your hands a little dirty if you’re craving a great meal. When it comes to picking a great place for a romantic date, in Kansas City you can’t go wrong.

First Thing’s First, CongratulationsSource: Reaction GifIt’s a big deal to be dating someone from Long Island. There will be ups and downs, late night study sessions, and flashcards for days, and literal human bones, but you'll learn to love it. A KCer will be equally as coated in remnants from their last meal and will probably have a wet wipe or two on them to help clean you up.
They Will Always Be Your AnchorSource: Long Island, New York Tourism FacebookThey might be loud at times, and maybe a little in-your-face, but there’s no denying that Long Islanders are as loyal as they come.
Between classes, labs, and study groups, you'll definitely learn that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Your Mornings Will Now Include Long Island BagelsSource: Quick MemeDon’t expect pancakes in bed.
But don’t worry because you’ll be bombarded with egg sandwiches on Kaiser rolls and lots and lots of bagels. You’ll Do A Lot Of Making Out To Billy JoelSource: News DayHe is the unofficial King of Long Island, after all. Not everyone is a fan in the sense that they own all of his albums, but everyone loves the Piano Man himself.5.
You Might Fight For Space In The BathroomSource: TumblrYou’ll find that both guys and ladies in Long Island know how to take care of themselves, grooming and hair care included. You’ll Never Complain That You’re BoredSource: Love Night Club Long Island FacebookLong Island has no shortage of clubs and even lesser of a shortage of Long Islanders who know how to live up the nightlife, no matter what night of the week it is. If you're not currently in school yourself, it can be easy to forget what rigourous studying and endless classes can feel like.
Just because they spend their entire week at the hospital doesn't necessarily mean they'll have any idea if that thing on your foot should be looked at. Rather than appreciating the health they have and valuing the hard work other, non-medical workers do, they can tend to put their position on a pedestal. In the process, you'll end up learning enough medical trivia that you eventually realize over half your friends and family are very clearly hypochondriacs or a mild form of Munchausen syndrome (that's when you fake being sick a lot). Netflix and feverishly reviewing every bone in the human foot at 9PM on a Friday night?
Rotations in the morgue, ER, and trauma departments will guaruntee your partner some insane experiences that simply must be shared. Maybe you tell people that you hate them and they're stupid and the lowest form of comedy, but you'll laugh at a good pun every time. Ranker requires that your browser support JavaScript, most of our functions wont work with JavaScript disabled.

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