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PrimiTrim™ will help you lose the fat gradually and safely and that is how you keep it off. PrimiTrim™ helps you to feel fuller with less food, block fat absorption, and reduce stress in the process. Rhododendron Caucasicum, common name, Georgian Snow Rose, is a short evergreen bush that grows in the Caucus Mountains at elevations of 13,000 feet and above.
The other way, the way Rhododendron Caucasicum works, is by reducing the production of lipase, the enzyme necessary to digest fat. The effectiveness of Rhododendron Caucasicum depends heavily upon when it was harvested and how it was processed.
Clinical trials have also shown Rhododendron Caucasicum effective in normalizing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, and improving circulation.

Rhodiola Rosea, common name, Golden Root, is a perennial with a thick root that is about two and a half feet high.
We use Rhodiola Rosea from older plants usually five years old or more, from the harshest climate regions, that have a standardized level of active ingredients.
Leaves harvested in the spring have been shown to be significantly more effective at both weight loss and have a great deal more anti-oxidant strength than leaves harvested in the fall. Test with Rhododendron Caucasicum have shown it to decrease fat digestion in the body by up to 20%.

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